Required Reading – July 29 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Risdon: Global feminist group calls on world governments to force doctors to perform abortion

“In its June 19 report, Unconscionable/When Providers Deny Abortion Care, the pro-abortion International Women’s Health Coalition calls for the elimination of any right by any medical professional to refuse to participate in an abortion. ‘Laws should not include ‘conscientious objection,’ and should not allow for exceptions for reproductive health specialists – such as obstetrician-gynecologists and midwives – to refuse to provide services on the basis of personal beliefs,’ that report states. ‘The law should be clear that health care providers are required to uphold professional obligations in the context of unintended pregnancies.’ Governments who refuse to comply, the report suggests, should be dragged before the courts.”

Read more at Lifesite News.


Rodriguez: Supervisors move to ban workplace cafeterias

“Two city legislators on Tuesday are expected to announce legislation banning on-site workplace cafeterias in an effort to promote and support local restaurants. […]  Under the legislation which is expected to be introduced Tuesday, ‘you can’t have an industrial kitchen in your office building,’ Peskin said.”

Read more at SF Examiner.

(From 2017) Barmann: At Least 60 Bay Area Restaurants Have Closed Since September

“. . . the especially high cost of doing business in SF, with a mandated, rising minimum wage that does not exempt tipped employees, as well as mandated health coverage, plus historically low unemployment and fierce competition for experienced staff, and you have an industry that is frustrated by having to raise prices on dishes and potentially lose customers because of it.”

Read more at SFist.

Swanson: Cochran: U.S. Air Base Removes Bible From Table Dedicated to POWs/MIAs

“The liberal Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) complained about the Bible being on the ‘Missing Man’s Table,’ which honors missing or captured soldiers, at an Air Force base in Wyoming and, as a result, the base commander removed the Bible. According to the MRFF, which is headed by Mikey Weinstein, the Bible on the table ‘disturbed’ at least 36 men and women, so they demanded that the holy book be removed.”

Read more at CNS News.

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