The Left Just Can’t Be Satisfied

Since 2016, when Donald Trump was elected president with a Republican majority in the U.S. House and Senate, the Left just can’t be satisfied and just can’t keep from crying.

Tax reform that has spurred a booming economy and the confirmations of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court are but a part of the Left’s collective political tribulations. Not ones for delaying gratification, the Left has advocated abolishing the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate, and either packing or abolishing the U.S. Supreme Court, to say nothing of sundry other constitutionally prescribed institutional protections of individual and collective liberty and, ergo, curbs against mob rule.

Of course, eradicating or radically altering these institutions were not much discussed when the Left was in control of them; but hey, the Left’s mantra has always been: “When you lose, change the rules.”

So why is the Left demanding all these eradications and alterations in our constitutional republic when it claims to be on the verge of a “blue wave” that will sweep them back into power in a matter of weeks?

From the moment it became clear there would be a Trump Administration, the Left has pointed toward the midterm elections as way to purge the GOP dregs that the deep state hadn’t already jailed for treason . . . or something.

In the roughly two years since, the Left did have special election wins at the congressional and state level, and many more “moral victories,” wherein Democratic candidates came close to prevailing in Republican districts. Yet like Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which has produced convictions for many things but not Trump campaign collusion with Russia, these electoral results leave the Left flustered and, as their recent actions evince, with a latent anxiety that their blue wave may prove a ripple.

The most recent calls for incivility by the Left’s elders, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, with one specifically using violent imagery, are not a show of strength from a movement certain of impending electoral success.

This is not a matter of “ginning up” the Democratic base. The Left’s enthusiasm for the prior special and pending midterm elections has been and remains sky high. But what has changed is the economy is booming and, thanks largely to the appalling spectacle surrounding Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Republicans are now energized for the midterm elections.

Knowing this, while still maintaining at least the outward appearance of certainty about a coming blue wave, how is it that the Left is not decrying the very “uncivil” tactics they continue to espouse? Aren’t they aware these tactics will be used upon the Left’s impending majority? (Now, before you claim the Left knows Republicans won’t use such tactics, recall how they still slander the Tea Party.)

While still publicly confident they’ll sweep the midterm elections, the Left clearly wants these tactics on the table in the event they do not gain one or both chambers of Congress.

Remember, for the Left the midterm elections are but an interim step to defeating Trump in 2020. But an inkling of reality may be setting in for Democratic Party die-hards when it comes to the likely fruits of Mueller’s investigation and the possibility of impeaching the president.

In the event the midterm elections returns don’t satisfy the Left, it won’t be able to keep from crying out its discordant, decidedly uncivil demands for eradicating or radically altering America’s institutions.

But it’s cool. Deplorables get their satisfaction from making America great again.

Photo Credit: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

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