The Left: ‘Oh, We’re So Pretty . . . ’

Ah, the Left: they never cease to accuse you of the thing they are doing.

This week, the Left’s “narrative” (the elite’s polite way of saying bulls—) is that President Trump is under increasing “pressure”, including from the debut of Michael Moore’s cinematic anti-Trump Philippic, the tumultuous Kavanagh hearings, and an anonymous “senior” administration official’s seditious New York Times op-ed.

This “pressure,” ginned up and amplified by the corporate media elite, is purportedly exacerbating Trump’s alleged mental issues, which previously were diagnosed by numerous Leftist pundits turned armchair psychiatrists and identified as a danger to America (or at least to fundamentally transforming it). Thus, since impeachment is an impolitic subject prior to the midterm elections, the Left has instead launched a recrudescence of its calls for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the Left’s latest bullsh—I mean, “narrative”—has the president soiling himself. But this week was a good one in which to own diaper stocks, as it was another bad week for the Left: Judge Kavanagh will almost certainly be confirmed to the Supreme Court; and the August jobs report states that 201,000 jobs were created, wages grew by 2.9 percent from last year, and unemployment remains at the historically low level of 3.9 percent.

The certainty of Kavanagh being confirmed explains the Senate Democrats obnoxious theatrics, notably Booker’s inept attempt to violate the body’s rules and rendering himself into a modern day “Sharticus.” The August jobs report compels the Left to attack President Trump, because attacking his policies is increasingly difficult; and, worse, they are devoid of any alternative policies—unless, one considers “socialism” and its “equality of misery” a substitute for the prosperity that Americans demand.

Ergo, it is the Left that is under increasing pressure and losing its mind. Simply, the Left cannot offer Americans concrete and constructive policies for their consideration. This root frustration escalates their Trump Derangement Syndrome, with ever more grotesque manifestations. In fairness, perhaps, under such a strain there may be an odd but organic logic at work in the Left’s hope to have voters hate Trump. Though leftists have been able to overcome this hurdle, other Americans remain fond of economic growth.

Prominent intellectuals from Burke to Buckley have all noted the Left’s intrinsic philosophical vacuity. But, as a GenX Republican, I can find no better expression than this for the Left’s latest tantrum:

There’s no point in asking, you’ll get no reply

Oh just remember I don’t decide

I got no reason it’s all too much

You’ll always find us out to lunch . . .

Don’t ask us to attend ‘cos we’re not all there

Oh don’t pretend ‘cos I don’t care

I don’t believe illusions ‘cos too much is real

So stop you’re cheap comment ‘cos we know what we feel . . .

There’s no point in asking you’ll get no reply

Oh just remember a don’t decide

I got no reason it’s all too much

You’ll always find me out to lunch

Oh we’re so pretty

Oh so pretty

We’re vacant . . .

We’re pretty

A pretty vacant

And we don’t care . . .

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the jobs report!

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Photo Credit: Sarah Silbiger/CQ Roll Call

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