Burying the Lead: The Media Ignores Trump’s Victories

It’s no secret that the mainstream media loathes President Trump. The coverage of the Trump Administration has broken all records in terms of consistent, vitriolic negativity. (One study found that the coverage on the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening newscasts was critical 90 percent of the time.) This leads the media to devote ample column inches and airtime to arguably trivial smears, like the alleged Russian ties of low-level campaign aides and volunteers, the dirty laundry (real and imagined) of the president’s family members, and unverifiable allegations of past affairs  with professional strippers.

Essentially, the media has long since been weaponized in the war on Trump.

The other side of this sordid coin, however, is the media’s indifference to important, positive stories far more worthy of the public’s attention. In particular, journalists eschew any mention of President Trump’s successes and breakthroughs. The list of these political victories is a long one, although you won’t read about them in the Washington Post or the New York Times.

Lest we forget, the economy is booming. All indicators, including economic growth rates, unemployment rates, manufacturing growth, and stock market gains, are pointing to a level of dynamism unknown in the Obama years. The relaxation of bureaucratic regulations and the achievement of a historic tax reform package certainly have played a role in this economic renaissance. Whether President Trump deserves the credit for all of this good news is debatable. But the simple fact is, if he were a Democrat, the media would be crediting him much more often than they are.

Recently, thanks to President Trump’s unapologetically aggressive policy towards North Korea, including harsh rhetoric and biting sanctions, Kim Jong-un expressed a willingness to consider denuclearization, and the U.S. announced an upcoming summit between Kim and President Trump. Had President Obama achieved a diplomatic breakthrough of this magnitude, his (second) Nobel Peace Prize surely would have arrived by priority mail the very next day. Trump’s hard-won progress, though, is ignored and slighted.

Likewise, the administration’s successes in protecting U.S. technological and industrial preeminence, by preventing the foreign acquisition of critical American technology companies, and by shielding our steel and aluminum industries from unfair overseas competition, is ignored, or worse, undercut with wild speculation about possible retaliation. In both cases, Trump’s actions have clear precedents in the moves of previous administrations, including that of Barack Obama, but the media always frames Trump’s actions as entirely novel and abjectly foolish. The inconvenient truth is that real, tangible American jobs, and American workers, are safeguarded by these actions, but those stories are simply never told.

In yet another example of the media’s selective coverage, the Trump administration’s unprecedented success in reducing illegal immigration, which every administration since that of President Eisenhower has at least claimed that it wanted to achieve, is completely subsumed by the media’s focus on anecdotal accounts of allegedly virtuous illegal immigrants facing deportation. The media could, of course, tell the story of the crimes committed by the many thousands of violent illegal immigrants who no longer prowl America’s streets, thanks to President Trump. It won’t, naturally. It literally can’t, since any reporter who spoke of those crimes would be besieged with charges of “racism!”

The list of Trumpian achievements goes on: a stronger military, improved services for veterans and the firing of many incompetent VA employees, ISIS on its last legs, reams of useless regulations obliterated, an increasing realization among our allies that they must solve their own problems and provide and pay for their own defense, dozens of sterling conservatives appointed to our nation’s courts, etc. And the media’s attitude to these triumphs is invariably the same: denial, dismissal, obfuscation.

When it comes to all things Trump, the media is hopelessly blinkered. Unfortunately, their acidic commentary on the Trump presidency has had a cumulative effect on public attitudes, and it is almost certainly responsible for Trump’s artificially low approval numbers, which make no sense given the basic strength of America itself.

Years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared to his fellow Americans that they “had nothing to fear but fear itself.” What he meant is that perception is critically important, and it can even create, by its own power, new political realities.

I would argue that the media, with its relentless and intentional efforts to undermine the Trump administration, is actually reducing confidence in America itself and its political institutions. The negativity has reached such a crescendo that the stability of our democracy is under threat.

President Trump has his faults, yes, but the irresponsibility and lack of professionalism in our media knows no bounds. It is time to turn off the mainstream media and start over. Alternatively, it is time to reconsider our libel laws in order to hold the worst journalists accountable for their fabrications.

Information is the lifeblood of democracy, and, sad to say, our country has never been so ill-informed.

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149 responses to “Burying the Lead: The Media Ignores Trump’s Victories”

  1. The only people that “won” today were the RINOs and the liberals. Unless Trump has something up his sleeves he just signed his impeachment today.

    • Maybe. My initial reaction, too, was strongly negative. The spending bill is a real stinker in many ways . . . but it will juice the economy, jobs, GDP growth. This could help weather the coming storms. Juiced economy will buoy spirits for November’s election and beyond. Voters may (not necessarily consciously) credit Trump, Republicans.

      I see this putting wind in the sails of Republicans this Fall.

      Too bad it may help Rhinos, though.

      Libs/Dems may be in a tough place by November. The FISA/FBI/DOJ/etc. scandals will likely be in full bloom by then. Schumer, et. al. enjoy it while you can.

      • I doubt that more debt and taking more money from the private sector stimulates the economy. Your idea is fundamentally on the left.

      • You must not understand: when the Republicans spend like drunken sailors WHILE cutting taxes for the rich, that’s “fiscal responsibility”. When those dirty commie socialist Democrats spend while raising taxes to pay for the spending, well, you know the drill :)

      • That’s amazing. Somehow they raised taxes to cover the spending and still grew the debt. Maybe it doesn’t really work that way.

      • Yeah, let’s borrow another few hundred billion and try to juice up the economy. Kind of like saying I’d be much better off but running up debt on my credit cards.

    • Trump is at the end of his rope now. He either fights or loses. He has one more chance. Ryan intends to continue his far left anti-Trump agenda and is setting up the dems to take the House. Republicans in congress are merely watching and allowing leadership to sabotage the party. But, there is another budget battle in September.

  2. Perhaps it is because Mr. Trump is the most loathsome character to ever inhabit the White House.

  3. I acknowledge I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but it seems as though Liberals and RINO’s held hostage Trump’s plans to restore our military. For the first time in a long time our military men and women are getting a raise, and funding is there to increase our capabilities. He’s stated he won’t support such a huge spending bill again, we’ll see. Democrats wouldn’t agree to a deal on DACA, and he can use that as a hammer in the fall midterms. He wasn’t able to further rein in Obummercare, but I suspect he may use his pen & phone as his predecessor did. His appointments continue to be blocked by DemocRATS, specifically new CIA director, I’d run an ad in the fall that Dems don’t support women in important roles in the Administration. Everyone thinks that Democrats are going to take back seats in the Senate and House in the fall midterms, I hope the only seats they take are their Lazy Boy recliners back at home. Folks thought Trump didn’t stand a chance of being elected president, let’s show them what WTP can do in the fall.

