Required Reading – July 5th Afternoon Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Trump Drops Legal Immigration by 12 Percent, Muslim Countries Hit

“. . . the total number of new arrivals to the U.S from Muslim-majority counties on Trump’s travel ban list – Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran and Somalia – has dramatically declined. Those nations are expected to see an 81 percent drop by Sept. 30 when the second fiscal year under Trump ends, according to the newspaper. The decline in arrivals from those countries could be hit even further as a result of the Supreme Court decision upholding the ban, the Post said.”

Read more at Newsmax.

Germany migrants: Key Merkel ally Seehofer threatens to quit

“Germany’s interior minister plans to hold last-ditch talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel after threatening to quit in protest at her migration policy. He argues that police should turn away migrants at the Bavarian border if they have sought asylum elsewhere. But Mrs Merkel is sticking to an EU-wide deal.

The Merkel-Seehofer crisis talks are set for 17:00 in Berlin (15:00 GMT). A compromise looks unlikely, the BBC’s Jenny Hill in Berlin reports. […]  The risk for Mrs Merkel is that Mr Seehofer ends the CSU’s alliance with her Christian Democrats (CDU), leaving her without a parliamentary majority.”

Read more at BBC.

Hinderaker: How We Welcomed the National Education Association to Minneapolis

“The NEA is a far-left organization that relies on state power to forcibly extract dues and “fair share” payments from innocent teachers, which it uses to further a socialist agenda that most of its members do not endorse. This is America’s one great campaign finance scandal: the theft of many millions of dollars from unwilling teachers and other public employees, whose dues or “fair share” payments are used not to further their interests, but to advance a far-left political agenda. […]  That is the background against which this year’s NEA convention is taking place at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The activist organization that I run, Center of the American Experiment, sent an intern to report on what is going on at the NEA convention. You can read his report here. These are some highlights: Marxist philosophy, abortion, gun control, open borders and transgender advancement were among the political ideas marketed to educators and their classrooms last weekend at the National Education Association (NEA) annual union meeting, hosted at the Minneapolis Convention Center.”

Read more at Powerline.

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