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R.R. Reno has a great piece at First Things that looks at who is to blame for the hideous state of modern culture. I’ve always thought it was curious for liberals to blame the “privilege” of people in flyover country who have no pull in government or Hollywood for everything that’s soulless and wrong in the country when they’ve been commanding the cultural heights for the past 50 plus years. Here’s Reno on liberals as the true culprit:

The culture that formed the young men who have killed so many in mass shootings—or who kill themselves with drugs, alcohol, and guns to the head—cannot be blamed on the usual suspects, the “bigots” of flyover country and the “religious right.” On the contrary, it is institutions such as Harvard, Google, and the Ford Foundation that determine the mainstream. Their priorities set the tone, with the buzzwords of “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and other omnibus terms for a post-traditional way of life. With their vast wealth and prestige, our elites sponsor attacks on the usual bugbears: heteronormativity, patriarchy, logocentrism, and racism. Today’s culture is the result of a more than fifty-year effort of deregulation, rejection of traditional norms, and denigration of commonplace pieties.

Hear, hear! As always, rtwt.

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Tom Doniphon is not, as you may imagine, an iconic character from John Ford's greatest western. He is, rather, a writer in the Midwest. The moniker, suffice to say, is a pseudonym.

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