  4. “The Free Press is the cornerstone of any democracy”. Sorry that the media’s coverage is “90% negative”. Could that possibly have anything to do with Trump’s myriad, daily lies, his gross incompetence, and his petulant, child-like, behavior (Twitter rants)? His belligerent, obnoxious behavior toward the leaders of our allies (Theresa May of Great Britain and Angela Merkel of Germany) while praising strongman dictators like Putin and Duterte? The far right’s echo chamber is sorely lacking for common sense and facts.

    • You mean the May government trying desperately to thwart the Brexit result and bury the child-rape epidemic by Muslims and Merkel who finally had to admit she had so badly screwed up her country with mass Muslim immigration that there were no-go zones? They really deserve our respect.

  5. It’s pretty brazen to lie about numbers, but most readers here don’t care if what is written is true. It just makes them feel good, I guess. Basically, the economy is on the exact same track under Trump as it was under Obama. I’m sure glad I didn’t have the author as a professor.

    1) GDP growth for 2017 was 2.3%, more than 2016, and less than 2015. The Atlanta Fed estimate for Q1, 2018 as of Friday is 1.8%. 2) The Dow is down over 4% for the year, with the Bloomberg headline yesterday “ A Horror Week for the Dow Has Investors Begging for Trump Respite“, 3) Slightly more jobs were added in 2016 than 2017.

    • Sure anyone can jiggle the numbers. But I kept a Paul Krugman column that said we can never exceed 3% growth again because of systemic reasons. Almost got there (Annual basis) in 2017 and we will get there eventually. BTW I love the Dow is down 4% crack. Why don’t you give the actual percentage change since the Donald took office?

      • I think the 2.9% we had in 2015 is close to 3% than the 2.3% last year.

        Dow is up 18% since Trump took office. Much of that is due to debt financed tax cuts. So we taxpayers took out loans to give corporations more profit. Great economics.

        Now that Trump is ‘taking charge’, the market is dropping. They trusted Cohn. They don’t trust Trump, or Kudlow. Hence uncertainty, hence investments will be postponed, etc. Would you build a new plant with a looming trade war, or wait a bit to see how it plays out?

        For a laugh, look up what Kudlow was saying in December ‘08.. when the recession had already started about the continuing ‘Bush boom’. I think all the coke he did addled his brain.

      • The markets don’t like uncertainty, granted. The trade “war” is being fought with squirt guns. China has a lot more to lose than we do in a real trade war. IMO this is Trump “bad copping” China, et al.

        I love Kudlow. He is very clear and seems to know of which he speaks. But I fear Trump is looking for a more television friendly guy, for better or worse. I hesitate to say it’s a bad pick because maybe what we need is a good communicator. Hope he doesn’t need a security clearance ????

  6. ” reams of useless regulations obliterated,”

    Here’s a few of those useless regulations –

    The fiduciary responsibility regulation,

    The tougher requirements for coal ash ponds (remember the 4 or 5 failures in the previous years that polluted rivers and towns water supplies).

    The ability for class action law suits against big financial companies.

    The prevention of employers taking the tips of their employees.

    The dropping of lawsuits against “pay day” lenders effectively legalizing loan sharking.

    The “joint employer” regulation.

    All regulations that were designed to protect the “forgotten man”.

    • There is a trade-off between job killing regulations and important protections. Obama went overboard in one direction hobbling our economy. Trump may be moving overboard in the other direction, I think the jury is not in yet (so to speak.) But it doesn’t help your case to complain about payday lenders for example. They do not force people to transact with them. You are basically saying Americans are too stupid to be trusted making their own decisions. And the fiduciary reg was just a boon to lawyers. Anytime someone would lose money they’d sue their fiduciaries (those that would actually continue to help people.)

      • Why has job creation lagged behind the last 3 years of the Obama presidency?
        (oh, and the 300,000 in a month number? Obama hit that one 10 times).

      • One of the most important things a president can do is set an optimistic tone. That was why Reagan was so successful. All of the financial expectations of people and businesses are at an all-time high. Black unemployment is at an all-time low. People are coming back into the workforce who had given up the chance of ever finding a job.

        But back to the regulations, if you have ever seen a government contract and the clauses incorporated by reference you know regulations are out of control.

      • The fiduciary regulation simply required investment advisors to be honest with their customers – telling their customers they were getting a commission for selling them fund A instead of fund B. for which they got no or a lesser commission. It would only be a boon to lawyers if the advisor lied or omitted that fact. Yes people don’t have to deal with payday lenders until they need money. The problem is the interest rates (at times over 100% on an annualized basis).

      • That sounds good on paper, but the rule on who becomes a fiduciary is the scary part. It is not just the disclosure requirements.

        On the Payday lending, so what? If someone willingly wants to pay that amount why should they be prohibited from doing so?

    • How many of those were unconstitutional federal overreaches and state responsibilities? Sorry, forgot you guys don’t care about what the Constitution says

      • None. And it’s Trump who doesn’t care what the Constitution says.

  7. Here’s something I didn’t see in the media; I had to do the research and math myself:

    S&P 500, first 14 months of the presidency:

    Obama: Up 40%.

    Trump: Up 18%.

    Yep, the Leftists buried that one.

    • Obama came in on the heels of Bush II’s destruction of the economy. A ham sandwich could have gotten those results simply by not being named Bush. Think about it, a 40% increase in 14 months. May the market never collapse to a low like 2008 ever again!

      • At least you admit that Bush 43 tanked the economy.
        The last comparable crash led to four years of annual reduction in GDP, 1929-1933.
        Obama turned it around in less than one.
        So it’s quite clear that we needed more than a ham sandwich to deal with the crash.

      • Bush 43 did not tank the economy, it and it was economic policies put in place by Bush that turned it around. Obama did nothing except slow the recovery. But nice try.

      • There was plenty of blame to go around for the tanking. Probably the biggest part was the ridiculous mortgage lending. The government, for good reasons, encouraged banks to lend to low-creditworthy folks to help increase the homeownership rates among minority groups. But the semi-Government lending Arm (Fannie Mae or FreddyMac?) guaranteed these loans for the banks. The bank would issue a high risk mortgage then sell it to Fannie Mae. No pain for the bank on that. Then some genius created these “mortgage backed security” vehicles that no one understood. Everyone was making money on them until the mortgages started failing. It turned out the banks were in way too deep. Someone in Bush’s government and/or the Fed should have seen something coming. But no one did. Congress and the Executive branch were all to blame.

