Transgender: Not a Childhood Activity

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world —The Kinks

In San Francisco, where a one-bedroom apartment rents for $3,300, you can rent a bedroom for $1,400. And what you’re paying for, is what you get. Just a bedroom. No living room—who uses it? No kitchen—who cooks? No bathroom—who…okay, a bathroom you need. And it’s just down the hall, to be shared with a few other bedroom-dwelling neighbors.

And this arrangement works out just fine for everyone living in this type of a setup. After all, it’s just a bathroom. And when you gotta go, you go. In a time of need, even an outdoor porta-potty is a Gump-send.

So it’s surprising that, as the battle for transgender “rights” rages, school bathrooms are Ground Zero. Students with newfound gender identities clamor to go where they’ve never gone before.

Seeing an opportunity to topple yet another societal norm, the Obama Administration entered the fray, and “directed” public schools to permit transgender students to use the bathrooms that matched their gender identity, rather than their gender reality.

With the Trump Administration determining that Title IX prohibitions against sex discrimination in the schools do not apply to students’ bathroom preferences, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama bathroom dictates. Many states are now rewriting the rules imposed on them, and students are discovering that they may become transgender non grata in certain school restrooms.

As would be expected, transgender advocacy groups are not too pleased with the change.

“We’re seeing proposals around the country that would make it harder for trans people to go to work, go to school, participate in public life,“ said Jay Wu, communications manager at the National Center for Transgender Equality.

A bit overwrought, don’t you think? Why all the fuss? It’s just a bathroom. Just do it! Sure, we’re dealing with boys identifying as girls, and with girls identifying as boys. So what?

Let’s get real. Identifying may be all the rage, but it’s all feelings. Nothing more than feelings. You might identify as Ferris Bueller, but you don’t get the day off.

Yet many parents seem to view their child’s shocking epiphany no differently than they do the loss of a baby tooth. They take it in stride, and are all-too-ready to hop on the transwagon. First stop: the school bathrooms. But it’s the other stops—from hormone therapy to disfigurement—that portend a perilous journey.

Children don’t know much about a lot of things. And they certainly don’t know much about biology. That’s why you can find a 10-year-old boy telling everyone: “I’m a girl. I like the color pink, I scream like a girl. I act like a girl. I breathe like a girl. I’m not a boy.”

Kids say the darndest things.  

And they get their way without even having to hold their breath until they turn blue. Two years later, this 10 year-old boy is living as Zoey, an openly-transgender 12-year-old girl. Zoey is just one of the many boys poised to experience the joys of womanhood. And not to be undone, plenty of girls are manning up too.

Clearly, the adults have left the building.

It’s no secret that children gravitate to the latest trends and fads, no matter how bizarre. Even as Elmo, Elsa, and Angry Bird tchotchkes litter their closets, children want more of the latest and the greatest. Parents have always had the job of tamping down children’s misguided and fatuous demands. But not anymore.

Parents are dropping the ball on this—big time. Mom and Dad seem to be more accommodating and amenable than ever before. Could it be that kids nowadays are more responsible and prudent? Of course not. Unless you think snacking on a handful of Tide pods builds character.

Yet when a child opts for a life-altering regimen, then let Dick be Jane. Just hand her the Forever 21 credit card so she can social transition all the way up to the credit limit.

Undoubtedly, most children are not transgender just because they say so. Dr. Eric Vilain, a pediatrician and geneticist who heads the Medical Genetics division at UCLA, is the rare medical professional willing to discount the assertions of these young children.

“I think it’s putting a lot on the shoulders of these children,” he said.

Accepting children’s claims without any real resistance further encourages them down the transgender road. “If the children are pushed in this belief it will be much, much harder for them to get out of this belief because everyone will have agreed on it very, very early on,” said Vilain. “It’s putting them on a path that will have a lot of medical and surgical consequences.”

This path may well become a superhighway if a team of international doctors have their way. Current guidelines don’t allow children to receive hormone therapy until they turn 16. But these guidelines are so 10 years ago. Doctors want to begin hormone therapy at an earlier age. How much earlier?

What difference at this point does it make?

The Transgender-Industrial Complex is already using these little children as guinea pigs by “putting their puberty on hold.” Children, often before they reach the ripe old age of 11, are given a puberty blocker to halt the effects of puberty. So the normal development of small children is being stymied, but don’t even think about testing cosmetics on bunny rabbits. Turning prepubescent children into Transensteins earns everyone’s seal of approval, though.

Displaying a Mengele-like fervor, these doctors seek to accelerate the transgender process, and go directly from puberty blocker to hormone therapy by age 14. Just a word from a confused child is all they need to hear, and it’s all systems go for making the transition a fait accompli.

“The crux of the matter is that while the transition-affirming movement purports to help children, it is inflicting a grave injustice on them and their non-dysphoric peers,” said Michelle Cretella, another transgender-heretic, and president of the American College of Pediatricians. She feels that the transgender movement has “institutionalized child abuse.”

So in this mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world, what’s a parent to do? Plain and simple: Don’t let your babies grow up to be transgender. Let them be children, and leave it at that. It’s their body, but it’s your responsibility.  

Ironically, parents can turn to a transgender icon for some insight. It took 40 years for Bruce to go from decathlon to Caitlyn. So there’s no need to hurry. If he had rushed into things, if Caitlyn had made an appearance at the ‘76 Olympics, there never would have been a Wheaties box in his future.

Oh, Bruce might have landed another cereal deal—but probably only with Fruit Loops.

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Steve Lipman is a writer in Los Angeles whose irreverent approach to the serious issues of the day goes where angels fear to tread.

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