The Slaughterhouse Escape Election

There is a metaphor to be excavated from this highly amusing story depicting the Great Escape-esque travails of a Polish bovine and her subsequent liberation. Here’s the headline, for those who are curious:

Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake
I say there’s a metaphor, because along with it being hilarious, this story reminds me of Edmund Burke, who famously compared conservative citizens to docile English cattle. I can’t help but think that the farmer, a Mr. Lukasz, having fallen afoul of his subject when her docility vanished in response to a more pressing threat, might have a lot to discuss with the deposed former leaders of Conservatism, Inc. (Bill Kristol in particular). And moreover, perhaps we Trumpians have found a new metaphor for 2016: the Slaughterhouse Escape election.
 Photo credit:   INTI OCON/AFP/Getty Images

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