      • That’s as close to the truth as I’ve seen from anyone on a conservative board, kudos.

        Fact is that 95% of the problem was regulatory, 5% legislation.
        In 2002 Bush said there was a “crisis” in minority homeownership, and the administration did the following:
        -increased the % requirement for low income loans for Fannie and Freddie
        -pushed relaxing of lending standards
        -started zero down payment mortgages
        -barred states from regulating predatory lending
        -the SEC allowed the banks and investment firms (Bear Stern’s, Lehman) to increase debt:equity from 12:1 to 30:1 (250% higher)

        And the Fed refused to oversee mortgage backed securities (Greenspan expressly apologized for this).

        All this was regulatory. I see lots of claims about the rules left for Bush by Clinton and his HUD Secretary, Cuomo, but if those rules were too lax, Bush could have reversed them. Had six years to do so. Fact is that in that time, Bush made the rules way worse.

        See his bragging about it here:

      • Thanks? ???? You have to give Barney Frank his due for protecting Fannie and Freddie until the end…

      • Nope. Because Fannie and Freddie were told to lend X% low income by Clinton & Cuomo, and in 2004 Bush actually UPPED the %.

        And Frank was in the minority, being called “Barney Fag” by the House Majority Leader.

        It defies sense to think that 1/435th of the House was more powerful than Bush & his HUD Secy.

      • Bush saw what was happening and tried to do something about it in 2006 but was prevented by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

      • Really? Then why didn’t he have HUD reduce the low income lending requirements he placed on them in 2004?

        This was totally regulatory action and congress had zero power to stop him.
        And, in 2006, Dodd and Frank were in the minority.

        Next question?

      • In 2003 Bush proposed a new agency to regulate the GSEs and in particular set Capital Requirements for the loans that the made. Barney Frank and the Democrats shut down this idea and pushed to generate higher percentages of low income loans See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_policies_and_the_subprime_mortgage_crisis#HUD_mandates_for_affordable_housing The quotas were 0% in the early 1990s, then 30% and finally 50% under Clinton. Under Bush this quota was raised to 55%. See: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/12/hey-barney-frank-the-government-did-cause-the-housing-crisis/249903/ During this period Fannie and Ginnie spent some $200M in lobbying mainly to Democrats and high-ranking Republicans (e.g., McCain).

      • Correct: In 2004 Bush’s HUD issued regulations INCREASING Fannie & Freddie’s low income loan obligations.
        What you miss is that Bush himself pushed this. See his kick off speech on the housing initiative:


        “And let me talk about some of the progress which we have made to date, as an example for others to follow. First of all, government sponsored corporations that help create our mortgage system — I introduced two of the leaders here today — they call those people Fannie May and Freddie Mac, as well as the federal home loan banks, will increase their commitment to minority markets by more than $440 billion. (Applause.) I want to thank Leland and Franklin for that commitment. It’s a commitment that conforms to their charters, as well, and also conforms to their hearts.
        This means they will purchase more loans made by banks after Americans, Hispanics and other minorities, which will encourage homeownership. Freddie Mac will launch 25 initiatives to eliminate homeownership barriers. Under one of these, consumers with poor credit will be able to get a mortgage with an interest rate that automatically goes down after a period of consistent payments. (Applause.)
        Fannie Mae will establish 100 partnerships with faith-based organizations that will provide home buyer education and help increase homeownership for their congregations. I love the partnership. (Applause.)”

      • Bush did increase the Affordable Loans, but as noted above the goal went from the 50% under Clinton to 55%. The Democratic party had taken it from 0 to 50% by 2000. Home ownership went from 63% to 68% under Clinton, it maxed out at 69% under Bush II. The 5% goal increase under Bush was stupid, but it did blow up the financial system. The Democrat party set that Time Bomb. See (Exhibit 1): https://www.huduser.gov/periodicals/cityscpe/vol11num3/ch11.pdf

        The same happened with the 2014 regulations to end the “school to prison pipeline” by ignorning violent behavior, mainly from non-whites and non-Asians. NYC had its first murder in a school in over 50 years and the same regulations resulted in an award to Sheriff Israel for dropping criminal referals 60%, while he was giving concealed carry training to Mosques. The result of these liberal policies was another 17 dead children. Hopefully, President Trump will stop this stupidity soon (school regulations). He should also drop bump stocks, raise the age of rifles to 21 (or give extensive training), and improve the background check systems as well as provide for more armed guards and armed teachers in districts that want it.

      • Bush eviscerated lending standards. Zero down payment loans, no checking the paperwork loans (“liar loans”). All under Bush.

        Bush’s regulators issued directives barring states from prosecution of predatory lending.

        Bush’s SEC changed the debt:equity ratio from 12:1 to 30:1 — that was a 250% increase in the amounts at risk.

        The loans issued under the Clinton rules didn’t go bad. The loans issued under the Bush rules went bad.

      • Harder to get data quickly. Bush did approve Zero Payment loans, they used to be around 2% downpayment, not sure this had a major impact.

        Bush did block state law on predatory lending. Pilot programs to stop this generally cut the number of mortgages issued by 50%. All the parties complained about this. The loans actually issued had a lower default rate (around 30%), but this was mainly because reckless loans insured with government money were not being made. Stopping Predatory lending meant stopping subprime loan origination, which would have been a good thing. Issuing more subprime lines was democrat policy and bush partially supported this.

        The SEC changes had no impact, the Wall Street Firms ran 1:27+ debt: equity ratios since the 1950. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/06/how-we-got-the-crash-wrong/308984/ The shift from partnerships to public firms may have had an impact. it is different when you risk other people’s money to get your $25m Bonus.

        Since 2000, the percentage of Subprime mortgages issues went down (See Table 3) from 10.8% to around 8.2% The implication being that fewer Subprime (bad) loans were being originated as you moved into the Bush Years. See https://files.stlouisfed.org/files/htdocs/publications/review/06/01/ChomPennCross.pdf

        I could not find data for 2004 – 2007…

        Bush claims to have tried to reduce Subprime mortgages, but was blocked by Congress.
        https://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2008/10/20081009-10.html Republicans controlled the Congress (around 51%), except in 2003- 2005, when the Democrats controlled the Senate.

