Rubio Does the Swamp Creature Stomp

Reading through Roger Kimball’s great essay at American Greatness the other day, “The McCabe Piece is Just an Appetizer,” I came to this part:

McCabe leaked information about an investigation to a Wall Street Journal reporter, lied about leaking in casual conversations with superiors as well as under oath. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, digesting a preliminary report on McCabe’s conduct, fired him in March 2018 (not even a month ago, but it seems like forever).

The Left got its collective nappy in a twist over that, claiming that it somehow impeded Mueller’s boundless fishing expedition and also that it was callous to Andrew McCabe because he was fired just a day before he was entitled to his full pension. (He did not, by the way, “lose his pension” as some reported, merely a final escalator, and it is not even clear that that will survive litigation.)

But it wasn’t just the Left who screamed that Trump was a big meanie for firing McCabe. Remember this?

Swamp creatures will do what swamp creatures will do.

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Tom Doniphon is not, as you may imagine, an iconic character from John Ford's greatest western. He is, rather, a writer in the Midwest. The moniker, suffice to say, is a pseudonym.

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