The Genius of the Elevator Women

The Elevator Women sniping Senator Flake in front of so many journalists was a deliberate move. And it worked beautifully. Public tongue-lashings of this sort are wonderfully effective against men.

Flake was caught in an enclosed space, unable to escape, maneuver, or construct a hasty defense. Off guard and off kilter, he simply stuttered out half-hearted responses in the face of overwhelming pressure.

I admire the Left’s strategic and tactical understanding. Find your enemy’s weakness and then strike at it, hard, in the moment he least expects it.

The fundamental task in warfare is to distill the enemy problem to its core component. Once done, you find the critical vulnerability and exploit it to the utmost. You find your enemy’s center of gravity and then kick it out from under him.

This is the genius of the modern Left. They actually want to win the Cold Civil War.

Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images