Women Should Fear Democrat Champions

First, they came for blacks. Now they are coming for women. In their drive for power, Democrats are willing to destroy people, from individuals to communities.

Democrats succeeded in creating a permanent black voting bloc by crying racist. They are aiming to ride the women’s vote to victory by crying rapist.

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings amount to a national rollout of the long-term strategy that cultural Marxists honed on college campuses. They’ve won (at least for now) the Millennial vote by turning young women into a frightened, angry grievance group they can emotionally manipulate for partisan gain.

Claiming most Americans are racist gives Democrats political power over blacks. Of no concern to them is the harm this lie has inflicted on blacks’ happiness and wellbeing. Democrats have sewn up the black vote for the past 50 years and delivered nothing but destruction of their men, their families, and their chances at economic success.

Now it is women’s turn for the Democrats’ dysfunctional brand of “protection.” Affirmative action and all sorts of special rules, programs and funds are privileging girls over boys, women over men in schools and in the workplace. At the Kavanaugh hearings, we see the brave new world, already perfected on college campuses, where women are above the law, and men have been stripped of basic legal protections such as the right to confront their accusers. Compassion and credibility are only for women. Judge Kavanaugh’s lifetime of admirable integrity, kindness, character, and being a champion of women is to be destroyed overnight.

This is not good for anyone. It is especially not good for women.

What is the effect on young girls and women to be told men are rapists, male bosses unfair, and that masculinity in and of itself is “toxic”? Will it help them with the challenging task of creating happy, healthy heterosexual relationships? How will it help them succeed in their careers?

Does it keep girls safe from sexual predators to encourage them to feel free to drink to excess, wear appalling whorish fashions, even get naked in bed with strangers, and rely for their sexual safety on their male partners? Does this work in the real world?

Will it improve career advancement to have every male boss in America terrified of sexual accusations? What boss would want to mentor a woman? Choose a woman colleague to work late nights on an important project? Go out for a business dinner where social bonding and work mix? Would a male boss feel safe inviting a woman colleague to accompany him on a business trip? This culture of sexual accusation will significantly blight women’s careers.

Is it good for girls to have boys denigrated, humiliated, and their natural masculinity suppressed? What happens when young women are old enough to start dating and looking for a husband, and few healthy, masculine men are to be found?

How is any of this good for women?

It isn’t even good for women when our congressmen hypocritically intone that “all allegations of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously,” no matter how patently absurd, lacking in evidence, counter-factual, or maliciously motivated. Does grossly unfair treatment of boys and men encourage society to take sexual abuse seriously? Making sexual abuse a partisan issue has the opposite effect.

Democrats pretend it is impossible to tell the difference between a sexual predator and an upright man of honor, like Judge Kavanaugh. How does this make women safer?

We will always have a serious problem with jerks (think Al Franken) and dangerously abusive men (think Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Keith Ellison, and Bill Cosby). One of the most important life lessons girls learn is how to tell the difference between good men and bad men. It isn’t that hard. How do neo-Marxist slanders about “toxic masculinity” help women develop this necessary power of discernment?

I once saw a sign by the highway in New Hampshire that read, “Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” Learning by experience about problem situations and problem men is how girls mature enough to live independently and safely in the real world. No one gets to dodge the learning curve.

Safe spaces encourage fragility and naïveté, which makes girls more vulnerable. As soon as they leave the campus room supplied with Play-Doh and teddy bears, back to their co-ed dorms, then what?

In the not-so-distant past, teenage girls were kept safe by vigilant adult supervision of mixed sex gatherings. No one imagines returning to those practices, even though they work. All teenage girls who date or go to parties without chaperones will soon learn that some boys do not exercise self-control, especially when high or drunk. Some are not good people. A few are downright dangerous.

Nowadays, girls learn to keep themselves safe the hard way. They learn the situations and men to avoid, and the men to trust and love. These are crucial life lessons.

Mature judgment comes only one way—through bad experiences. You don’t learn how to walk without falling. We are not talking about real sexual abuse, but unwelcome and upsetting sexual aggression. Getting over and learning from unpleasant sexual encounters increases girls’ sense of competence and self-confidence.

The memories are painful at first, but they don’t need to remain painful for life—they become stories about adolescence. Healthy, resilient girls are not traumatized for life by life.

Does it improve girls’ mental health to pretend that a teenage boy groping and messing her clothes is evil abuse, so traumatic it will scar you for life? Professor Ford’s Democrat handlers are trying to teach girls this sick feminism and make it into our new cultural norm.

The tragedy is that girls can be taught to be hysterics, in which fears are taken as reality, and a momentarily frightening experience is dragged through life. We see the results in the snowflake generation. It is not good for them.

Politicized leftist feminism coaches women to be weak, not strong.

Conservatives across the country, men and women, are still waking up in the middle of the night, appalled and hurt and angry, wondering what is to become of our sons, our daughters, our country.

The entire country got to witness Democrats go all out to destroy a good man and his family for political gain. It was heartbreaking. It was maddening. It was chilling.

Judge Kavanaugh, his wife, and his children are stand-ins for each of us. Equal male-female relations, equality before the law, raising strong, resilient and honorable sons and daughters—there is nothing Democrats put higher than their self-interest. Power is all.

Women will be more roadkill on the Democrats’ rush to power.

Photo Credit: Henry Milleo/picture alliance via Getty Images

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Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.