Real Men Don’t ‘Shut Up’—But They Do ‘Step Up’

I am a woman who is beyond sickened by the current radical feminist platform. “I am woman, hear me roar” has mutated into screeching, man-hating, eternal victimhood.

The Democrats that support, condone, and feed this frenzy need to be stopped at the voting booth this November. Because I am a woman who believes in the virtues of masculinity, a woman who will go to the ends of the earth to ensure that her sons have a future, I feel compelled to address men in particular.

Men, it should bother you deeply that you have been told to “shut up.”

It should be of grave concern to you that feminists spew nonsense that all of you are would-be rapists.

You should be horrified that when Democrats “questioned” Brett Kavanaugh, they were actually accusing him of being a drunken teenage serial rapist. They demonstrated complete disregard for the presumption of innocence that is the bedrock of our great country’s justice system.

You should be infuriated that after a man responded to vile personal abuse with righteous indignation, Democrats claimed that proved he lacks the character and the temperament to continue a job in which he has excelled since 2006.

Men, your choices are clear: You can be the man who thinks, in the face of vile allegations that would destroy your entire life, that a vehement defense is appropriate and justified. Or you can be the man who thinks, as the Democrats do, that the only acceptable response to character assassination is that of dispassionate composure—and anything otherwise proves you are somehow incapable of professional integrity.

Before you decide, consider this: What would you think about a man who, when accused of being a serial sexual abuser, portrays detached composure? What would you think about a man whose entire family is about to be destroyed, yet he shows no passionate attempt to defend or protect them? What would you think about a man who would remain silent rather than demand unbiased pursuit of truth and justice? Would you not think of this man as cold, calculating, even heartless in the face of accusations of sexual violence?

Make no mistake, that’s how the Democrats would have depicted Judge Kavanaugh had he responded with such a phlegmatic and unmoved disposition. But instead, he responded as any real man would and should respond—and Democrats didn’t approve.

To you men of logic: There should be no question in your mind that the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to stop a nomination had nothing to do with actual sexual abuse. These people do not care about the actual victims of sexual abuse. You know you just witnessed a despicable example of how easy it is to use an allegation of sexual assault to destroy a man. You saw proof that Democrats will flagrantly deny the presumption of a man’s innocence—for starters—in order to attain political power. Your eyes are wide open to the aftermath of their fiasco: Democrats succeeded in riling up emotions and spawning violent chaos. Angry people try in vain to beat down the doors of the Supreme Court, mobs scream that belief overrides proof, individuals physically assault those who don’t agree with their opinions—and real men should be ready to put a halt to this tyranny.

To you undecided men: Think more deeply about the reality of your own lives. You are in jobs and careers, work that may be your lifelong vocation. You are providers. Put yourself in the actual situation that Kavanaugh just endured, and consider what he faced: Successful career—destroyed. Family—destroyed. Decades of hard work, prudence, integrity, fine character—destroyed, destroyed, destroyed, destroyed. Make no mistake about it. Destroyed.

Tell me, would you sit unmoved in the face of destruction? No righteous indignation? No deeply ingrained masculine virtue calling you to protect and defend your beautiful family? Your future?

If so, shame on you! God forbid that anyone or anything you love might ever rely upon you for protection or defense.

To you men who remain loyal to the Democrats: You are stranded in far-left field, your team has left the game, and you are now playing ball with the radicals who hijacked your party. While fly balls pelt you and your entire team, all you do is duck and cover—it’s as if you actually condone and embrace a passive form of genital-tucking.

You lack courage. You have become prisoners of emotion. You stand among the ranks of women whose agenda is rooted in the suspicion and fundamental hatred of masculinity. Your choice of “woman” is represented by a bullying, angry mob of Screaming-Mimi eternal victims. You have chosen poorly. You have been inducted into a culture of castration, and apparently, you are thoroughly pussyhat-whipped.

To that semblance of man: No woman takes you seriously. Certainly not any woman from among the ranks you’ve joined; and definitely none of the rest of us intelligent, reasonable, and logical women who stand in direct opposition to the hysterical feminists who detest men and their masculinity.

Only one group of women actually respects and enjoys real men, and it’s not that angry mob on the Left. Real women are mourning the fact that real men have been made the enemy. We are devastated that some of you believe that you really should “shut up.” We oppose the vile feminist “resistance,” and we have no fear of true masculinity. We have the courage, the resolve, the integrity to stand side-by-side with real men, and oppose a radical platform of hate that will destroy our husbands, our brothers, our sons.

Men are not stupid. Men are not monsters. Men are not all rapists. Men are not all capable of becoming rapists. But, oh, how easy it is to depict you that way! We have witnessed this reality, and it could become every man’s reality unless you stand up and fight.

In case some of you men still don’t get it, and are still willing to try to sit at the table with these Democrats, pay attention. They play dirty poker. They have shown their hand repeatedly, yet somehow you think you have the odds in your favor. I am revealing the face value of the cards they hold. They decided to play with a feminist deck, and are holding all the cards depicting castrated kings. Why are you still in?

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About Michele Bregande

Michele Bregande has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Dallas and did graduate studies in art history and museum education at the College of William and Mary. She is a former arts and museum educator and exhibit designer. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, wife, and artist.

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