Watch What You Say, Or You Might Get Cohen’ed

Roads that were once less traveled are quickly becoming major thoroughfares. If you as a person, a human being, and an American are OK with someone’s lawyer secretly recording his conversations and then having a “credible world media source” release those recordings, then shame on you.

Forget about the fact that Donald Trump and Michael Cohen were “friends.” To the Left, friendship lasts as long as an election cycle. But your lawyer?

After 9/11 we would often hear people on the Left ask “what did we do to cause it?” This is no different than asking a rape victim what she was wearing. There is another outrage implicit in this thinking, however. If you believe a person can be the cause of her own murder or rape, essentially you are telling us that if we do something to offend you some form of retribution is a possibility.

Sadly, we know now that it is.

If you can justify the release of this tape, I pray for your “friends” and any associations you might have. If they do you wrong what will you post, tweet, or share about them? Releasing tapes like this breaks a social contract that we hold dear as a country. The moral fabric is being torn asunder, all because one side lost an election. That’s right, let’s throw it all away over an election.

This is not a defense of the president or of what he supposedly discussed with his lawyer on that tape. The irony is that the recording actually helps the president with his Republican base. It also helps him with independents, and most of the rest of humanity who believe that our private conversations shouldn’t be recorded, tweeted, or posted publicly. You compare Republicans to Nazis? This practice is Totalitarianism 101!

They lost an election, and they are willing to go J. Edgar Hoover on all of us because of it—and they want us to trust them to lead? Compare anything the president said on that tape to things most of us have thought or have said in our cars as another driver cuts us off. Or how about as you passed the stream of women in the annual who-can-buy-shorter-shorts contest? Did you utter your thoughts out loud? Can you trust the person you said them to? The answer right now is, if you said it or thought it next to leftist, absolutely not. And, by the way, conservatives who have decided to “name names” as a form of retribution really need to cut it out, too.

But, hey, keep the private tapes coming. Unless the president said something negative about his base in the Republican Party, or he secretly speaks in Russian, he will not just survive this, he will thrive as a result. Yes, the unease is unnerving and probably terrifying as Trump racks his brains to recall what he said to his lawyer during what, anyone would assume, was a privileged conversation.

So if that’s the goal, then the Left wins on this one. Aren’t you proud? Is this scenario what you call “going high”?

Every time a leftist speaks, a right-winger is born.

You want socialism and you pretend Putin is the enemy. You’re emulating both. This is what and who they are, and sadly it’s who you are, too. So as you sit talking to some “friend” who is actually just a leftist jerk, look around. You just might be the next to get Cohen’ed. So make sure you clap at the right time, agree at the right time, and salute at the right time. Welcome to the revolution.

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