Go See ‘Death of a Nation’ This Weekend

Yes, of course you want to go see Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie! And you’re right. Inviting friends, neighbors, family to go with you and then meeting with them over dinner or drinks to discuss “Death of a Nation”afterward would be a splendid idea. You need to know and the people close to you need to know what the Left is up to and where they are coming from. The film nails it for you and for them.

Because the Left has lately been calling everyone they are opposed to “fascists” you and I need a clear and precise understanding of what fascism is. In fact, Americans today need to understand fascism as urgently as Americans needed to during the 1930s when Hitler and the other Axis powers posed a looming threat to liberty—and to life. The situation really is that urgent.

D’Souza has done the heavy lifting for you. He has done the research and has managed to present what you need to know in a way that will capture and keep your attention. This part of the film alone is worth the price of the ticket.

But wait, there’s more. The film elegantly portrays the deep connections between American Progressivism and the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini. The people I talked with after we saw an advance screening of the film were stunned by this part of the story of American Progressivism.

Unless you have done some hard digging which was in addition rewarded with good fortune, you won’t have even have heard about this. This chapter in the history of Progressivism and fascism has been systematically suppressed and buried deep. Take it from me, you can pay attention to this part of the film with confidence and an open mind; you are getting the story straight, and you can track it down for yourself if you want to. Once you know about the hidden story, you can find the evidence because the evidence is abundant. In fact, one good discussion of this can be found in my book Common Sense Nation.

Oh, yes, of course, what about the title, you ask. Good question. The Progressives are fiercely dedicated to creating a new Progressive America. What would that mean for the United States of America you and I know and love? Death, of course.

Go see the movie. You’ll be glad you did.

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