Let’s Not Throw the Word Treason Around

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When they talk about President Trump, why are so many Democratic politicians talking about treason? Whatever they may truly believe, why are they letting their inflammatory rhetoric become decoupled from the facts?

By doing so, they are setting the country on a dangerous, unpredictable trajectory that could lead to a crisis of political legitimacy. And by indulging their own worst instincts, these Democrats are guilty of fomenting the extreme, intemperate rhetoric for which they have consistently criticized the president.

If it were only activists or internet trolls claiming that Mr. Trump committed treason, it could, perhaps, be excused as excessive passion or immaturity. But these comments are also coming from elected Democrats with increasing regularity. Last week, Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon, tweeted at the president, “Let’s be 1,000% clear: if you worked with a hostile foreign power during your election, it’s called TREASON.” The caps are in the original.

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