Required Reading – September 5 Afternoon Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Showalter: Illegals drop out of government programs, welfare bureaucrats hardest hit

“Welfare bureaucrats are putting the scream on, with news that President Trump’s efforts to enforce U.S. immigration law are incentivizing illegal immigrants to drop out of assorted welfare programs. Get a load of this alarmism from the welfare administrative mafias quoted by Politico: . . . Are they serious? This is a crisis? We are supposed be alarmed, pound our feet, shout to our congressmen, and mobilize to put illegals back on taxpayer-funded welfare programs?”

Read more at American Thinker.

Johnson: Cleta Mitchell: Glenn Simpson is a liar

Over the weekend I noted the Wall Street Journal editorial decrying the wrong done to our friend Cleta Mitchell in connection with the Russia investigation(s). Cleta is the prominent Foley & Lardner partner and campaign finance expert. The Journal editorial is “Anatomy of a Fusion smear” (truncated but accessible here on Outline). That Fusion smear was planted in his accustomed style by Glenn Simpson with a few of his friends at McClatchy. I reached out to Cleta to ask if she had anything to add to the editorial. Indeed, she did. I posted her message to me here. Cleta has followed up with me by forwarding a copy of the letter from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to her this past April. In the letter the committee requested records of her contacts with specified Russian and Russian entities. I have posted that letter here.

Read more at Powerline Blog.

Del Guidice: This Ohio County Swung From Obama to Trump. Here’s What 8 Fair Attendees Think, 2 Years Later.

“While harness racing, baking contests, and pavilion concerts were vastly more popular than any politician who stepped on the premises in Canton, the young and old who shared in their thoughts on the 45th president and their own political journeys had a lot to say. […]  His family, however, is starting to see his fascination with conservatism, Davis said.”

Read more at Daily Signal.

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