From Kava-can to Kava-naught: A Campaign of Personal Destruction

To believe the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, every accusation against their enemies is true.

Its truth is not a matter of evidence but an issue of their ability to evince—to divine—what is not there; to find penumbras, formed by emanations, in rights outside the Bill of Rights; to guarantee guilt by eliminating the presumption of innocence; to convict on the basis of gender by assigning credibility to certain women who charge certain men with certain wrongs; to have certainty in what the accuser says, while demanding that the accused confess by withdrawing from society before surrendering to authorities.

Such is the tribunal that confronts Brett Kavanaugh. It is a court of no appeal, whose supremacy is partisan, not impartial; whose supreme ignorance of the law is an assault against the Constitution and an affront to the schools that purportedly educated these individuals in the language of constitutional law.

It is an attempt to erase the Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendments to the Constitution by denying justice by delaying due process of law. It is to yield to the schedule of the accuser while depriving the accused of a speedy trial; of no trial at all.

The Democrats on this committee are politicians, not jurists. They neither have the power to impanel juries nor the right to preside as judges when they act as prosecutors and shout like protesters.

If we accept their interpretation of the rule of law, we may as well do to Lady Justice what they assert men like Judge Kavanaugh do to all women who are liberal.

The victim in this case is indeed a woman, but she is no lady.

Pity the attack against a goddess of such wisdom and beauty.

Photo credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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