Required Reading – August 8 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Catron: Trump Frees Obamacare Captives, Dems Sue

“The Democrats want to hold you prisoner in their health care gulag. wo important events happened last week in the interminable Obamacare saga that explain why the Democrats seek comprehensive control of our medical delivery system and why this project must be thwarted: The Trump administration altered an Obama-era regulation designed to trap individuals in the “marketplaces” created by the “Affordable Care Act.” The amended rule will provide individuals access to low-cost health coverage, greater benefit flexibility, and the opportunity to escape Obamacare. Not coincidentally, on the very day the new rule became effective, the Trump administration was sued by four Democrat-controlled cities for “sabotaging” the health care law.”

Read more at the Spectator.

Dinan: DHS invests $20 million in border wall prototypes, fails to account for rough terrain

“The findings, which come as Mr. Trump is threatening to shut down the government unless he gets a massive infusion of cash for more wall-building in Congress’ fiscal 2019 spending bills, could damage the White House’s efforts.”

Read more at the Washington Times.

Gouveia & Edelman: I’m an immigrant — and Trump is right on immigration

“You’ve heard news about families being separated at the US southern border. Legal immigrants have to deal with separation as well. My mother made her own ‘Sophie’s Choice.’ In Guyana back in 1986, an immigration officer broke the terrible news. After a three-year wait, my mother, Bassodai Gouveia, arrived at the US embassy in Georgetown to pick up visas for our family of nine to go live in America. ‘Mrs. Gouveia, we can’t give you the visas,’ he told my mom. ‘You have a sick child. If you brought her to the United States, it would be a huge government expense. And you can’t abandon her.’ […]  It tore my mother apart, but she had to make a decision to leave Vera behind — or start the application process all over again. She had to sacrifice Vera to save the American dream for the rest of us — me and five kids from her previous marriage along with my father.”

Read more at the NY Post.

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