Required Reading – July 8

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

(July 2) Zeal: FBI Caught Red Handed: Set Up Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting, According to IG Report

“. . . page 203 of the report. In it, it’s revealed that the ‘impromptu’ meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix, which was supposedly just a meet cute of two very famous Democrats with private jets, was actually set up by Clinton’s Secret Service detail and the FBI. […]  So, just so we’re clear: Clinton requested the meeting. Lynch’s FBI security detail knew about it, but none of her staff did. And what was this request for? To chat about grandkids and sports?”

Read more at Western Journal.

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records About Raid on Michael Cohen’s Office, Home and Hotel Room

“The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Justice Department failed to respond to three separate FOIA requests.”

Read more at Judicial Watch.

Congdon: Women’s Studies course assigns ‘action project’ to ‘improve women’s lives’

“The class, listed on Iowa State’s Women’s and Gender Studies webpage as WGS 402: ‘Feminist Research in Action,’ is part of a Women’s Studies track that includes courses such as Introduction to Lesbian Studies, Human Reproduction, Ecofeminism, and Write Like a Woman.

The course description of ‘Feminist Research in Action’ states: ‘In this course, students will learn feminist research methods and scholarship. The class collaborates on a community research and action project to improve women’s lives.'”

Read more at The College Fix.

Brown: Kasich slams Trump administration over report that US Army is discharging legal immigrants

“The program is restricted to legal immigrants with visas that provide them with lawful residency in the U.S. […] The immigrants were discharged from a program aimed at recruiting medical specialists and fluent speakers of different countries throughout the world. […]  In 2002, President George W. Bush ordered ‘expedited naturalization’ for immigrant soldiers, and seven years later the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program, or MAVNI, became an official recruiting program, according to the AP. The program was scrutinized by Republicans after President Barack Obama allowed DACA recipients to enlist, and it was subsequently suspended under the Trump Administration. Republican Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland told the AP that the program was never properly authorized by Congress, but established by executive order.”

Read more at Fox News.

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