The Left’s Moral Compass Preening

Totally and completely predictable.

Another leftist jerk:  

Singer John Legend lashed out at House Speaker Ryan . . . amid a controversy over a policy involving immigrant families getting split up at the border.

“Seriously, f–k you,” Legend tweeted. “Reunite the families at the border and we can talk about father’s day.”

This is the latest example of the Left using a political narrative that pretends to be about caring when it is all about a power play to let illegal alien foreigners continue to flow freely into our country.

The Left doesn’t care that it is against existing laws for these foreigners to enter the United States. They have no commitment to the rule of law.

Pelosi lectures us not to call them illegal aliens. Truthful descriptions disrupt political narratives. How 1984.

The Left couldn’t care less about other foreigners who play by the rules and wait to come into our country if they can score political points with these convenient and sympathetic illegals. Policy and fair play are distractions when gaining power is what matters.

The Left refuses to denounce violent MS-13 gangs. Just like communists, a few murders and rapes are easy to rationalize along the way to greater political power.

You don’t hear the Left shouting about white collar criminals separated from their children due to prison sentences. Not much of a chance of mobilizing outrage and votes on their behalf, I guess.

The Left doesn’t give a damn about families like the Steinles, who have been permanently separated from their children because violent illegal aliens murdered them.

If the Left believed in constitutional government, they would seek to secure passage of new laws to let illegal aliens be here. Instead, they only encourage emoting to justify overt lawbreaking. This is the mindset that corrupted the FBI, Justice Department and Intelligence Community, and that Obama used to justify actions he himself previously acknowledged were unconstitutional.

It doesn’t matter to the Left that staying in their country of origin would ensure no separation of these children from their parents. Focusing on that truth, after all, would highlight how keeping families together is not the Left’s priority. But the hour is late for those playing this old game.

The rest of us see through the Left’s Alinsky-style attempt to co-opt our moral compass. We laugh at you now. We ridicule your contempt. It no longer scares us.

We have now figured out how to take you down.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new links and the correct author’s name. 

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