Kangaroo Justice for Kavanaugh

The Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee should surrender their law degrees and reimburse (with interest) Yale and Georgetown, respectively, for their commission of fraud. The schools are the victims in this case, unless, through a combination of collusion—a word weaponized for political warfare, dripping from the lips of every would-be prosecutor and pretend law professor—unless, through a secret deal between committee members, who are graduates of these schools, or in the greatest act of gross negligence in academic history, the schools waived the requirement for these former students to take criminal law or criminal procedure.

I know of no other explanation for such ignorance about the Constitution and the presumption of innocence. Then again, I am neither a lawyer nor a senator.

Perhaps the rules of the Senate place the burden of proof on all judicial nominees, including Brett Kavanaugh, to acquit themselves of any accusations of wrongdoing. Perhaps, too, the intent of the accuser is irrelevant and inadmissible in this court of no appeal, in this trial without due process, in this mandatory sentencing hearing.

What is clear is this: from outbursts from the gallery to outlandish statements from the Committee, justice is a farce and fairness is a high crime and misdemeanor.

This perversion of justice cannot be undone. But our most prestigious law schools can clear their names by naming names—by rescinding the degrees granted to eight Democrats, one of whom thinks he is Spartacus but behaves like Brutus.

As for justice, it died long ago.

Photo credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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