The Left Must Honor Its Own Rules

With its track record of championing for the presidency both a rapist and his wife-enabler, today’s Democrats now have the gall to demand hearings (conducted, no less, by a Congress now exposed to have set up at taxpayer expense, a slush fund to cover the consequences of their own sexual misdeeds) to pass judgment upon nominee to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is expected to endure a public flaying for an incident that is alleged to have taken place some 36 years ago, when Kavanaugh was just 17. The inherent hypocrisy in this action makes this excerpt from last December’s “Raping the Voters: The Left’s Power Play with Sexual Politics” relevant again:

don’t be fooled. The new sexual politics is all one big misdirection maneuver…

it is about achieving what the Left really wants, which is power over you. This…is merely an attempt to claim the sexual politics “moral high ground.” And this is nothing new as the Left has had a long-time obsession with using sex demagoguery as a tool for manipulating American politics and to gain maximum political leverage.

…the Left will…escalat[e]…attacks on anyone to its right. Facts and the truth are irrelevant because it is all about the narrative. Being good statists, the GOPe will play its role and issue the usual “moral panic” as they parade in their servile eunuch costumes...

“Everyone knew” meant “nobody cared”—until there was a partisan political advantage to be gained.

The Left’s…actions are destructive and have nothing to do with women, male-female relations, morality, or virtuous behavior…

No, this is only about will-to-power political moves, not moral propriety or concern for real, individual people. Want proof that sexual harassment is largely a Leftist problem? Below is [an updated] list of the Left’s alleged sexual abusers, harassers, enablers, and icons.

It is a number far dwarfing alleged bad players on the Right….

…the Left owns today’s culture…With longstanding tolerance for Clinton and Weinstein types, while everyone knew, the Left and its spokesmen have zero credibility on sexual harassment. [We must] hammer the cultural Left on its bad actors; don’t let its talking heads, propagandists change the subject. Inform them we have no interest in hearing any of their fake pieties until we decide they have cleaned up their act… 

The Left thinks Judge Kavanaugh should be disqualified based on contradictory, doubtful evidence that amounts to no evidence offered only after the hearings and in spite of denials by multiple people allegedly present over 35 years ago. This, and Ford’s further demand of an FBI investigation prior to testifying, are insane demands and must be resisted because, as my friend Lisa Schiffren explains, the price to our country will be too high:

Ms. Ford, a neurotic woman of a type we’ve all met, who cannot recall any material detail of an event that she claims profoundly affected her, though it did not surface until marriage therapy in 2012, now wishes to dictate the terms of her appearance at a Senate hearing, that the people using her set her up for. If this very thin excuse for an accusation derails a Supreme Court nomination for a man who is eminently qualified, and who has never, ever had such an accusation made against him, the consequences will be enormous. This will be the moment that the Second Civil War, the one that destroys the Union, becomes inevitable. The Democrats are hellbent on destroying the Rule of Law in this country, just as they destroy the reputations and lives of men (mostly) and women who oppose what they think this country should become. They have no respect for the votes or wishes of the citizenry. They will do whatever they can to destroy this presidency. And our children will pay, some with their lives.

The Left’s continuously escalating, nihilistic grab for power are driving this destructive trend. As an initial response, and until they stand down, let’s punch back twice as hard and force them live by their own rules: Every single politician named below who still holds office—many of whom have had real evidence supporting the allegations against them presented to the public—should be demanded to promptly resign from their positions and be disqualified from holding further political or cultural roles in our society until they prove themselves innocent and then recant. The Left’s cultural icons listed below should be treated with equal disdain and inattention, too. It’s a terrible way to live in a free society but, bless their hearts, we wouldn’t want to deprive them of living by their own societal aspirations. Let’s also release the Congressional sexual harassment payout list and hold everyone on that list to the same standard.

While the societal stakes are larger, we also have an obligation at a tactical level  not to let good women and men be denied a fair hearing or be destroyed by baseless charges solely on the basis of  their politics. That will only serve to keep out the good people we need in politics. And we should never again listen to or care about the Left’s phony, hypocritical will-to-power words on sexual harassment that seek mercilessly to destroy the lives of people for the “crime” of holding different political viewpoints in a pluralistic society.

As I wrote back in December: “Only then can we have a genuine conversation about sexual harassment that seeks justice, avoiding #MeToo’s deceitful tyranny of false accusations without due process that destroys trust and lives.”

