Those Feds Forgot the Al Kamen Rule—Or They Didn’t Care

A friend of American Greatness writes:

D.C. bureaucrats used to have “The Al Kamen Rule” for email. He was a WaPo columnist who ran leaks, rumors, and scuttlebutt. The rule was, never send an email if you didn’t want to see it in Al Kamen’s column the next day.

Now, consider the five agents who sent hundreds of highly political texts, including openly discussing affecting the 2016 election. FBI agents. On FBI devices. Many, many times. And these are just five agents the OIG investigated. This tells me that a) They didn’t care who saw their messages, or thought it didn’t matter. And thus b) there was an open, explicit culture at the FBI to bash Trump, bash his supporters, and consider his election all but illegitimate. Deeply, deeply, deeply troubling.

Read Julie Kelly’s terrific piece today on how those feds didn’t just despise Trump—they also held his voters in complete contempt.

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