      • First, thank you for an informed, civil exchange.
        However, you need to take another look at the argument that “Issuing more subprime lines was democrat policy and bush partially supported this.”
        -the abstract you cite doesn’t say this. Doesn’t mention party or politics.
        -in fact, “subprime” lending was expressly approved as an alternative to “CRA” lending by the right. See, for example, the 2003 article in the libertarian-leaning Manhattan Institute publication City Journal: https://www.city-journal.org/html/acorn%E2%80%99s-nutty-regime-cities-12414.html

        “As an antidote, ACORN has latched on to a 1977 federal law, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which was aimed at ensuring that banks do not discriminate against poor minority communities. Under its rules, banks must go through a costly process of reporting where and to whom they lend money, to show that they don’t discriminate. There are no official penalties for banks that get less than satisfactory ratings from the regulators on this issue. But when banks need approval for mergers or acquisitions, the CRA gives “community groups” the opportunity to lodge complaints against them, alleging suspect lending practices. If there’s even the appearance of discrimination, the regulators may put the bank’s deal on hold.
        The discrimination that the CRA sought to cure no longer exists, however. True, back when the now-defunct savings-and-loan industry provided most of the nation’s mortgages at rates capped by law, S&Ls often avoided lending in inner-city neighborhoods, where the risks of default were higher than usual, because they couldn’t charge increased interest to compensate them for the increased risk. But today, lenders can adjust the interest rates they charge borrowers according to the riskiness of the loan, so that they can make a profit by lending in the inner city. Today too, hundreds of individual mortgages are packaged together and sold to investors as “mortgage-backed securities,” whose overall default rate is much easier to predict than the default probability of any individual mortgage. Thanks to these innovations, the capital available to inner-city borrowers is now plentiful. ”

        So there you have it: Subprime lending and the securitization of mortgages — the two major moves that led to the plethora of irresponsible lending, were the ANTIDOTE to the CRA that conservatives love to hate.

        A liberal publication, City Limits (not to be confused with City Journal), put it this way:


        “In fact – according to a string of 1999 and 2000 reports in American Banker, a 173-year-old publication calling itself “the leading information resource serving the banking and financial services community” – ACORN was an outspoken, consistent advocate for exactly the kinds of regulations that experts across the political spectrum now agree could have prevented the global economic crisis.
        On August 4, 2000, American Banker reported on ACORN protests at nationwide offices of Lehman Brothers – the investment bank that went bankrupt last month because of its investment in over-valued mortgage-backed securities:
        “Acorn members said they want Lehman and other investment banks to sign a code of ethics, pledging to adhere to ‘best practices’ in the mortgage lending business. Though the banks are not lenders, the group argues that they provide capital and financial support to abusive lenders by buying and securitizing their loans.”

        “ACORN questioned whether the reported growth in lending was due to subprime loans, which may be cause for alarm, said ACORN National President Maude Hurd. ‘Not all loans are equal. We have seen too many mortgage companies prey on black and Latino homebuyers, taking advantage of their desire to share in the American dream by overcharging them. Without knowing the specific breakdown of what kind of loans people were getting, it’s hard to say what these numbers really show,’ she said.”

        Oh the irony: If Lehman had listened to ACORN, it would be alive today!

        (by the way, Rudy Giuliani actually dealt with ACORN on housing and let ACORN participate in NYC’s affordable housing efforts. ACORN’s default rate in the crisis? ZERO).

      • His man friend oversaw Fannie Mae and retired with a $9,000,000 government bonus.

      • Paul, It was the democrat congress that pushed it through. Not Bush

      • The FED FORCED banks to make the loans. They didnt have a choice. Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac was manipulated by Democrats to force banks to make loans to bad credit persons. Then these idiots defaulted because they never should of been given a loan in the first place. Democrats caused the crisis. Not the banks.

      • Government coerced lenders into making loans to “uncreditworthy” folks.

      • Started there but the banks then created all kinds of investment instruments. In my job BOA approached us about putting our money in a guaranteed 5% money fund they had. It was backed-up by mortgages and car dealerships. The banks went cuckoo and everything fell apart.
        My favorite response from Obama administration was the government should just pay off the mortgages for these people. Second civil war would have started. Although he did give away a lot of money…

      • obama didnt turn anything around. He flooded the economy with new printed money. That bozo couldnt run a hot dog stand. If not for his skin color he couldn’t get a job in business.

      • Bush didn’t kill the economy. The democrats social meddling caused the housing bubble / crash.

      • For the record, Obama absolutely sucked. But my problem with Bush II was the fact that when a crisis hits, leaders step up and lead with big decisions. Bush’s terms were bookended by crises and he said, “Go to the mall.” He could have reversed our debt death spiral. Add to that blowing the surplus for nothing, Medicare part D free opioids for all, a big sellout to China, and he is the worst, maybe ever.

    • Paul, QE2 was the only thing that drove obama’s economy. That wasn’t growth, it was BORROWING from the fed. He pumped billions of fed dollars into the economy to keep it from collapsing. The difference between now and then is that our growth is coming from REAL jobs and growth.
      As an investor I made money from QE2 because I have money to invest. But the average Joe didn’t have a job.
      I also make money from a growing economy. People like me win either way but I would rather see the working class back in the game. Obama didn’t know how to do that. TRUMP does !

      Obama is an economic failure.

      • And if you look st the market trend line starting in Feb 2016 you see a straight line up through Jan 2018 because there’s been a worldwide gain in markets starting with the Eurobank abandoning austerity.

        In fact, our market performance has been average compared to the first world as a whole.

    • A bit more detail:

      Obama: Up 40 percent after eight years from a dead market

      Trump: Up 18 percent after one year from a high market.

      • Ofcause the market was high, thanks to Obama’s brilliant economic policies. Now let’s see how Trumpy is going to crash the market. Dow will be at 21000 within a month.

  8. Oh yeah, and it’s “bury the lede” Mr Editor – unless I am missing the sarcasm…

  9. The reason that trump’s “victories” can’t get to the top of the front page is all the chintz-laden dross coming from guess who?

    trump’s had almost 40 years’ experience dealing with the press and with publicity. He knows exactly what goes to the top, be it “Best Sex I Ever Had,” or “She Was Dripping From Her Facelift.”

    His choice, folks. In this case, to tweet and boast and lie, pushing his own “successes” off the front page.

    Live with it.

    • You can’t watch CNN or NBC or read (even) the news sections of WAPO and NYT and honestly say the guy is getting a fair shake. It’s like the press thinks it just needs to open our eyes to the non-Presidential (read: everyday guy) aspects of him and we will finally see things their way. The right way. But our blinders were lifted well before this election. The Dems wanted Bernie for heaven’s sake. We wanted the exact opposite of what Jim Acosta and Rachel Maddox wanted. We wanted government that actually cared about people again. And we got it.

