Can Anything Shock a Khan?

London sautéed in blood this week, as its furied denizens stabbed, shot, and robbed, eclipsing for the first time New York City’s murder rate.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sadiq Khan, darling of the anti-Trump British faction, schmoozed and selfied with preening liberal groupies in Texas.

But, don’t worry. All is well on this sceptred isle.

As violent crime (you know, the kind that matters) bubbles mercilessly on the streets of progressive and “open” London, it is heartening to know that the capital’s Metropolitan Police force has almost 1,000 dedicated officers circling the clock to arrest these worrisome birth pangs of the new London.

Yes, those officers are frontlined against this beaming new age’s ineluctable foe: people saying “offensive” and nasty things on social media.

Never mind the teenagers perforating their peers with “shanks.” Forget the poor young girl gunned down during a drive-by last week. Eschew heartfully the teenage lad whose still-maturing face was marmalized by gunned-up nasties. Hurtful comments matter more.

Mayor Khan isn’t doing his job. He’s busy applying for another, more feted position—the Labour Party leadership.

The vocal, often desperate, Trump critic takes running one of the world’s greatest cities rather lightly. Preferring to needle the president, and generate a back-slapping headline at any and every opportunity.

Khan’s Twitter account is where he is most at home, lovelorning a reply—anything—from his obsession, as the liberal conglomerate of clapping seals stridulate gleefully.

He’s impeccable in front of a camera, but when six Londoners were stabbed in one particularly vibrant night in the capital last week, Khan floundered for days, perhaps jet-lagged from his Texas schmoozefest.

It’s all “part and parcel of living in a major city,” right, Mr. Mayor? I’m not sure the families of the 52 people murdered in London this year would agree. Neither would those beholden to the rise in burglary, sexual assault, and rape.

The mayor has been strangely quiet this past week. Given his usually bulimic indulgences, his virtue-signalling of progressive credentials deigned to impress his American fangirls and whimlings.

Returning from Texas just two days before London began to howl, Khan must have felt some dismay upon realization that his actual job required some actual work. People were dying, after all.

First, he blamed police budget “cuts” before, I assume, realizing no such cuts would affect his London police force until 2020. Then he asked all parties to “come together” and staunch literal and figurative wounds. Six of them in the last seven days being too late to stem.

He even backed police officers returning to much-maligned “stop and search” tactics. Of course, such hands-on policing isn’t too popular with the liberal set. Stopping and searching suspected criminals is “racist.”

Defending one’s home is also a bone of contention among those whose own homes are inoculated from the social chaos their fatuous beliefs militate.

Richard Osborn-Brooks, a 78-year-old man, stabbed a “career” criminal to death after the undoubtedly “disadvantaged” assailant tried to burgle his southeast London home. The pensioner, was then arrested for murder.

The values gap was then out in the open. Peruse the comments section of The Guardian and you’ll learn that the now-defunct criminal was probably reacting to an unfair capitalist system. The pensioner should have invited a kitchen table debate on the merits and demerits of Marxist criminal justice theory. Never mind that the criminal spent his entire life targeting pensioners and bilking them of the fruits of an “outdated” culture of working for a living.

Gladly, most Britons still inured such mental thrombosis and thought Mr. Osborn-Brooks had done the world a favor and were glad to see him walk unmolested from the law.

What Mayor Khan thinks about this is a mystery. This will all blow over. He can then get back to prostituting himself to #TheResistance. He’s hugely popular in America, after all.

He would be. Those jockeying to takeover the Democratic Party and, in what Sean Penn would call a “Viagratic assault,” impeach the president, are prinking in the same beauty pageant.

After all, when the Left loses an election the autopsy always concludes that they just weren’t left-wing enough. The masses, stewing in their “false consciousness,” don’t know what’s good for them.

It’s this tubercular strain animating the likes of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren. Everyone they know hates Trump, they insist, as they amber in their echo chambers.

So, to be king, queen, or otherkin of the emerging ultraleft, one must be unapologetically liberal—a mad bubbling broth of microaggressions, “stare rape,” “pregnant” men and, of course, vicious “compassion.”

This purity-spiralling may play well with the amplified and vocal resisters of London and Los Angeles, but, the awkward geographical reality is that those progressive redoubts are attached to unfashionable swathes.

And the unsophisticates who live there might not approve of the president’s histrionics or his less than chaste sexual history, but they know he is at least on their side. Despite remorseless attacks from the gilded fiefdoms, the president’s approval rating recently hit 50 percent.

This should tell the progressives everything they need to know. More radiant still, should be the collapse of traditional center-left parties across Europe and the United States. But they won’t get it for a good while yet. After all, everyone they know is just like them.

Alas, in this age of Instagram filters, manicured online capers, and slumberous hashtags, it’s easy to look like you’re the real thing. Reality, as Mayor Khan is finding out, never pity-likes the narrative.

Photo credit:  Wiktor Szymanowicz / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

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