Richard Blumenthal: Reporting for Duty

Psychological trauma does not need a physical trigger. You do not have to be an eyewitness to evil to testify to its effects. You do not have to visit a killing field to speak of the forces that haunt the grounds and hallow the innocents beneath the ground: the survivors who died in the arms of their liberators, instead of at the feet of their captors; the slaves who were felled by starvation and finished by the privations of the Final Solution; the emancipated few among the emaciated many, who lived to tell the world about a crime without a name.

Ronald Reagan saw contemporaneous film footage of the Holocaust. His nearsightedness—his poor eyesight—never blurred his farsighted sense of history. He saw our long climb from the swamp to the stars as a struggle against the most dangerous enemies in the history of mankind. He saw a beam of light reveal the lights of perverted science.

He saw a seismic event.

He saw the earth swallow thousands of corpses, not because of an act of nature, but because of the worst acts of human nature: of the bulldozing of bodies into mass graves, so medical hygiene could spare the living from the diseased ideology of racial hygiene; so the dead—most of them Jewish—could rest in peace, provided we secured a just and lasting peace; so every generation may see what Reagan insisted his own children see for themselves, the culmination of two millennia of lies and hatred into a blood libel against 6 million souls.

Reagan sought no glory from war.

He did not seek power, based on what his eyes had seen but his mind could not comprehend.

His life should be an example to Richard Blumenthal and all Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

His life was not without its confabulations, but his life’s work was not to con the public about a conflict he never experienced and combat he never endured.

By claiming to have fought enemies he never faced, by not withdrawing from politics to save face, Blumenthal dishonors his constituents and defames the very name of the Constitution State.

False in one thing, he is false in everything.

He was never in country.

He is unfit to serve our country.

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