‘Migrant Caravan’ is an Act of Aggression

It is not an ordinary thing for thousands of people to spontaneously decide to go on a march to a foreign nation, demanding things of that nation. Americans have good cause to wonder who, exactly, is behind the “caravan” of more than 1,000 Central Americans in Mexico that had been heading north until Tuesday.

Officially, this is the project of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, whose website provides seekers no information about a founder, staff, board of directors, or funders. “We are a collective of friends who decided to be in permanent solidarity with displaced peoples,” the site explains. “Our dream is to build solidarity among peoples and turn down border walls imposed by greed.” For most observers, that should narrow it down just a little bit.

Since Mexico welcomed the caravan and escorts it through the country, Mexico is clearly the prime mover. Mexico seeks to violate U.S. sovereignty before the wall is built, while anybody can simply walk in, and before Congress empowers the U.S. Border Patrol to do its job.

In this caravan, Mexico deploys Central Americans, including minor children, as human shields in an aggressive action against the United States. Such a loathsome action is standard practice in Mexico, a more oppressive regime than many Americans realize. Spain colonized the place during the counterreformation, and that left a legacy of intolerance and repression. Recall the anti-clerical campaign that launched the 1926-1929 Cristero war, subject of the 2012 filmFor Greater Glory,” starring Andy Garcia.

Since then the country has been ruled by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, and given its record, Vincente Fox’s Partido Acción Nacional (2000-2006) is best seen as a PRI proxy. For Communists such as Bert Corona, Mexico’s “cosmic race” theory smacks of fascism and recalls Hitler’s master-race doctrine. During the Cold War, Mexico tilted East, but the Mexican people yearned to breathe free.

With the eyes of the world on Mexico City for the 1968 Olympics, students protested for more democracy. On October 2, 1968, Mexican troops gunned them down by the hundreds, and the PRI regime has been covering it up ever since.

In 2014, students at a Mexican teacher college commandeered buses to attend demonstrations commemorating the massacre. Mexican police attacked the students, killing six and dragging off 43 others. The PRI government claimed they had been taken by a drug gang and incinerated in a garbage dump.

Six months after the murder-kidnapping, former Mexican president Vincente Fox appeared on Univision and said “it’s about time” the parents give up their demands on the Mexican government and “accept reality.” So much for human rights, the reunification of families, and support for the leaders of tomorrow.

Some Central American parents have chosen to break up their families and put their minor children in the hands of human traffickers they don’t even know. Mexico has no problem with this massive act of child abuse, but the United States has no legal, moral, or humanitarian reason to cooperate with it.

Not a single member of this caravan was invited to enter the United States. No member of the caravan has any right to enter the United States, for good reason. U.S. officials have no knowledge of who these people are, and many could be criminals, gang members, or terrorists. If people fear violence or oppression in their country, it does not follow that they should come to the United States and be welcomed without question.

Yet that is the goal of Pueblo Sin Fronteras according to Alex Mensing, identified by CNN as a “U.S. collaborator.” For the record, Mensing is a paralegal at the University of San Francisco’s Immigration and Deportation Defense Law Clinic, and Democrats seeking to import more voters are his fellow collaborators along with Mexico’s repressive PRI regime.

The caravan has come to the attention of President Trump, who on Easter Sunday tweeted: “Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. ‘Caravans’ coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL.”

On Tuesday, President Trump called for the U.S. military to guard the border until the wall can be completed. The president has a duty to stop Mexico’s longstanding campaign to colonize the United States. Caravaners and Mexicans alike should stay in their own countries and work for economic growth, democratic reforms, and above all human rights.

Photo credit: Victoria Razo/AFP/Getty Images

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