Required Reading – August 4 Afternoon Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Rev. Bresciani: How State Sponsored Political Correctness is Endangering Children and Making Fools of us All

“Political correctness has birthed an ugly monster that we must turn away from or refuse to look at for fear of regurgitating our stomach contents.  California’s AB 2943 is waiting in the wings for liberal architects to slap on the decent people of that state before the twenty five or so legal groups and various organizations can muster enough resistance to get the attention of the nation. The question that cannot be ignored, Is California Spearheading the Fall into Darkness and Perversion?, is no longer a question – all of Governor Moonbeam’s (Jerry Brown) leadership and his cadre of assemblymen have provided guidance for the Golden State that has become a legendary legacy of liberal lunacy. The idea of creating a law that tells counselors what they can say to their clients is an obvious infringement on free speech and is the matrix for a host of additional questions. Besides a slaughtering of free speech what does such a law do to medical ethics?  […]  Perversion still brings nations down to reprobation, judgment and eventually to dust.”

Read more at Canada Free Press.

Luthi: Democratic governors vow to reject Title X funds under Trump’s rules

“Democratic governors of Washington, Oregon and Hawaii pledged Monday that if the Trump administration sticks with its proposed Title X family planning rules that include a ban on Planned Parenthood, their states will forgo their share of the nearly $290 billion that the federal government pays out. These statements could mean a loss of nearly $10 million each year in grants to family planning clinics should HHS finalize its proposed Title X rule without changes.”

Read more at Modern Healthcare.

Tuccille: More and More of What We Do Depends on Government Permission

“Do you have permit for that? If you want to keep that permit, you’d better do as you’re told. Increasingly, that’s the theme of modern America. More and more of what we do is dependent on permission from the government. That permission, unsurprisingly, is contingent on keeping government officials happy. Rub those officials the wrong way and they’ll strip you of permission to travel the roads, leave the country, or even make a living. That’s not a recipe for a free country. In February of this year, the IRS began sending the U.S. State Department lists of Americans who have a seriously delinquent tax debt, so that these individuals can be denied the right to travel overseas. […]  What connection is there between taxes and the right to travel? None. Members of Congress and other government officials just thought they could coerce more people into meeting IRS demands if they made the right to travel (not so much a “right” any more) dependent on keeping the taxman happy.”

Read more at Reason.

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