Politico Writer: NeverTrump Should Go Full Borg

Or words to that effect. Here is what Bill Scher, in fact, writes near the end of a lengthy appeal at Politico for sad NeverTrump “conservatives” to give up their dreams of “fixing” the Trump-led Republican Party or starting a third party and just join the Democrats already:

To the average conservative Trump-skeptic, the Democratic Party will not feel terribly cozy. You would often be fighting uphill, and you would lose more than you would win. But so long as conservatives fight honorably, stick to the facts and genuinely seek common ground, they will be more comfortable among Democrats than they might now assume—certainly more comfortable than they are in a Republican Party that has rejected them already.

“Fight honorably” is another way of saying “resistance is futile.”

But Scher is actually more right than wrong, I suspect, when he’s talking about this lot. The NeverTrump contingent—I’m thinking here of people like Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin—have far more in common with the Democrats and Trump’s more outspoken liberal opposition than with the Republican Party anymore (such as it is). Certainly, theirs is an unusual brand of “conservatism.”

The Democratic Party might not feel too “cozy” at first. But given their general tenor and contempt for their (former) audience, Boot, Rubin, Bret Stephens, and other lesser lights would likely find more to like than dislike in time.

The question is whose coalition will be the winning one when it all shakes out?

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