      • Nonsense.

        It isn’t just the “non-presidential;” His White House is in chaos; this prevents a lot from getting done. He’s added over 300 billion/year to the deficit, he’s alienated allies and energized enemies, he’s claiming credit for achievements that were 90% in place when he came in, job creation is at a lower rate than under Obama, and growth is up by a fraction of 1%. And any GOP president would have gotten the GOP senate to confirm any Supreme Court nominee sent over in year 1.

        Bernie, by the way, won the caucus states and lost almost every primary. By an average of 55 – 45.
        So who did the “people” want?
        Hillary got 3 million more votes than trump, and democrats got almost 7 million more votes for senate than republicans.

        That’s what “the people” wanted.
        The system isn’t giving the people what “they” want.

      • You can’t seriously discuss Bernie without the Donna Brazil’s, DNC, fingers on the scale against him. Why did so many Dems want him? For the same reason people wanted Trump. To blow up the damn system.
        Economically speaking we are at or near full-employment. The new jobs are being filled by people who had given up. There are a record number of job openings. Those could be filled with the right incentives and training.

        There is a reason we don’t let NY and CA decide the Presidential election with their large populations. The electoral college was pure genius.

        BTW check your growth numbers. You are way off.

      • I love the way you Trumpkins are always trying to make a comparison between Bernie voters and Trump voters. Is Trump really a socialist?

      • What is the reason we don’t let CA and NY decide, but we do overweight the votes of Appalachia, Wyoming, and the Dakotas?

        You infer it’s “genius” without telling us why.

        Feel free to share.

        By the way, we averaged 2.1% growth under Obama. Growth in 2017 was 2.5%. Up a fraction of 1%.

        With congress adding 350 billion/year to the deficit I expect near term growth to look good. Funny how the GOP agreees to loosen up under trump after insisting on austerity under Obama and holding things back for 6 years ….

      • The electoral college makes perfect sense. I don’t want to live under California rule of law and neither does most of America. Democrats screwed up America, not Trump.
        Obama was the one to double the deficit. Live with that while Trump continues to clean up obama’s mess.

      • Actually, no.

        Bush took the deficit to 1.2 trillion (from 0).

        Obama added 380 billion/year for two years, avoiding depression. He then cut it by more than half.

        trump just added 350 billion to the deficit.

        The debt is the result of the accumulation deficits.

        Those that add to the deficit invariably make the debt worse.

        Oh, and by the way, Bush also doubled the debt. Reagan did more, taking the debt up by 175%.

        I’m sure you complained then.

      • Right, both are bad but there are not enough people who get the difference between the deficit and the debt and how they interact.

      • I’m happily retired, since age 63.
        I invested at the right time (you do know that 85% of the gains in the market over the last 50 years occurred under democratic presidents, don’t you?) and lived within my means.
        I’ve been to 8 states, and 6 countries on 3 continents in the last year.,

        Couldn’t be happier, but thanks for your concern.

      • You obviously didn’t read the article. All these accomplishments don’t come from chaos.
        Trump won more votes from actual Americans than Hillary.
        He defeated 18 other candidates, 16 Republicans and 2 commie/democrats.
        America dodged another bullet.
        The best candidate won.
        Get over it.

      • “Trump won more votes from actual Americans than Hillary.”

        You write comedy for a living?

  10. Draining the Swamp was never going to be easy. The MSM has become an official part of the Swamp so it is a natural for them to fight, smear and belittle Trump. The more they protest, the better job he is doing.

  11. What a deluded fool. Counting the minutes until November, sucker.

  12. “Alternatively, it is time to reconsider our libel laws in order to hold the worst journalists accountable for their fabrications.”

    If the NRA cannot sue the journalists for libel who are currently spreading the lie that it is in bed with Russia and win the suit, then, yes, we need to reconsider our libel laws. Otherwise, we are all at the mercy of those without scruples.

  13. ‘I would argue that the media, with its relentless and intentional efforts to undermine the Trump administration, is actually reducing confidence in America itself and its political institutions.’

    Yes, but something else, I contend, is more important: The failure of the political process to actually result in policies that reflect the ‘will of the people’. For decades, Americans have voted for leaders who said one thing and then turned around implemented policies exactly opposite of those on which they appeared to campaign. I don’t think anything has more harmed the ‘confidence’ of the American people than this.

    How can any nation predicated on the ‘will of the people’ survive such continuous (and continuing) betrayal?

    Nonetheless, 63 million Americans responded went out and voted for a candidate who clearly represented ‘confidence’ in America and an assertion of ‘America First’. The goal of the Uniparty is to make sure that elections do not have consequences and while the media — and virtually every other cultural institution — acts as cheerleaders for this state of affairs, there are still a substantial number of Americans who expect elections of actually have consequences.

  14. This is a very rational, thoughtful perspective on the Trump achievements thus far. Unfortunately we all know this professor andnhis views will be savaged sixn waysn to Sunday by the left in the media and academia. Sad.

  15. I hate the lying main stream media. Leftest all, and traitors to our country! GOD Save The Republic!

  16. They did the same thing to Bush so he just shut down and let them take control of the narrative.
    Trump fights back and WINS !
    We should be supporting Trump by backing him up.


  17. Rino’s, be damned. Trump has made a brilliant chess move with this omnibus spending bill… This is NOT a budget, so the money has not been alocated by the congress to be dispersed to any of the pork projects. The left thinks it has won, NOT. And the rino’s think they have defeated Trump with this monstrosity, NOT. This is an OMNIBUS bill, NOT a budget passed into law by the congress. This money is to be spent at the pleasure of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH i.e. THE PRESIDENT! pTrump can now slow walk the money to get his appointees in place, or he can REALLOCATE money from any pork barrel black holes and spend it where ever he pleases (military, Wall, etc Obama did the same thing). This was a BRILLIANT move by our deal maker-n-chief… WINNERS: President Trump and the American People… LOSERS: Chuck Schumer, Nancy Lugosi, Paul Ryan, Bitch McConnell, the deep state, SES, CNN, CIA, NSA and Tom Donahue and the US Chamber of Commerce… pTrumps final strategy is to spend the US into an austerity position to break the US away from dexter system of the central private bank (FED) and onto the gold standard and our on currency like Russia and China is doing… This is why the deep state,SES, etc has attempted to assassinate trump over a half dozen times and harm his family. Thank GOD our Marines and Delta force are protecting him… MAGA!!!

