The Devil Went Down to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Sung to the tune of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”)


The Devil wrote a note to Feinstein, he was lookin’ to have some fun…

“Heard you’re in a bind, gettin’ way behind, and I remembered I owe you one…

“So here’s an old somethin’, which didn’t happen and nobody saw—

“You can bet your withered soul (which I already stole) it’ll stop Judge Kavanaugh.”


“Now I know it won’t surprise you, Di, I’m a politician too—

“And I know just how to stop a nomination goin’ through.

“Got a libel here so lurid,that it cannot be ignored:

“You just play this tune I wrote, along with Christine Blasey Ford.”


Feinstein, rosin up that bow, and play your violin—

You’ll try to keep it screeching, ‘til the Senate’s blue again—

And if you win, you’ll hang on to a semblance of control –

But win or lose, you’ve forfeited your soul….


Christine Ford’s lawyer up and said, “Let’s not quite start this show—

“Our story’s not quite made up yet, but we’re almost ready to go.”

So the GOP submissively passed a megaphone to Chris,

And the Left-wing media joined right in and it sounded somethin’ like this…


(Several minutes of angry screeching.)


Now Kavanaugh was an Irish lad; he said “Devil, watch your step;

“They taught me classical violin when I went to Georgetown Prep…

“Now, you may know fiddlin’ with the law, but I’ve heard that tune you played—

It’s my turn now, and I’ll overturn you just like I will ‘Roe V. Wade’. ”


And he played:


“Dirty tricks ain’t no surprise—

The Devil’s in your details, outright lies ;

Democrat corruption, pilin’ up dough.

Someone tell the Clintons: “‘No’ means ‘no’.”


The Devil bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat.

Mumblin’, “I got to find somebody else who could fill her Senate seat….”

Brett said, “Devil, go home, you’re outta your league, ‘cause when it comes to law,

You could never beat Scalia—and you won’t beat Kavanaugh.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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