Dick’s Sporting Goods Shoots Itself in the Other Foot

Sean Davis at The Federalist reports:

Dick’s Sporting Goods, which announced in February it would no longer sell rifles to anyone under the age of 21, hired three Beltway lobbyists to lobby Congress for gun control . . .

Dick’s, apparently, is going whole Hogg on guns. Last month, the Huffington Post noted the chain “won’t be returning their unsold assault-style (sic) rifles to manufacturers. Instead, the company says it’s chosen to destroy all of them.”

“We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” a spokeswoman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

Dick’s stock value is struggling, but Bloomberg says “don’t blame its new policy on guns”: “Its problem . . . is poor sales of everything else.”

Be that as it may, by stepping up its lobbying efforts on behalf of gun control, the company has chosen a very political, highly divisive path. Let’s check back in a year and see how that’s working out.

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Ben Boychuk is managing editor of American Greatness. He is a former weekly syndicated columnist with Tribune Media, and a veteran of several publications, including City Journal, Investor's Business Daily, and the Claremont Review of Books. He lives in California.

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