Tolerate no more malicious political grandstanding: Vote now and confirm Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

87 Democrat politicians and SEIU union officials:

Brock Adams (D), Sam Adams (D), Philip Ahr (D), David Alcon (D), Joe Biden (D), Stephen Bittel (D), Raul Bocanegra (D), Cory Booker (D), Phil Bredesen (D), Sally Boynton Brown (D), Sherrod Brown (D), Tony Cardenas (D), Tom Carper (D),Scott Chamberlain (D), Jeff Clemens (D), Bill Clinton (D), Hillary Clinton (D), Gary Condit (D), John Conyers (D), Scott Courtney, Andrew Cuomo (D), Matt Dababneh (D), Chris Dodd (D), Crisanta Duran (D), John Duran, John Edwards (D), Keith Ellison (D), Elizabeth Esty (D), Keith Farnham (D), Jon Favreau (D), Kendall Fells, Bob Filner (D), Will Fourkiller (D), Barney Frank (D), Al Franken (D), Cristina Garcia (D), Neil Goldschmidt (D), David Gomberg (D), Al Gore (D), Al Green (D), Gary Hart (D), Alcee Hastings (D), Marcus Hatcher, Wayne Hays (D), Bryon Hefner (D), Jesse Jackson (D), Caleb Jennings, John F.Kennedy (D), Teddy Kennedy (D), Ruben Kihuen (D), Steve Lebsock (D), Mike Lowry (D), Tim Mahoney (D), Pedro Malave, Mark Manendo (D), Eric Massa (D), James McGreevey (D), James Michael McHaney (D), Tony Mendoza (D), Bob Menendez (D), William Mendoza (D), Wilbur Mills (D), Paul Morrison (D), Ed Murray (D), Rick Nelson (D), Gavin Newsom (D), Michael Padilla (D), David Paterson (D), Paul Patton (D), Josh Peters (D), Mark Raleigh, David Regan, Mel Reynolds (D), Chuck Robb (D), Jeffrey Rosato (D), Paul Rosenthal (D), Eric Schneiderman (D), Dan Schoen (D), Jacob Schwartz (D), Ira Silverstein (D), Calvin Smyre (D), Eliot Spitzer (D), Antonio Villaraigosa (D), Anthony Weiner (D), Brendan Williams (D), Bob Wise (D), David Wu (D).

108 media, entertainment and other cultural players:

Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Joe Alexander, Woody Allen, Aziz Ansari, AsiaArgento, Tom Ashbrook, Andre Balazs, Mario Batali, Terry Bean, Eddie Berganza, John Besh, Stephen Blackwell, Larry Brinkin, Tom Brokaw, Justin Caldbeck, Vincent Cirrincione, John Copley, David Copperfield, Bill Cosby, David Daniels, Teddy Davis, Gerard Depardieu, Andy Dick, Gordon Edelstein, Jeff Fagen, Hamilton Fish, Jared Fogle, Morgan Freeman, Benjamin Genocchio, Mike Germano, Gary Goddard, Tyler Grasham, David Guillod, Mark Halperin, Paul Haggis, Don Hazen, Jon Heely, John Hockenberry, Dustin Hoffman, Jens Hoffmann, Israel Horovitz, Dylan Howard, Justin Huff, Johnny Iuzzini, Wendell Jamieson, Garrison Keillor, R. Kelly, Larry King, Andrew Kreisberg, Knight Landesman, John Lasseter, Matt Lauer, Stan Lee, James Levine, Ryan Lizza, Leonard Lopate, Louis C.K., Paul Marciano, Peter Martins, Danny Masterson, Chris Matthews, Dave McClure, T.J. Miller, Cameron Mitchell, Les Moonves, Rick Najera, Michael Oreshes, Jeremy Piven, Roman Polanski, Roy Price, Brett Ratner, L.A. Reid,Terry Richardson, Charlie Rose, Chris Sacca, Chris Savino, Tom Schumacher, Jonathan Schwartz, Robert Scoble, Ryan Seacrest, Seal, Charlie Sheen, Andy Signore, Russell Simmons, Bryan Singer, John Singleton, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Spurlock, Lockhart Steele, Lorin Stein, Oliver Stone, David Sweeney, Mario Testino, Glenn Thrush, James Toback, Adam Venit, Ben Vereen, Scott Walters, Bruce Weber, Kirt Webster, Jann Wenner, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Ed Westwick, Leon Wieseltier, Matt Zimmerman, Daniel Zwerdling.

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