Dems’ Midterm Message: White Women Are Rape Apologists

Ever since white women helped elect Donald Trump two years ago, the Left has been furious with us.

Hillary Clinton—who needed to win a larger share of this crucial voting bloc than she did—suggested white women voted for Trump because our men folk told us to. Former First Lady Michelle Obama declared that any woman who didn’t cast a ballot for Clinton “voted against her own voice.” Hollywood celebrities mocked us as vapid Stepford Wives.

But our defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has really bunched the undies of our sisters on the Left.

Republican women, most of whom are married white women, rallied around the embattled Supreme Court nominee as Democrats and the media viciously attacked him with unproven—and in some cases, absurd—allegations of sexual misconduct from more than 30 years ago.

Polls taken after Kavanaugh’s emotional testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27 showed Republican women believed he was telling the truth and questioned the credibility and motives of his accuser. Interest in the midterms election, which had been lagging behind Democratic voters, surged among all Republicans.

Sob Sisters and Wailing Women
White Republican women’s support for Kavanaugh unleashed a collective “primal” scream (again) from Democratic women over the weekend once it was clear he would be confirmed.

It’s not an overstatement to say these gals basically went insane. They shrieked and cried and marched and even pounded on the doors of the Supreme Court as the judge was being sworn-in during a private ceremony alongside his wife and two young daughters. The rampage was more than sour grapes about losing the 2016 presidential election or retribution for Merrick Garland’s scuttled nomination. It was a temper tantrum wrapped in an emotional meltdown consummated with a full-force collapse of civility.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) quickly became the Left’s new villain for her pivotal vote to confirm Kavanaugh; the four-term senator, with an 88 percent rating by the National Organization for Women, stands accused of being a traitor to all women. Keep in mind, this is the very same cohort of women that voted in 2016 for a white woman of privilege married to man credibly accused of multiple sexual assaults that they either helped justify or waved off for more than two decades.

The attacks on Collins were swift and vile. She received numerous death threats. The Women’s March released a meme with the words “rape apologist” printed across Collins’ face. One of the group’s leaders, Linda Sarsour, warned that Collins’s pre-vote speech was like “watching white supremacy live on the Senate floor” and reminded her Twitter followers that Collins is “the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%,” referring to the percentage of white women who voted for the president.

“Rivers of Blood,” “Gender Traitors,” and Other Hysterics
But nothing can top the unhinged diatribe printed in the New York Times on Saturday night. Someone might want to perform a wellness check on Alexis Grenell, the author of an opinion piece titled, “White Women, Come Get Your People.” The column is a view into the tortured mind of the average American woman on the Left, a piece laced with so much puerile anguish, race-baiting and vulgar imagery that it would be a funny read if it wasn’t so disturbing. And it is another example of how major news organizations are fomenting hate among Americans. The loathsome column does not merit publication on the most angst-ridden teenage blog let alone in the nation’s “newspaper of record.”

Grenell, a Brooklyn-based public affairs consultant and alleged Democratic strategist, started out with a bang, venting about a confirmation process “where women all but slit their wrists, letting their stories of sexual trauma run like rivers of blood through the Capitol.” She referred to her “rage headache” and her “stupid uterus” and claimed there is a “blood pact between white men and white women.”

She babbled some nonsense about how “white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain,” and “support the patriarchy by marrying within their racial group, reproducing whiteness and even minimizing violence against their own bodies.”

We voted for Trump, according to Grenell, to “prop up our whiteness,” whatever that means. She claimed we care the same about men falsely accused of rape as women who are actually raped, but then accused White House advisor Kellyanne Conway of “weaponizing” her own sexual assault “in service to her boss by discouraging women from feeling empathy with Christine Blasey Ford or anger at Judge Kavanaugh.”

It was a grotesque, twisted tirade unfit for public consumption and it wasn’t the first time Grenell has rolled out the “Republicans-for-rape” narrative.

After the 2012 presidential election, Grenell concluded that Republicans continue to lose the women’s vote by “making terrifying comments about rape.” She clearly does not see how her politicization of rape is dangerous, not for politicians, but for the very victims of the atrocious crime she purports to defend.

One-Size-Fits-All Feminism
Other journalists lamented the realization that having a vagina does not make someone a Democrat for life. (Isn’t it funny how the gender nonconformists on the Left want gender conformity on political views?) The Guardian’s Lucia Graves revealed the sinister reason why plenty of white women vote Republican and—surprise!—it’s that we are influenced by our husbands. Married white women have a strange need to defend their husbands and sons from false allegations of sexual crimes and we still oddly believe in standards of law such as due process, Graves discovered. (What are we thinking!?!)

Then this: “Research . . . has shown when women get married they have less contact with other women and more intense contact with their husbands and family, and that these ties influence political participation.” Political tribalism apparently only applies to white married women with children, not so with other voting blocs such as African-Americans or LGBTQ citizens who vote for Democrats almost unanimously. No, we are the unaware voter.

It’s hard to see the value of the Democratic Party picking a fight with the largest voting demographic four weeks before a crucial election. But the tactic is obvious: Democrats cannot sway white women based on their ideas for the economy or national security or tax policy, so they’re left with coercion and intimidation. They want to shame white women voters into electing more Democrats by implying if we vote for Republicans, we are enabling and empowering rapists.

It is a highly cynical, if not craven, ploy with major implications for the health and sustainability of our political system. It does nothing to ensure the consideration of real sexual assault victims, assigns automatic guilt to half of the population based on gender, and empowers the peddlers of despair and racial hostilities. And it unfortunately guarantees the nation will suffer through many more horrific periods like the past few weeks.

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