Required Reading – August 6

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Libs Are Offering to Donate Organs to Keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive

“Suzanne Iorio: Dear Justice Ginsberg, I am so happy to hear that you’re going to serve until you’re 90. If you need any organs during that time or any blood donations ( I am A+) I’m your girl.

9:27 AM – Jul 30, 2018   Kat Turk: is there a way to change my organ donor status to ‘please give Ruth Bader Ginsburg dibs on these?’  9:17 AM – Jul 30, 2018  Planet ResistI have changed my organ donor status so that now all of my organs go to Ruth Bader Ginsberg EVEN IF I AM STILL ALIVE. We need her now more than ever I love you RBG. 11:31 AM – Jul 10, 2018  Desperation is a sad thing to watch. Just kidding, sad liberals are actually quite entertaining.”

Read more at The Political Insider.

Sherfinski: Lawmakers defuse Trump’s shutdown threat by passing partial spending bills ahead of deadline

“Congress is taking big strides to defuse President Trump’s shutdown threat, working to pass as many spending bills as possible before next month’s deadline so most of the government will remain open no matter what Mr. Trump demands on border security.

On Wednesday, the Senate cleared a $154 billion package that funds the Food and Drug Administration, the IRS and other programs for 2019. Senators now have passed seven of the 12 bills needed to keep the government open. The House has passed six.

Those measures still need to be reconciled in a conference committee, but lawmakers are pushing to have as many as nine bills completed before the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, putting those operations on firm footing and outside the reach of a government shutdown.”

Read more at the Washington Times.

Williams: Some Ideas To Think About

“Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign garnered considerable appeal from millennials. These young people see socialism as superior to free market capitalism. […] Here are a couple of questions: Does an act clearly immoral when done privately become moral when done collectively? Does legality or majority consensus establish morality? Before you answer, consider that slavery was legal; South African apartheid was legal; the horrendous Stalinist, Nazi and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality or a majority consensus cannot establish morality.You might ask, ‘If you’re so smart, Williams, what establishes morality?’ That’s easy, and you tell me when I make the wrong step. My initial premise is that we own ourselves. You are your private property, and I am mine. Self-ownership reveals what’s moral and immoral. Rape is immoral because it violates private property. So is murder and any other initiation of violence. Most people probably agree with me that rape and murder are immoral, but what about theft? Some Americans would have a problem deciding whether theft is moral or immoral.”

Read more at Town Hall.

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