Fever Dreams of Trump’s Fall

Can one man stem the tide when so many around him fall away? The forces gathered around President Trump are immense and seemingly driven by ill intent. The lust for power is all consuming—’twas ever thus in Washington, D.C. But as we approach November, so much hangs by a fraying thread. The Democrats feel supremely confident in their chances.

And if they’re right? Impeachment will come fast. A Democratic House will see to that. And do not count on the Senate to kill the prospect of removing an impeached president from office. Yes, the threshold is very high—a two-thirds majority vote. But even assuming the Republicans retain control of the Senate, the quislings among them could easily turn tail and run. They will race down Pennsylvania Avenue and urge the president tender his resignation, in all of their false piety, for “the greater good of the nation.”

The president would be alone. And the dreams of tens of millions of voters would be thrown away.

Too pessimistic? Are President Trump’s allies really so cowardly? Won’t they stand by him? Very few will, for as a group, many would succumb to the urge to flee rather than fight. Expect to see many self-proclaimed “conservatives” scramble to protect what they can, even if that means cutting a deal with the devil.

Thinking there is security in their old positions, they will come with a vengeance against the president. They will turn and feign courage and flaunt false principles, taking the lead even over the Left, full of false pride and sanctimony.

And as to the worst of the lot—the NeverTrumpers and their willing accomplices, the useful idiots, the fence sitters? We will have to endure their pomposity and listen to the “I told you sos” ring loud. For a little while, anyway.

What becomes of the “conservative movement” then? Back in the hands of the self-anointed purveyors of principle, it will crash—and crash hard.

Oh, how shocked they will be when their erstwhile allies in the fight against Trump suddenly turn their fire on them—in the form of audits and hearings and rule changes and algorithms and Lord-knows-what mechanisms of suppression they haven’t even dreamed of yet. The Left’s appetite for power knows no bounds. It must always consume. Our old “friends,” in their vainglory and arrogance, will be in for quite a rough letdown after their most despised president falls.

And for what? All the talk of Russia was a ruse. Give credit to the audacity of those who hatched this plan to undo a presidential election. What are the high crimes? Payment to a porn star, dealing with a tax evader and a crooked lawyer? What happened to collusion? It was all a fraud. The only thing remotely Russian in all of this are the parallels with the old Soviet NKVD. “Show me the man,” Lavrentiy Beria famously said, “and I’ll show you the crime.” Our Beria was delivered a man—many men—and he found the crimes.

Truth is, any crime would do. It was all with one purpose. Trump’s enemies wanted a head, and a head will be delivered—our republic be damned. Robespierre, Stalin, and Mao would be proud.

Finally, what happens to the forgotten millions—the “deplorables”—that wide swath of Middle America from the blue collar cities of the Rust Belt to the parched farmlands of Central California? What of them? Something new will have to rise, perhaps a new party, certainly a new movement from the ashes of catastrophe. The NeverTrumpers think they’re the ones to lead again. “Steady state,” indeed. Their blindness is astonishing, even now.

Americans will not go quietly; our freedom will not be consumed so readily by this power. The Left and double-crossing Right cannot be allowed to realize their dream; to transform and destroy all that has been bequeathed to us from the Founding Fathers. For all his faults and whatever his fate, Donald Trump has laid down a marker, he has shown the way to saving our republic and recovering what was once great.

Is this all hyperbole? Is it too much to overstate what could likely be the first ever coup of the president of the United States? If it comes to pass, it would mean the end of America as we know it. From a free republic to a banana republic in less than 250 years—that would be our fate.

Thomas Jefferson gave warning and offered counsel to our plight. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” he wrote. Are those days coming? We may need to heed his word and fight to recover all that’s lost. Pray in these trying times for our souls and for the strength to endure.

History will record this deed; indeed history will record who stood, who straddled, and who ran.

Photo Credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP

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