Why Democrats Depend Upon Antisemitic Votes

The Anti-Defamation League’s map of antisemitic incidents is almost the same as the map of blue states. Liberal Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California are the worst, with up to 400 antisemitic hate crimes. West Virginia, supposedly full of deplorable people, comes in with just two incidents. Idaho, still smeared as a home to white militias, had only five, compared to liberal Connecticut’s 50.

Democrats rely on anti-Jewish voting blocks to win elections. Hispanic immigrants are 30-40 percent antisemitic, three or four times the national average. Blacks are twice the national average, 20-30 percent antisemitic. Our millions of new Muslim immigrants are doubly antisemitic, by religion and by the legacy of the Third Reich.

On college campuses, Jew-hatred is everywhere—in course lectures, public programs, hate incidents, and boycotts of Israel. We are not talking about ordinary political discourse. We are talking about claims that Jews are subhuman, rule the world, murder children, that Israel should be a pariah nation, and that Jews should be killed. Anti-Jewish programming is protected by college administrators and paid for with public funds. Millennials have absorbed antisemitic libels in large numbers.

Common antisemitism among the black community is now visible to outsiders, thanks to social media. “Black Woman Destroys White Privilege Myth” is a million-hit YouTube success. It starts out so sensibly. The creator, a small-town Texas Millennial, cheerfully admits black privilege got her into college without the required SAT scores. She forcefully disagrees there is such a thing as white privilege—with one exception:

If you go to work every single day for a 40-hour work week, you are not privileged. If you pay taxes, you are not privileged. You got a mortgage, you got a car payment, you’re not privileged. If you had to apply for your job, you’re not privileged. The real privileged people in our society are the movie makers, the politicians, etc. etc. And all of those people happen to be Jewish. Jewish people have privilege.

I suspect it sounds normal to the black Washington, D.C. council member who posted his own antisemitic Facebook video rant last month about a snowstorm.

Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation . . . And D.C. keep talking about, “We a resilient city.” And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man.

A rally followed to support the antisemitic council member; a speaker called Jewish people “termites” and attacked a Jewish council member.

From Farrakhan to Black Lives Matter
Antisemitism is ordinary among many American blacks, from small-town Texas to big city D.C. We know it is accepted by the way every single member of the Congressional Black Caucus flocks to Farrakhan at election time. Barack Obama did the same until a primary debate in 2008. White party leaders lend their silence.

Perhaps it is Farrakhan’s long reign teaching antisemitism—he blames slavery on Jews and idolizes Hitler—that is behind the two reprehensible examples above, but he is far from singular. Obama’s beloved Reverend Wright, one of the most popular pastors in Chicago, is also a crude antisemite. Democrats normalize Farrakhan by saying the Nation of Islam helps inner-city blacks. Translation: if we criticized Farrakhan, we would lose crucial black votes.

Think Farrakhan is old news? Black Lives Matter’s official platform blasts Israel for genocide and apartheid. That how leftists talk antisemitism. It’s the same old hate: Jews are evil.

Corrupting the Youth
Kindergarten through college, antisemitic incidents are off the historical 
charts, and have been doubling yearly.

Progressive faculty, black activists, feminists and pro-Muslim organizations actively demonize and intimidate Jewish students on campus, according to the AMCHA Initiative (the leading group fighting antisemitism in the California university system). Professors inject emotional, odious imagery, and lies about Jews into their classroom lectures, emails to students, and academic symposia.

Liberals mobilize their voting blocs by tolerating popular anti-Semites. Black, Muslim, and feminist antisemites are powerful in their progressive circles. They are often promoted to leadership roles—witness the DNC’s second-in-command, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), with his hateful Nation of Islam past.

Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, co-leaders of the Women’s March against then-newly elected President Trump, are prime examples of “intersectionality”—the progressive credo of integrating hatred of whites, Jews, and men into one unified creed of a noxious identity politics.

Mallory worked for the infamous antisemite Al Sharpton and made headlines for her support of cop-killer Assata Shakur, as well as Farrakhan—before going mainstream and working with Obama and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Jew-hating Muslim feminist, Linda Sarsour, and Jew-hating leftist Amy Goodman, both “influential thought leaders in the progressive wing of the Democratic party,” are given a powerful podium by NPR, college and community radio stations.

“For the Greater Good”
Jews in progressive and feminist groups long ago learned to put up with this or get out. Still, it is shocking to see LGBTQ groups join in the Jew-bashing. Jewish gays were kicked out of a gay pride parade in Chicago and
 attacked by fellow gays parading in New York.

The Democratic leadership will never repudiate, let along kick out, their Jew-haters. Politicians, their donors, including Jewish donors, and their partisans prefer to go along with the antisemitism. They justify it in the usual way, by libeling and excommunicating anyone who protests.

Like liberal toleration of sexual predators, tolerating antisemites is necessary for the greater good, meaning Democrat power. Money, power, spoils—all ride on promoting anti-Semites.

This is the new Democratic Party. The Kumbaya people are united around hatred of whites, Jews, and serious Christians. Jew hatred is not only normal in identity politics. It is necessary to the Democrats’ victory.

About Karin McQuillan

Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.

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