Required Reading – September 8

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Taylor: Kim Jong-un’s desire to secure legitimacy behind denuclearization moves, officials say

“North Korea carried out its latest missile test nine months ago and hasn’t detonated a nuclear device in more than a year. At the same time, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is quietly allowing local capitalist-style private markets to flourish and loosening restrictions on images of the outside world that his regime’s heavily censored state media are allowed to broadcast. A growing chorus of critics may claim President Trump’s ongoing nuclear negotiations with North Korea — capped by the historic meeting with Mr. Kim in Singapore in June — are going nowhere fast. But some key officials and analysts in South Korea and in Washington argue that they can see major policy shifts as evidence of how seriously the North Korean leader is committed to changing his nation’s isolationist ways and cutting a deal on his nuclear and missile programs. Top South Korean analysts and officials privately argue . . .”

Read more at the Washington Times.

Limbaugh: Mr. Anonymous exposes an even deeper state

“If Democrats and resistance Republicans think they are going to depose President Trump or thwart his presidency by endlessly savaging him in the name of protecting the republic, they don’t have any concept of the fierce resolve of his supporters. […]I find it appalling that Mr. Anonymous boasts of undermining this president and galling that he actually shows himself to be the very type of threat to the republic he claims President Trump is. But we owe him our gratitude for vindicating our suspicions of a deeply entrenched resistance to this constitutionally elected chief executive.”

Read more at Conservative Review.

George: Canadian professor’s art project seeks to make abortion ‘visible, audible, and palpable’

“According to the announcement, the ‘Representing Abortion’ collection may range from memoirs to films to activist performances in a bid to ‘create space’ in an area the project describes as ‘dominated by antiabortion imagery.’ ‘Even in circumstances that support access to abortion, abortion can remain a secret: invisible and unheard,’ the solicitation reads. ‘How do we represent abortion? What work does representing abortion do? Can representing abortion challenge and change conventional reproductive rights understandings of abortion that circulate publicly?’ [..]  ‘I think making abortion ‘visible, audible, and palpable’ is unfortunate and clearly seeks to make abortion out to be a beautiful thing.'”

Read more at The College Fix.

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