  18. President Trump reluctantly signed the 2018 omnibus spending bill. Why reluctantly? The bill drops eight (i.e. gut EPA, build Wall) of his 2016 campaign promises and keeps just two (i.e. strengthen military). See summary of his wins and loses in the spending bill at Trump Campaign Promises blog @ http://trumpcampaignpromises.blogspot.com

  19. The Democratic Party is the party of the left and the msm is their Pravda, their propaganda machine. The left is obsessed with race. Not race in general but blacks and whites in particular.

    I remember reading an article about Ferguson which said that the Asian Indian store owner who’d been robbed by Mike Brown had told a reporter that his store had been looted three times so he was finally giving up and leaving.

    Where was the leftist media sympathy for that poor guy? What democrat ever mentioned him? I sure never saw any. Our despicable media and Democratic Party still have great sympathy for the worthless thug Mike Brown but none at all for his victims like the store owner or the cop who shot him after being attacked.

    The Asian Indian was “of color” but not the correct color and Wilson, the cop who shot Brown, was white which meant he was a privileged oppressor and a racist. Shame on him for being white.

    The Democratic Party and their msm are despicable. They’ve done immense and probably irreparable damage to this society. How can anyone be committed to such a perversely destructive ideology as the ideology of the left? That’s something I often wonder about.

  20. “and stock market gains”

    This is particularly hilarious given the last two days.

    • The correction has been predicted for several years now. We all know it was going to happen. It is happening. but still higher than when he took office. I am glad it wasn’t as big of a bust that was predicted. It is still 3000 or more than when he took office.

      • Under Obama it went from 8,000 to 19,900. I don’t remember the GOP giving him much credit. If any.

      • So by your own figures Trump is doing about three times better than Obama. If I give Obama credit, will you give Trump more credit still?

      • I don’t think Presidents have that much to do with the economy, actually.

      • I believe Presidential tone is the only thing that affects the economy. Bush and Obama were not rah rah business supporters. Obama clearly despised the private sector. So Annual growth never exceeded 3%. I believe business is getting its sea legs back now and we have a chance of getting to that number Krugman says we will never reach again.

      • I will give Trump credit for cutting regulations, which were getting really out of hand. On the other hand, we’re back to trillion dollar deficits.

        Didn’t you guys used to care about the national debt?

      • He’s the latest troll who spam posts all over comments here. Ignore him and save your time.

  21. I agree with this article. I am hugely turned off by all things political. I may never vote again to show my disgust with what is going on (not that anyone would care). I can’t help but remember, though, taking the bus out to my home polling place while I was in college and had my first chance to vote in a presidential election. I’ve come a long way since then in my journey to wholehearted negativity.

    • The DemonicRats are counting on us giving up, don’t give the bassturds the satisfaction!! They never give up, that’s how they accomplish what they do!!

      • The reason you have Trump is because we liberals got used to Obama and didn’t bother showing up to vote. You caught us napping.

        That won’t happen again.

      • The reason we have President Trump is because of DemonicRats of your ilk%-)

      • The reason you have him is the Electoral College. Like I said, enjoy it for a couple more years. You’re losing in places like Alabama and Pennsylvania. Get used to it.

      • Right, that’s why Democrats lost over 1000 legislative seats at the state and federal level over his tenure. If you’re stupid enough to believe your own excuses, it’s no wonder the DNC is broke.

      • Interesting thought, but people on both sides were outraged at the sclerotic and self-serving Government. Dems went for Bernie is astonishingly high numbers and the GOP, well, you know what we did. The election was in the bag for the Dems if they but forward someone outside the usual aristocratic politicians. If they do it again, say Biden, they will lose again.

    • I agree with Freddie, this disinformation from the lame stream media is to get independent and republican voters so disgusted that we stay home. We have seen this happen so far in 2018. Hold your head high and vote. I know most of the time it is between the lesser of two evils, but I rather have a evil republicans in there instead of the evilist dumocrat.

      • That was Pelosi’s plan and it worked great. You guys are depressed and demoralized. No wall, Planned Parenthood funding, fewer ICE officials. You have nothing to run on in the midterms.

  22. “The numbers: The U.S. government recorded a monthly budget deficit of $215 billion in February, up 12% from the same month last year due to lower revenue and higher spending. For the first five months of the fiscal year, the government’s deficit is $391 billion, $40 billion more than the shortfall during the same period last year.”

    Yeah, things are going real great.

  23. The “media” in this country is a joke and has been for some time. They are mostly Leftist leaning turds.

    • I’ve seen editorials in the Wall Street Journal that are the exact opposite of editorials in the New York Times. We do have a healthy press. It’s just that the leftist msm says pretty much the opposite of what journalists like Megan McArdle, Salena Zito, Cathy Young, Julie Kelly, WSJ journalists and others say.

      We basically no longer have a common reality and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? Does America even still exist as a country? Social cohesion and trust are the foundation of a society. Where is our foundation? Where is the inner structure of our society? How long can the outer structure remain intact without the inner structure to hold it together? Can a society devoid of social cohesion and trust avoid collapsing and shattering?

      When I see the daily, non-stop hate for Trump ( and obviously hate for those who support Trump ) in the msm it sure does look like America has already ceased to exist as a country and is a low intensity civil war. What was once a great nation now just seems to be a big pot of ever more intensely boiling hate. Our society certainly is now sailing in uncharted waters. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

      • Well, I’ll tell you as a liberal, that I had to listen to you “family values” people lecture me for 20 years about Bill Clinton (and some of that needed to be said, the man was a creep), and then you go and vote for a pervert that makes Bill look like a piker? WTF happened to you guys?

        Also, just imagine what the GOP reaction would be if Obama’s lawyer had paid a porn star to keep quiet, or Obama tweeted non-stop about celebrities, or Obama said he wanted to take your guns without due process, or the million other insane things Trump does that you guys ignore.

        You’re the biggest hypocrites on this Earth.

      • Obama spent 20 years in a south side of Chicago church that gave Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award. One of Farrakhan’s “achievements” was preaching to blacks that Jewish doctors were injecting the AIDS virus into black babies.

        That single fact of him spending 20 years in such a viciously racist church is enough to show what kind of a person he is and to totally disqualify him from ever being in the government in any role let alone as a two term president.

        Just imagine the hysteria there’d be on the left if it were suddenly discovered that Trump had spent 20 years in a church that had given David Duke a lifetime achievement award. You’d claim it was absolute proof that Trump is a Nazi, that he needs to be impeached immediately and all those who voted for that monster need to be tracked down and punished for voting for someone so obviously evil.

