Required Reading – August 7

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on NY’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate and Socialism proponent, Cynthia Nixon

“‘My parents lived and actually suffered under fascism and then socialism. Let’s not forget that those two are linked…the phrase Nazi actually comes from ‘national socialist workers party.’ Millions, hundreds of millions suffered under that system. I saw it for myself after the fall of the Berlin wall. I went to live behind the former Iron curtain for 15 years. It’s very simple. This system crushes human souls. “There is no equality under socialism, it’s a lie. Whether you’re in Cuba, whether you’re in the Soviet Union, whether you’re in China today, North Korea. A tiny number of people have all the wealth and all the power and everybody else suffers. And if you disagree with that elite, the most scary thing of all is that you will be persecuted and sometimes disappear and sometimes you will be killed. The toll of socialism of the last 100 years is 100 million people killed by Cynthia Nixon’s favorite system.'”

Read more at Town Hall. 

Dinan: Federal judge orders Trump admin to restart DACA program

“A federal judge on Friday said the government must restart the entire DACA deportation amnesty, including accepting brand new applications — but gave the administration a chance to appeal before his ruling takes effect. […]He said the government needs to prove that it has considered the benefits to society of having illegal immigrants here and working, versus the government’s interest in enforcing the laws as written. He said Homeland Security failed to do that in its original revocation last September, and even after he gave it a chance to update its reasoning, it still failed to convince him.”

Read more at the Washington Times.

Boylan: Trump’s ‘Arab NATO’ plan to counter Iran draws strong global reactions

“President Trump’s plan to gather Arab Gulf leaders in Washington for an October summit to create a military alliance against Iran has stirred optimism, curiosity and outrage on the world stage of opinion this week.

Informally dubbed ‘Arab NATO,’ the recently discussed alliance is a Saudi-led effort to counter Iran by coordinating missile defenses, military training and counter-terrorism measures — and would include the six Arab Gulf states in addition to Egypt and Jordan. The Washington summit is tentatively set for Oct. 12-13. The United Arab Emirates’ lead English-language paper, The Gulf News, firmly supported the effort in an editorial: ‘‘Arab Nato’ can counter Iran more effectively’.”

Read more at The Washington Times.

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