The Democrats’ Declaration of Dependence

This Fourth of July, as Americans celebrated our nation’s Declaration of Independence, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) issued its own Declaration of Dependence.

Yes, the socialism that linked the historically murderous regimes of Hitler’s Nazis, Stalin’s Bolsheviks, and Mao’s Red Guards is now the economic policy guiding the elite of the party of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy. Somewhere, Henry Wallace is looking up and smiling.

How’s that for “radical,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez?

Being a party that still must rely upon pesky elections for obtaining power, the multitasking DNC overtly played the identity politics game to gin up its midterm voter turnout and covertly ensured its new adherence to socialism was hog whistled to the Left. (“Hog whistling” is when Leftists communicate amongst themselves their desire for free stuff at others’ expense with the taxpaying public being none the wiser, though soon to be poorer.) Hence, it is what the DNC didn’t say in its Declaration of Dependence that is instructive, if ominous.

There was no mention of either “liberty” or “freedom.”

Instead, “equality” was the word of the day for the DNC propagandists, who misunderstand the term and apparently believe the United States was founded as a revolutionary experiment in socialism, which has yet to be obtained within our woefully imperfect union. Why? Because the DNC thinks individual liberty is the reason for America’s societal ills. (Newsflash: the Left calls you “deplorable” for a reason.) It’s why the DNC is enthralled with the oppressive administrative state which is designed to make decisions for you since you can’t be trusted to do so.

And no ideology better subordinates and, in over 100 million cases, kills the individual for the “good” of the collective than socialism. (As the deranged crank Rousseau euphemistically put it in a manner that would make the DNC propagandists proud: the recalcitrant, God, guns, and religion clinging, liberty-loving individual should be apprehended by the state and “forced to be free,” i.e., free not from government but from his life.)

Doubtless, the few who knew socialism’s barbarous history in the 20th century decided to skip past it and, instead, tried to pretend their support of this radical, malevolent economic theory was historically “justified.” For, unlike Jefferson, today’s Democrats have deliberately conflated our inherent moral equality (which is the origin and cause of our right to liberty) with material equality. If the DNC weren’t so averse to the concept and practice of your individual right to liberty, it would have quoted Jefferson’s passage from the Declaration of Independence more fully:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Note, that Jefferson wrote the “pursuit” not the attainment of happiness. He and his founding generation knew that amongst truly free citizens equality before the law would result in the equality of opportunity, and an inequality of outcomes. Thus, as American citizens, we have both the unalienable right to liberty because of our equality before the law. No one may rule us without our consent. No one is more expert about what we should do with our liberty than we are.

Now, however, the DNC wants to curtail liberty to enforce material equality through government power. It is the same siren songs of socialism once heard in nations from Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union; and, unless you want to wind up like them, they must be soundly rejected.

Indeed, it remains to be seen how many rank-and-file Democrats will be putting their John Hancock on the DNC’s Declaration of Dependence. Many already have, because they are ignorant of human nature and of history and, for the more moronic of liberal mind, they hold out hope that “this time we’re smart enough to make socialism work!”

Still, there is some hemming and hawing about signing on to full socialism, not least of all among the Democrats who have to get elected to make a living. After all, it’s not just conservative taxpayers forking over the free stuff to government dependents. There’s going to be a whole lot of economic redistribution going from base voting limousine liberals to the people they’ve economically exploited, too. (In the DNC’s mind, wealth is only accumulated by exploitation of the poor—unless you were president and wrote some books and made movies on Netflix.)

To those trembling hands uncertain about whether to sign on to the DNC’s Declaration of Dependence, let us paraphrase another Founder, Benjamin Franklin: Those who would give up their essential liberty to purchase a little prosperity, deserve neither liberty nor prosperity.

Since we’re all in this free republic together, my Democratic friends, please read the historical fine print before you sign. Like all of socialism’s other false promises, we’ll get neither liberty nor prosperity. But we will get impoverished, re-educated, and/or killed.

If you think there’s still a decision to make, seek professional help; and remember: Free stuff isn’t free, and liberty is not negotiable.

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