        We sure do exist in entirely different realities in this society. Our society most surely is sailing in uncharted waters.

      • “Also, just imagine what the GOP reaction would be if Obama’s lawyer had paid a porn star to keep quiet, or Obama tweeted non-stop about celebrities, or Obama said he wanted to take your guns without due process, or the million other insane things Trump does that you guys ignore.”

        Aren’t you the one who just posted this about your beloved Obama? Didn’t you quietly ignore Obama’s commitment to a hate whitey church? Aren’t you a hypocrite?

        And why is it that you always carefully ignore issues like the hate whitey fanaticism in our universities? I recently read an article by Andrew Sullivan called “We All Live on Campus Now” about how the leftist insanity in our wonderfully progressive universities is seeping out and poisoning our whole culture. You’re a good example of why I totally distrust the hate whitey left. No possible way would I ever trust fanatics like you. Here’s an excerpt from Sullivan’s article:

        “When elite universities shift their entire worldview away from liberal education as we have long known it toward the imperatives of an identity-based “social justice” movement, the broader culture is in danger of drifting away from liberal democracy as well. If elites believe that the core truth of our society is a system of interlocking and oppressive power structures based around immutable characteristics like race or sex or sexual orientation, then sooner rather than later, this will be reflected in our culture at large. What matters most of all in these colleges — your membership in a group that is embedded in a hierarchy of oppression — will soon enough be what matters in the society as a whole.”

      • As far as I know Trump has no Rape accusations or had sex with underage women. I think Bill Clinton still wins the pervert prize.

      • And the alternative was what? The most corrupt individual to ever run for President whose entire campaign was “Vote for my vagina”? The same woman who turned a blind eye to your creep who raped his way to the White House? That glass house isn’t going to stand for long.

      • I am not sure this is the case. We are coming off WWII and defeating the Soviets, which were unifying experiences. Andrew Jackson, pre-civil war politics were much nastier. The Civil War unified us, but the late 1890s were conflict ridden as was the Great Depression.

        I think the left is gradually dealing with the massive failures of their world view, which grew out of the 1960s. They refuse to accept that the last the Great Society and the last 40 years have been massive failures.

      • Here’s an excerpt from a Peggy Noonan article in the Wall Street Journal called “Over Trump, We’re as Divided as Ever” March 10-11, 2018. She talks of the positive things Trump has done like rolling back excessive regulations, tax reform, a good Supreme Court judge and many conservative judges on lower courts but she says “So you, moderate, centrist professional, should feel high enthusiasm for Trump. And yet you don’t, not really. What you feel is disquiet, and you know what it’s about; the worrying nature of Mr. Trump himself.”

        “It all feels so dangerous.” And “Centrists and moderates are seeing what Trump supporters cannot, will not see.”

        I would say though that such people are blind to what I see which is that the left has become quite insane and sees white people as the enemy that must be defeated. The problem we have here is that even if it’s true that Trump is a totally worthless person he’s still infinitely better than anything on the hate whitey, open borders ( the border state of California is now a “Sanctuary State” ) ever more insane left.

        So why don’t these people see what I see? Probably because they’re not familiar enough with the nightmarish history of so much of Europe and Asia during the dreadful twentieth century to know how distressingly common it is for societies to become insane and attack themselves and others plus many of them probably don’t read enough to know what’s going on here.

        “The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing Everything’ has a subtitle which says “Their obsession with destroying white, euro-centric ‘domination,’ wherever it may be, has become patronizing and authoritarian.”

        “The move to decolonize is not based on a nuanced critique of the West’s historical legacy. We cannot have a discussion that asks how and why colonialism occurred, and considers its impact then and now, because the conclusions have already been decided for us. Rather than questioning the past we must remove all trace of it from our universities, architecture, and food. We must start history afresh.”

        Anyone familiar with Mao’s Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution ( 1966/1976 ) would immediately recognize what’s going on here.

        “Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison”

      • Trump is an innovator, he signals change which almost all people fear. He may fail and at the least select social groups will lose. The US government has been trying to protect that status quo for over 40 years. This is why total factor productivity has dropped and the 1% went from 10% of US income to 22%. Productivity growth is all about organizational and technical change. The US ruling elites are using imports, immigrants, and cultural changes to break the middle and Working classes.

        Deconstruction, decolonization, etc. are just attacks on the older cultural norms of individual responsibility. Living these changes is fine, but the individuals concerned want protection from the consequences of their actions. Others should pay. A Union that will not allow new work rules, a firm that will not do R&D in new processes, a man who will not care for his children (you end up with 50%+ female headed households) a wife who dumps her boring spouse (results in “Rape” Culture), a firm that replaces US citizens will lower cost immigrants (lower labor particpation & economic dislocation) or moves processes overseas where the labor is cheaper; it will take time to adjust to the massive increase in individual sovernty. They all want better results, but with no risk. We have sold off a lot of social capital and with each failure the calls go out to fight those who are somehow blocking the desired utopia (class traitors, patriarchy, whites).

        I view all this as a battle between a failing establishing and a new establishment that is trying to emerge. The newer establishment will be based a little more on achieving results. We are not going back, but will move forward to something else. See: https://amgreatness.com/2018/03/23/total-political-war/

      • “ We are not going back, but will move forward to something else.”

        I’m doubtful of that. It seems to me our society is disintegrating. I believe the left is insane and I think there’s about as much chance of the left becoming sane as there is of ISIS converting to Judaism. It’s just not going to happen.

        I live in Chicago so I often read the Chicago cop blog “Second CityCop.” Very depressing. I put a link to it here where they’re talking about how rap sheets in the juvenile court system keep disappearing. Probably being destroyed by blacks and white leftists who feel it’s just not fair that so many young blacks have criminal records. But how about the fact that they have lengthy criminal records because they commit a lot of crimes? That obviously doesn’t matter to them. Their goal is always equal outcomes.

        The article is “Crime is Down!” As of today, March 25, it’s at the top. I often check this site to find out what’s going on here. You’d never read about things like this in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times.

  24. If Hillary had won she’d be using the federal government to grind working class whites, the “deplorables”, into the dirt and the hate whitey msm would be cheering her on for doing so.

    Regardless of his flaws, Trump is still infinitely better than anything on the left. Just imagine all federal agencies being run by partisan hacks like Lois Lerner or a leftist fanatic like her being appointed to the Supreme Court.

    Hillary totally agreed with BLM that white racism was oppressing blacks which means the hate whitey fanaticism being promoted in our universities would also be taught in our high schools, elementary schools and no doubt even in our kindergartens.

