The British Invasion 2.0: Buttnik-mania!

Like Rock-n-Roll, this British invasion was sparked by Americans; adopted by the English; and imported back to our fair, unsuspecting shores. Now, comes the madness…


Yes, “Buttnik,” the orange, diaper clad, 20-foot-high “Trump Baby” balloon that took flight over London during the President Trump’s inaugural visit, is wafting across the pond to abet the American Left into greater depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome. As if they needed the help.

Meet the Buttniks
Yet, one Buttnik alone won’t cut it in our prosperous land of plenty (thanks to the 2017 tax reform by President Trump and the GOP Congress).

According to The Hill, which cites, two Buttniks (John and Paul?) already arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey, home of President Trump’s National Golf Club. These Buttniks’ agents/activists, Didier Jiminez-Castro and Jim Girvan, are gearing up to send them into the service of protesting Trump.

But wait! There’s more! Two more Buttniks (George and Ringo?) are on their way across the pond; and after that an additional two are coming (Pete Best and Murray the K?). Damn, there were only four Beatles, but this British invasion will have six Buttniks! My God, how the American Left will be driven Buttnik-nuts!

Buttniks for Sale
For this fab confluence of kookery, the Left can thank Goddess Gaia and a GoFundMe page. According to news reports:

[Jiminez-Castro and Girvan] had started a GoFundMe page, intending to purchase a “Trump baby” blimp . . . The campaign had aimed to raise $4,500, but raised a total of $23,748 and allow(ed) the organizers to put in an order for six balloons . . . “We’re having a baby!” the site’s crowdfunding campaign read. “The first 2 of 6 Baby Trump balloons have arrived!”

So when do the Buttniks play their first U.S. gig? Jiminez-Castro and Girvan plan to get at least one Buttnik in the air before the midterm elections to taunt Trump, who isn’t on the ballot. The snag? “The Man” may find a sneaky way to stamp out the Buttniks:

…the U.S. Secret Service and Federal Aviation Administration have certain rules regarding what can enter the FAA’s Temporary Flight Restriction area that is intended to protect a president. But officials have said that because blimps technically float, they shouldn’t cause any issues—provided certain regulations are followed, according to

Buttniks Forever!
Once this Buttnik has flown, no area of America will be a “safe space” for Trump and his grotty minions.

“We want to make sure the balloons get put into good hands,” Girvan vows. “If we can locate an organization that’s willing and able to have multiple events on a regional level, we’re certainly going to consider that.”

And, thanks to this British invasion and the Buttniks, we can consider this: this Hill article and report are not about an actual protest of President Trump; they are about a prospective protest of President Trump.

Remember that the next time you hear some Leftists chanting, “We love you, Buttniks, oh, yes we do . . . .”

And the corporate media elite claims they’re “objective” in their coverage of President Trump.

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