Kanye’s Epiphany

Rudyard K. might have tweeted, if Rudyard could tweet,
“Trump is Trump; West is West, and they never will meet.”
Yet they met, and it seems an affinity grows…
What did they have in common? Reality shows!

No, no, not the shows they each had on TV;
(Those had little resemblance, to reality)—
But those moments, when a person sees through a pose,
An illusion’s dispelled, and reality shows.

In celebrity land, it’s unsafe to allude
To the obvious fact, that an emperor’s nude
Whilst your friends are praising that emperor’s clothes—
Since they all look like fools, when reality shows!

In their world, authenticity, “Keepin’ it real,”
Is allegedly vital to public appeal—
Yet if you once say out loud, what everyone knows—
See the rage the erupts! Now, reality shows!

Time will tell, whether celebrities can forgive
Him for schooling them all, in “Kanye West-ern Civ,”
(Lessons as obvious as Pinocchio’s nose)—
Or whether they’ll deny, what reality shows.

Photo credit:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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