War on Men Is a Long-Term Plan for Democrat Victory

Encouraging women to hate and fear men as rapists is not a cultural development. It is a political weapon. Democrats are trying to replicate their electoral success among blacks, which they cheaply achieve by convincing them Republicans are racists. Smears such as “racism” and “rape culture” are effective substitutes for policy achievements or a platform, and so much easier to deliver. Democrats cynically ignore the unhappiness wrought by this ugly emotional manipulation of women and blacks. With these two monolithic voting blocs in the bag, Democrats figure they may happily predict a “blue wave.”

Encouraging a war between women and men is not an improvised reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. It is a calculated initiative of the hard Left, put on steroids under President Obama. It is working exactly according to plan.

Obama’s burning dream was to solidify voters into identity voting blocs that can deliver a permanent Democratic majority, and end this pesky American tradition of a two-party system. Black voters were already sewed tight, by virtue of the president’s skin color. Turning single women into a Democratic monolith became the party’s critical priority in achieving success. The Obama Administration targeted the vulnerable Millennial generation.

Weaponizing Title IX
Obama’s legacy as a community organizer in the White House will long outlast his term in office. It is widely known he left the Democratic Party in shambles. What no one discusses is that Obama made a calculated choice to strengthen outside leftist groups at the expense of the Democratic Party. Obama deprived the party of money from his famous fundraisers in order to train 30,000 agitators through his personal group, Organizing for Action. He also illegally diverted half-a-billion dollars of federal bank fines to radical groups.

Among these radical initiatives, promoting the fear of rape and gender wars was a signature achievement of his administration.

“It’s On Us,” the White House task force on campus sexual assault, “engaged students at almost 500 schools in 48 states, had more than 250,000 people sign the ‘It’s On Us’ (anti-rape) pledge, and worked with community members and celebrities alike to support (abuse) survivors and change the culture around sexual assault.”

On campuses, the Obama Justice Department forced colleges to hire radical feminist thought police and start rape witchhunts against white men, using the threat of civil rights lawsuits and the loss of federal funds. Resistance was futile. A letter was sent to every college administrator in the country, threatening them with federal Title IX sanctions if they didn’t fight sexual abuse by following new federal guidelines. Obama’s guidelines defined sexual abuse as any unwelcome touch (including a pat on the shoulder), which “does not have to be objectively offensive” in the judgment of an “objectively reasonable person” and instituted kangaroo campus courts to punish men. Criticizing this misuse of Title IX was itself grounds for a Title IX abuse investigation. Franz Kafka, meet Barack Obama.

It was a jobs-for-radicals program: get progressives hired on campus, where they recruit thousands of young people and encourage girls (and blacks and Hispanics) to major in one or another grievance studies offered on campus. UC Davis has 28 different departments of identity studies. The result is an explosion of campus agitation, which led to more hiring of grievance professors and staff, and more power for the hard Left. The key propaganda tool to recruit girls was the danger of sexual assault on campus.

Colleges staffed up their rape protection, diversity, and bias offices—150 full-time staff at UC Berkeley alone. These professional community organizers set to work creating a culture of antagonism and grievance on campus. They turned colleges into centers of progressive indoctrination and bullying.

Their graduates are the shock troops manning #TheResistance and forcing normal Democrats to shift radically left.

Campus Courts Were the Dress Rehearsal for Kavanaugh
The disgusting treatment of Judge Kavanaugh is something that has been visited on college boys for years. They no longer have a presumption of innocence, the right to face their accusers, or even to know the exact charges against them. No distinction is made between real rape and abuse and obviously unjust accusations motivated by revenge, shame, or mental problems.

How many potential Brett Kavanaughs, boys of excellence and distinction, have found themselves expelled from college and blacklisted from transferring to another campus? How many girls’ lives have been blighted by being encouraged to obsess about sexual victimization?

The treatment meted out to Kavanaugh has been honed on campuses during Obama’s eight long years. Kavanaugh’s nomination hearings was its debut on the national scene. It met with tremendous applause from the Democrat media. It has been embraced enthusiastically by the single women who remain the Democratic Party’s most important and loyal voting bloc. Woe betide them.

Obama’s cynical rape propaganda and social coercion campaign on campus have paid off big time for the Democratic Party in mobilizing activists. Congressional Democrats have no achievements and no program to tout in the upcoming midterms, but crying rape activates their base like nothing else. They expect it to deliver a blue wave.

Weaponizing rape allegations for political gain marks the ascendancy of cultural Marxism. They are destroying our civil and political contract, undermining law and liberty, and destroying individual lives. They are making it increasingly difficult to have happy, healthy heterosexual relationships, and undermining women’s equality in the workforce. It is a nightmare for men, but the long-term consequences are equally a nightmare for girls and women. It is good for the neo-Marxist politics of destruction.

Leftists are playing a long game. They have won on campuses, in Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, in boardrooms through intimidation, in the mainstream media. They have been thwarted by President Trump’s election, but not weakened in their bastions of power.

This is not good for anyone except for Democrats. Then again, judging from the more than 1,000 elected offices Democrats lost under Obama, it is not even so good for Democrats. The Democratic Party has become a hollowed out Trojan Horse, stuffed with neo-Marxists, creaking towards D.C.

In the upcoming midterms, the American people will have to choose sides.

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