    “Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory”

    “Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison”

    The race obsessed left is insane. That’s what we’d have if Hillary had won.

  25. You can tell American Greatness is having an impact when the liberal trolls come out en masse to attack articles.

    • Many of them are from the Atlantic site which is a hotbed of hate whitey fanaticism. They recently shut down their comments section though so that’s why we’re seeing them here.

      Last year I was on the Atlantic site and I saw a comment from a leftist who was ranting about slavery and all the bad things whites have done to blacks and about how whites should feel guilty and make amends.

      I said I have the same color skin as Newton and Einstein. If I deserve blame for the bad things whites have done shouldn’t I also get credit for all the good things? His response was that if I want credit for the good things I need to first accept blame for the bad things.

      It’s just not possible to reason with such people. I obviously don’t feel I deserve credit or blame for the good or bad things other white people have done in the past or in the present.

      The sad but unfortunate truth is that the white left’s never ending obsession with wallowing in white guilt and hatred for whites who aren’t interested in such a pastime has greatly damaged this country. Can we survive the damage that’s been done? I certainly do hope so.

      • Kevin Williamson should fit right in with his new gig there

      • I had a strange experience on the Atlantic site last year. I had made a comment and a guy responded with something about how white people are under attack and the Jews are responsible for it. I occasionally come across people who are anti-Semitic and into “white identity” so I told him most of the people I work with in Chicago are Vietnamese and Hispanic and I have no sense that they’re different whereas people like Hillary and her hate whitey, white leftist followers seem utterly alien and incomprehensible to me so it’d be impossible for me to see them as “my people”.

        I also said I do have conservative Jewish friends ( from Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union ) plus one of my favorite writers is ILana Mercer who has books and YouTube videos. I gave him this link to one of her videos to watch.

        He just went on and on about how evil the Jews are. I think some of what he was saying came straight from a Hitler speech. It was so over the top though that it became obvious that he was just trying to get me to say something bad about Jews so he could use it as evidence that conservative whites are bigots. He actually seemed kind of desperate to get me to say something bad about Jews. His name was Jim and his picture showed a young blond ( apparently supposed to be Aryan looking ) man.

        It was a strange experience. The left is insane and they just seem to get more and more deranged. I do recommend ILana Mercer’s books ( Especially “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” ). She also has some very good YouTube videos. She’s one of my favorite conservative intellectuals. She’s great.

      • Yeah that’s why the Left manufactures nebulous concepts Iike white privilege and institutional racism – it’s because they can’t point to any evidence of actual racism. For a Leftist to encounter actual racism, it would be like finding the holy grail .

  26. Wow, so many things are wrong with this article. Presidents don’t run the economy so it is absurd to give the President credit for it as well as the performance of the stock market. So I suppose Trump will now accept blame for the stock market going down since the start of the year, often dropping in spectacular and record fashion? Won’t hold my breath on that one. And you cite tariffs as something positive? I see you’re not teaching economics but as a history professor you should know what a disaster Smoot-Hawley was. North Korea? Seriously? We had a President agreeing to meet, without any conditions, with a third world dictator, a person who wants nothing more to be on the same level of the United States. The notion that North Korea is going to willing and unilaterally give up its nuclear weapons is absurd. So you think Trump’s North Korean policy of calling its leaders names and insulting him is a good one? As a lifelong conservative Republican, this President has been a disaster to the legacy of Ronald Reagan. We are running trillion dollar deficits with 3% growth and full employment. The United States prestige and influence around the world is in steep decline. Trump is clearly in the pocket of Vladimar Putin, a corrupt dictator who kills his political enemies and represses freedom. Of course, Trump loves all dictators; it is the leaders of democracies he doesn’t like. I know of the concept of rose-colored glasses, but the author of this piece takes that concept to a new level.

    • You make some good points, but you also go too far. Trump’s combination of good cop bad cop has a chance to actually work on the N. Korea problem. The only positive thing I can say about tariffs is, if Trump is right, and China is rigging its exports by subsidizing the industries, we need to tear the bandaid off of this and get back Level. I have no way of knowing the truth on that however. But once you start with him being in Putin’s pocket you lose all credibility. That’s strictly a Dem troll talking point that has been thoroughly debunked. In fact most Dems don’t even try that approach anymore it is so silly.

  27. The problem we have here is that even if it’s true that Trump is a totally worthless person he’s still infinitely better than anything on the hate whitey, open borders, ever more insane left. Basically, we’re in a low intensity race/civil war. Why would so many whites, the white leftists, be waging a race war against white people?

    Probably for the same reason Mao’s Red Guard waged war against China. I’ve read that during the Cultural Revolution ( 1966/1976 ) the Red Guard destroyed an estimated 90% of China’s priceless cultural heritage. Temples, books, art works and millions of lives were destroyed because the Red Guard felt these things were reminders of China’s evil past and were holding China back from a bright new future where all would be equal. They wanted to “start history afresh” as it says in the excerpt below.

    Anyone curious about what motivates our wonderfully progressive left should read up on China’s Cultural Revolution. There’s nothing new about what’s happening here.

    “The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing Everything’ has a subtitle which says “Their obsession with destroying white, euro-centric ‘domination,’ wherever it may be, has become patronizing and authoritarian.”

    “The move to decolonize is not based on a nuanced critique of the West’s historical legacy. We cannot have a discussion that asks how and why colonialism occurred, and considers its impact then and now, because the conclusions have already been decided for us. Rather than questioning the past we must remove all trace of it from our universities, architecture, and food. We must start history afresh.”

    Anyone familiar with Mao’s Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution ( 1966/1976 ) would immediately recognize what’s going on here.

  28. Update on the “Trump-stomped” grass blade. Wouldn’t know after the initial maelstorm when Trump was widely condemned by the media, environmentalists, et. al., but the thing is standing up as stiff as an arrow. Not a dern thing wrong with it.

  29. in his mind, he ran into a school building and took out a shooter
    in his fantasy, he beat up Joe Biden
    and in his dreams, he porked his daughter instead of a dozen hookers, pornstars, and pross

    • If I were a leftist I’d be embarrassed to have something as disgustingly stupid as you on my side.

  30. trumps victories are only in the ass ho he can put his duck dick in

  31. The “Media” ignores Trump’s victories?

    Now THAT’s a surprise.

    The “Media” for at least a half century fellow travellers AND useful idiots covering for “the incestuous Left” under cover of the “Democratic” PARTY?

    AND Friends.