Lessons from Mollie Tibbetts and Other Murder Victims

A Mexican illegal alien who supposedly “blacked out” after abducting Mollie Tibbetts still managed to lead Iowa police to the body of the 20-year-old University of Iowa student. A trial date has yet to be set but the accused murderer has already resolved some mysteries.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera “was not who he said he was,” according to Dan Lang, co-owner of the farm where the Mexican national worked. Lang knew him by a different name, which he declined to reveal. And this fake was not, as even National Review described him, an “undocumented Mexican immigrant.”

Rivera, or whatever his real name is, had plenty of documents. As with all those who enter the country illegally, the documents were fake. They were either manufactured or stolen from a legitimate citizen, in the style of Gustavo Araujo Lerma, who ripped off the identity of a deceased U.S. citizen. In more technical language this is called “document fraud” and “identity theft,” and it is not a victimless crime.

The accused Mexican reportedly has been in the United States from four to seven years. A window like that should confirm that federal, state, and local authorities have not the slightest clue how many false-documented illegals are in the United States. The default figure of 11 million is probably not even in the ballpark.

Remember Cally Jo Larson
Besides “undocumented,” the default media description of Tibbetts’ accused murderer was “immigrant.” He was not referred to as a Mexican national or even a “Latino,” a term always positive in the lexicon of the illegal lobby.

“Latinos” are all hard working dreamers who want to be brain surgeons and help baby pandas. And as the illegal lobby endlessly repeats, such Latino “immigrants” are supposedly less prone to crime than legitimate citizens. Skeptics might check out “The Music Case,” a Forensic Files episode from 2004.

Twice-deported Lorenzo Sanchez, an “illegal immigrant” from Mexico, had served jail time but was allowed to remain in Waseca, Minnesota. In the course of a burglary, the Mexican tied up and raped 12-year-old Cally Jo Larson before stabbing her in the chest. The Mexican then wrapped an electrical cord around Cally Jo’s neck and strung up her bleeding body from a staircase bannister.

The Mexican claimed U.S. authorities violated his rights by not telling him he could consult with Mexican officials, so the killer knew how to work the system. The court found him guilty but authorities dropped four charges, including criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping. Sanchez, or whatever his real name is, will be eligible for parole in 2030.

Mollie Tibbetts’ autopsy says she died from “multiple sharp force injuries,” but other details of the crime remain unclear. As the trial awaits, politicians have been speaking out.

“Nothing To Do With Illegal Aliens”
In an interview with CNN, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has falsely claimed Indian heritage, failed to mention the murder victim’s name. “I’m sorry for the family here,” Warren explained, but the great need was to focus on “real problems,” such as family separation at the border. That is hard to top but a California judge may have pulled it off.

In 2011, false-documented Mexican nationals Saul Isidro-Aucencio and Francisco Delgado chased down Americans Jamir Miller, 15, Richard Ward, 16 and Robert Corpos, 20. Delgado, or whatever his real name is, shot them in the head, from behind, with an AK-47.

In court Melissa Jellison, Jamir Miller’s mother, expressed anger that her son’s killers were in the country illegally. Superior Court judge Helene Gweon, an Arnold Schwarzenegger appointee, told the grieving mother the case “has nothing to do with illegal aliens.”

Mexican officials did not weigh in on the case and thus far have remained silent about the Mexican national accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts. The record $26.1 billion sent back to Mexico last year might help explain the silence. Illegal entry to the United States is an integral part of Mexico’s economic planning. For their part, American Democrats are eager to import voters.

As a State Department investigation discovered, Gustavo Araujo Lerma used false documents to vote in at least five federal, state, and local elections. Technically this is known as “voter fraud” and this fake is hardly alone.

California’s voter registration law kicks in when people obtain a driver’s license at the DMV. More than one million illegals have received such licenses, and secretary of state Alex Padilla refuses to release voter information. So any legitimate citizen or legal immigrant could believe that most if not all of those one million illegals will be voting in November.

Right now it’s all about the election. So false-documented illegal criminals can do just about anything they want and leftist Democrats will look the other way and change the subject.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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