Our Preening Pop Culture Hypocrites

It was the greatest decade in American pop culture history; from new wave to hair metal; from gritty TV to family TV; from Manic Monday to Black Monday; and from Live Aid to dead “Aid”; from John Hughes and the Brat pack—to the epidemic of crack. Magic and Bird. Spielberg and Stone. It was the decade that saw the fall of a wall and the preacher man fall.

From Jim Bakker to Jimmy Swaggart, it was a confusing time to be a young lad in a decade filled with contrast and confusion. The media pummeled these very public figures as well, I guess, they should have been. They espoused to be something they weren’t and made millions of dollars in the process. These were the teachers and preachers of the evangelical movement weren’t they? I mean they were on television, they had millions screaming “Amen.” They made the culture laws; they broke their own culture laws, and they set the Republican Party back a generation.

How could any child of the 1980s watching this hypocrisy—watching men of the cloth paying women to take off theirs—ever support this? No, it wasn’t the “greed” that killed the party. Heck, Alex P. Keaton and Gordon Gekko, said to be the embodiment of the capitalist Antichrist, were the only ones sprinkling the real “holy water.” How could any kid get it? These were religious people espousing to be something they weren’t telling us we would go to hell with our sin while hiring prostitutes at the local inn. How could a child, an early teen, not lump evangelicals in with the whole party?

People espousing to be something they are not, preaching on behalf of laws they don’t follow, people who want guns confiscated but who want to be protected with them. People who preach the gospel of climate change, yet own the biggest carbon footprints. People who call for the jailing of non-believers, yet it is they themselves, and their very actions that are being put on trial. Their own Twitter words are being used against them in the court of public opinion, and potentially a court of law. They are proselytizing open-mindedness even as they are closed off to any idea not their own; giving a constant stream of sermons from the pulpit they call Movies and Television.

Excommunication, public shaming, and hypocrisy comprise what you are; you are the leftist liberals and Democrats. You have become everything you yourselves hated; you have become the 1980s evangelical “Republicans” of your worst nightmares. You have called for boycotts and assaults of those who disagree with you. You mock all those who believe they or you aren’t a higher power, and that there is one. What the Left, and by proxy, the whole Democratic Party, has allowed to become of most forms of social media makes anything that happened in the 1980s seem like child’s play. Not the type of child’s play many on the Left are so fond of tweeting about, though.

You have sold your souls in the vain attempt to bring down the president of the United States. And for this one reason alone he can’t be and won’t be brought down, Donald Trump doesn’t and has never espoused to be something he’s not. When those who are fallible fail, we forgive, and that’s from either side of the aisle. He’s never claimed to be the perfect spouse, father, or politician, so no matter how many women claim to have slept with him or been paid off by him, that was baked into his being elected. And no matter how badly we are told a summit went, again it’s baked in with his base. His base did not vote for a politician, and regular folk err. And here’s a newsflash for the feckless Republicans in the House and Senate who continually try and Nixon the president: that base you defy is the Republican Party.

So keep planning and plotting the next platform, from which the Democratic Party seems to be jumping. Sadly for the 10-year-old watching television at home, there is no contrast and no opposing view. Every man is guilty on “Law and Order: SVU,” and, apparently, all bankers are corrupt and white and men. There is no Spielberg or Stone, there is no more Magic, no more Bird, and let’s not talk about the music. For a community that loves to espouse color, God . . . you are so black and white. The evangelicals have mightily redeemed themselves. Will you?

Oh, I almost forgot, there is a bit of contrast on television and his name is Donald Trump and he is the president of the United States.

Oh, the irony! The Left was worried about how the children would handle his tweets, while you mention handling children in yours.

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