Required Reading – July 21 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Newport: Immigration Surges to Top of Most Important Problem List

“Immigration has risen to the top of the list when Americans are asked to name the most important problem facing the nation — edging out the government, which has been the top issue each month since January 2017. The 22% of Americans in July who say immigration is the top problem is up from 14% in June and is the highest percentage naming that issue in Gallup’s history of asking the ‘most important problem’ question. The previous high had been 19%.”

Read more at Gallup.

Pullmann: Study Finds Kids Who Attend Government Preschool Learn Less, Misbehave More

“Latest results from the first randomized control trial of a state pre-kindergarten program found participants’ early gains quickly transformed into worse academic performance, more discipline problems, and higher special education placements than children who hadn’t participated. By second or third grade, the nearly 3,000 children studied who participated in Tennessee’s Voluntary Pre-K Program (TNVPK, or VPK) had statistically significant negative results compared to peers who mostly stayed home with their families. […]  Tennessee’s pre-k program was touted as a national model long before high-quality studies could be completed to test that assertion.”

Read more at The Federalist.

Straker: Judicial nominee pulled because of opposition to ‘multiculturalism’

“So, thank you, Senator Scott and Senator Rubio, for saving us from this nominee, who would have strictly interpreted the Constitution. Let’s look at some of Bounds’s writings: . . .”

Read more at American Thinker.

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