Clinton Coup Clan

There’s something happening here.

coup d’état, also known as a coup in both English and French, is “an illegal and overt seizure of the state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.” Such overthrows have been common in the Third World, but now American Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers alike can witness the coup currently playing out in the United States of America.

The “elites within the state apparatus” are the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice, whose tag-team recently raided the office, home, and hotel room of President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. That was the latest manifestation of a coup that has already been in progress for some time.

On October 17, 2016, a Monmouth poll had Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump 50-38. A November 7 poll put Hillary Clinton in front 47-43. On election night, the old-line establishment media declared Trump had “no path” to the presidency. Trump duly won the only poll that counts and the Democratic-Media axis went crazy.

These are “progressives” who proclaim that in the inexorable movement of history, top-heavy statist arrangements are replacing the open society. In 2016, the progressive candidate was a former first lady and secretary of state who believed that it was her turn to be president. As the progressives maintain, if their candidate loses, the cause is unrelated to the candidate herself. The loss can only be due to some kind of trickery, such as collusion with Russia. As the default position has it, Putin hates Hillary, Putin loves Trump.

Comey in Clinton’s Corner
In reality, Clinton should not even have been a candidate. The Clinton Foundation, as one wag put it, was a bribery clearance center. Hillary’s home-brew server and gross negligence with classified information violated several statues but FBI counterintelligence boss Peter Strzok changed it to “extremely careless.” FBI director James Comey agreed, and said no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges.

As Christopher Andersen showed in American Evita, Comey had been a Clinton crony going back to his days as a U.S. attorney. It was also Deputy Attorney General James Comey who proclaimed, “It’s against the law for anyone to intentionally mishandle classified documents,” then proceeded to cut a sweetheart deal with Clinton’s national security advisor Sandy Berger, who stole and destroyed classified documents. Under Comey’s deal, Berger avoided jail and didn’t have to reveal what he stole and destroyed.

In similar style, Comey’s FBI let Clinton off the hook so she was free to run for president. Strzok told his tootsie Lisa Page there was “no way” Trump wins, but just in case he did, some “secret society,” including Clinton crony “Andy” McCabe, had an “insurance policy” in place. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, and in a flash former FBI boss Robert Mueller was heading the inquiry, billed as a man of great integrity.

Mueller quickly proved he was no such thing by deploying a squad of Hillary Clinton donors. Congressional Democrats provided the cheering section, aided by former CIA boss John Brennan, who in 1976 cast his presidential vote for Stalinist Gus Hall of the Communist Party USA.

In more than a year, Mueller’s team found no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. On the other hand, the team was not interested in actual Clinton-DNC-DOJ-FBI-Fusion GPS collusion with Russia to gain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump. Mueller recently announced that Trump is not his target, but observers have cause to wonder.

Trouble with the FBI
In the 1981 film “
Fort Apache the Bronx,” cops throw a man off a roof. Many American viewers were horrified but Russian actor and comic Yakov Smirnoff had a different take. “This is nothing,” Smirnoff said. “In Russia, KGB throws guy off roof to hit guy they really want.” In similar style, a man of integrity Mueller raids the office of attorney Michael Cohen, but Donald Trump is the guy he really wants.

That’s why the inquest continues, as Hillary roams the world talking up the progressive non-deplorable parts of the country she “won.” Mueller is her insurance agent and if Trump fires him, former Attorney General Eric Holder warns that things could get violent. That is virtually certain if Clinton’s clan succeeds. The coup d’état would have to be enforced, and that task would fall to the FBI, the federal government’s military strike force against civilians.

Back in 1992 at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi took down Vicki Weaver, who was holding her infant daughter and not guilty of any crime. The next year the FBI used tanks to attack the Waco compound and the 75 casualties included women and children, none guilty of any crime.

With no apology to the Buffalo Springfield, what is happening here is exactly clear. As inspector Claude Lebel said to Madame de Montpellier in The Day of the Jackal, “be in no doubt as to the seriousness of your position.”

Photo credit: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

About Lloyd Billingsley

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Hollywood Party and other books including Bill of Writes and Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation. His journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Spectator (London) and many other publications. Billingsley serves as a policy fellow with the Independent Institute.

Photo: US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton arrives to board her campaign plane at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York, on October 31, 2016. Clinton's campaign was jolted when FBI boss James Comey announced October 28 that his agents are reviewing a newly discovered trove of emails, resurrecting an issue Clinton had hoped was behind her. / AFP / Jewel SAMAD (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

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