The Emerging Transnational Moral Majority

Forget Brett Kavanaugh, Michael Avenatti, and Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the Erinyes females shrieking hysterically about their literal impotence in the face of old/white/male/Republican privilege. It’s a clown show, willingly orchestrated and televised by the ringmasters of the Democrat-Media Complex, whose own emasculation is now so graphically exposed with every new fantastic accusation.

Having gone from promoting a culture of complete sexual license to wimpled membership in an anchorite nunnery, the Left is now being consumed, to put it in terms they can understand, by the internal contradictions of their own satanic principles. So the hell with them.

Concentrate instead on what’s really important: the burgeoning moral and political alliance between the president of the United States and the leaders of four formerly captive nations in central Europe; Hungary, Poland, and the two halves of what used to be Czechoslovakia, aka the Visegrad Group. In a curious accident—or perhaps not so curious—the arc of history has not just bent but pretzled, uniting the late Soviet Union’s foremost antagonist with a quartet of the USSR’s most notable victims against a decadent, suicidal, and morally flaccid European Union (France and Germany, mainly) that is hell-bent on the destruction of Old Europe. It’s the Cold War all over again, but with the sides reversed.

Or maybe not. Germany’s Lumpenkanzlerin, Angela Merkel, is entirely a product of the German Democratic Republic, a bred if not born Communist with little or no love for the country she purports to lead. I’ve been watching German chancellors since Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt and, whether Left or Right, at least they pretended to love their country. As I recall, Helmut Kohl used often to end his speeches with the German equivalent of “God bless Germany,” but if Merkel has ever said that and meant it, I’m not aware of it. And as for the French, surrender has been their prophylactic substitute for even the l’esprit d’escalier of a nation that hasn’t won a war since Napoleon.

Opposing Merkel and the millions of cultural aliens she had imported into her country are the states of Eastern Europe, which remember both Soviet and Islamic occupation and don’t want to see the return of either. Having had their freedom forcibly stripped from them over the centuries, they refuse any “immigration,” and wish to preserve their countries—even if that means (gasp!) staying “white.” And they don’t care who knows it.

Comes now The Donald, speaking at the United Nations and rebuking every one of the lily-livered progressive democracies who cower in the face of an unrelenting Islamic invasion of historic Christendom. Not for him are the childish but malicious pieties of the secular European and American Left, to wit that “diversity is our strength” and that everyone has a “human right” to live in any country he so chooses.

The entire history of civilization, in fact, argues otherwise: the Roman Empire fell when foreigners outnumbered Roman citizens (who had extended to them, whether out of charity or laziness, Roman citizenship) and then rode through the gates and took the place over. The “diversity” that followed lasted several centuries, known to us today as the Dark Ages, until the nascent European nation-states finally formed on the bones of Roman civilization, and emerged as the Holy Roman Empire, then the principalities and kingdoms of Europe, and finally the modern nations as we know them.

Now, as Europe rushes back into the vampire’s arms of the collectivist EU—itself fashioned in the image and likeness of its philosophical forebear, the Soviet Union—some are standing athwart history yelling stop.

“We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy,” President Trump told United Nations officials Tuesday . . . the president also justified withdrawing the U.S. from the U.N. Human Rights Council on the grounds that it had become a sham, an enabler of human rights abuses in desperate need of reform.

“America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination,” Trump said, offering American friendship as an alternative to the hegemony that Russia and China are trying to impose worldwide. “I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.”

Trump’s not alone in his rejection of globalism and his defense of the nation-state. Indeed, former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus put the critical question of national sovereignty in even stronger terms earlier this week:

Mr. Klaus, a longtime critic of the European Union who preached the virtues of national identity and secure borders long before the age of Brexit, told editors and reporters at The Washington Times on Tuesday that Europe needs a “fundamental, systemic” change along the lines of his own country’s Velvet Revolution nearly three decades ago.

In the wide-ranging interview, he assailed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and other leaders who he believes are trying to erase the very concept of nation-states in favor of a borderless entity with politically enforced ethnic diversity.

Mr. Klaus, a free-market economist . . .  [said] Ms. Merkel’s real goal — and the true intention of the EU—is to normalize migration from around the world to the point that individual countries become unrecognizable. He says EU leaders simply aren’t listening to the concerns of citizens in Sweden, Italy, Hungary and other nations deeply worried about that trend.

“This is a dictatorship of the old political elites of Europe, starting with Madame Merkel, Mr. Juncker, Mr. Macron,” he said. “This is a demand of the multiculturalists, politically correct European elites who really want to somehow mix the nations and to bring diversity” into each county by mandate.

Funny sort of integration, that—unless by “integration” the childless leaders of Western Europe mean “replacement,” which is precisely what more and more people have come to suspect they actually do mean. (My own Ireland is a case in point.) Like “progressives” everywhere, they sacramentalize abortion, then complain the birth rate is not keeping up with the need for skilled workers, then bring in millions of people from backward, anti-intellectual, illiterate, and hostile parts of the world and expect them to become productive citizens overnight.

Or do they? Trump and Klaus are on to them, as you should be, too. English democracy is not their model, but rather the Spanish caudillo system, which has proven so disastrous for Latin America: a handful of aristocrats at the top, supported by the groaning peasantry below, with little or no social mobility but plenty of bodies to bend to the lash.

If this is the world you want, then please, go ahead and amuse yourselves with the Kavanaugh spectacle. Getting a fifth vote on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade—because that’s what this is all about—is critical to the survival of the United States. But it needs to be seen in the larger context. Because if the Left gets its way, it won’t just be the United States that’s fundamentally transformed, it will be whole world. And then there will be nowhere left to run.

We know what the Left is, and what it wants for us now. Maybe we should start paying attention to what it wants for us after we’ve gone.

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