Time to End Mueller’s Investigation About Nothing

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sprawling investigation into “Trump-Russia collusion” has devolved into a ludicrous media spectacle, a meandering situation comedy “about nothing” that is in quest of something, anything to be about.

If, after all of these months of investigation, he has no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, then the conclusion is clear:  it simply didn’t happen.

In recent weeks and months, the media has been busy dumpster-diving in Moscow for Russian Facebook bots, and chasing hot tips from a Russian prostitute turned part-time sex seminarist resisting extradition to Russia from a Bangkok jail.

They have been faithfully “reporting” as fact every illegal, anonymous leak from the conflicted special counsel’s office about its supposed next moves, which they assure their viewers and readers are getting closer and closer to Trump’s inner circle. Because OMG! RUSSIA!

Meanwhile, Mueller’s crack team was reduced to scouring the seashores of Seychelles for the next nothingburger “bombshell,” and then (when that didn’t blow up) they promptly pivoted to investigating the ominous possibility that some officials in the United Arab Emirates may have sought political influence with the new administration. Can you imagine?  

The absurdity of it all has finally reached a point where it is doing irreparable harm to the reputation of America’s once-vaunted justice system. (The reputation of the press is too far gone at this point to hope for rehabilitation.)

Mueller’s partisan inquisition is based on a pack of lies. Its remit isn’t tied to a particular statute believed to have been violated and it is written in an open-ended way that it is, in fact, unprecedented for invocation of the special counsel law.

It is time, somehow, to end it. Now.

You Can’t Eat the Fruit of a Poisonous Tree
Every indictment of the Mueller investigation, now or in the future, rests on a three-legged stool of legal first causes:

  1. The breach of Democratic National Committee servers that lead to the WikiLeaks revelations of Hillary’s collusion with the DNC to rig her nomination, and other dirty political tricks.
  2. The FISA warrant granted against George Papadopoulos for his drunken blabfest about alleged personal knowledge of Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton while libating at a bar in London with former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. Unbeknownst to anyone until very recently, Downer was previously a $25 million donor to the Clinton Foundation.
  3. The multiple FISA warrants granted to monitor Carter Page, based on outlandish claims alleged in a sketchy dossier contrived by a British spy claiming (but of course not revealing) first-hand sources close to Vladimir Putin. The so-called Steele Dossier was the product of Democrat opposition-research firm Fusion GPS, and paid for by the Clinton campaign through Democrat law firm Perkins-Coie.

All three legs of the “Trump-Russia collusion” stool are roots of the same poisonous tree: Obama-era DOJ and FBI determination to meddle in the American election on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

The Real Collusion
There wouldn’t be a WikiLeaks disclosure, or (more to the point) the political impact of any such disclosures would have redounded entirely to Hillary’s benefit, had the contents of those purloined emails not proven the worst suspicions about her willingness to put ambition over integrity.

WikiLeaks delivered proof of the Clinton campaign’s collusion with the DNC to block Bernie Sanders’ path to the Democratic nomination. Those email revelations also contained allusions to her use of the Clinton Foundation for influence peddling.

At a time when Hillary herself was under separate investigation for mishandling classified secrets on her private email server—and receiving unprecedented and possibly illegal deference even as she was caught destroying evidence—the FBI inexplicably allowed the DNC to hire its own third-party firm to investigate the breach. Worse, the FBI accepted without question its predetermined conclusion that the Russians had hacked the committee, without insisting on examining the DNC server firsthand.

This, despite the fact that hacker-celebrity Kim Dotcom claims to have physical proof in the form of a thumb drive and the motive of who carried out the hack from inside the DNC, as a first-hand participant in the transfer of the data to WikiLeaks. He has offered this information to Mueller publicly, yet neither the media nor Mueller’s office seem terribly interested in his evidence.

But dumpsters in Moscow and whores in Bangkok get them excited for some reason.

From the time Michael Isikoff ran an article infused with Steele’s fictitious “information” and the FBI used Isikoff’s so-called “reporting” to “corroborate” Steele’s “information” before a FISA court judge, the legacy media has been a willing, eager and active participant in the real collusion with actual enemies, both foreign and domestic, of our Constitution and electoral process.

A Lie Repeated Often Enough is Still a Lie
The Steele dossier was an outrageous work of political fiction concocted by a foreign spy as partisan opposition research. It was then whitewashed by pro-Hillary agents in the FBI and Justice Department to obtain otherwise unobtainable FISA warrants on someone, anyone—even a minor and tragicomic character like Carter Page—under false pretenses.

How false? Well, consider: Page is in no apparent legal jeopardy and seems well-poised to sue numerous media outlets for defamation and slander. He has been painted as a stooge of the Kremlin, when, in fact, far from being a Russian spy, he helped the FBI nab a Russian oligarch in 2013 by working secretly as an informant.

The voluminous communications generated by these fraudulently obtained FISA warrants led to a frantic effort by high-level members of Obama’s inner circle—especially, but not only, Susan Rice and Samantha Power—in the final moments of his administration to expose the names of Trump officials in thousands of highly irregular unmasking requests.

These included Michael Flynn, and his private conversations with Russian officials, even in his official capacity as Trump’s future national security advisor during the transition.

Someone in the administration then unlawfully leaked transcripts of these communications to the press, turning the audacious fiction that Trump colluded with Putin to defeat Hillary into conventional opinion, when in reality it was Hillary who colluded with foreign agents and rogue Justice Department and FBI partisans to throw and then attempt to undo the 2016 election.

Eclipsing Watergate
This is orders of magnitude worse than anything that happened during Watergate, and yet the media, the beneficiaries of illegal leaks of these conversations and their contents from those very officials implicated in the unmaskings, have created an entirely false narrative that Donald Trump is on the verge of Nixon’s fate. The so-called “blue wave” supposedly coming in 2018 is fueled entirely by the negative energy of this lie.

All the evidence we have after 16 months of 24/7 “Trump-Russia collusion” hysteria is that Barack Obama is the real Richard Nixon of Russiagate and Hillary Clinton is its G. Gordon Liddy.

It is becoming clear that the sanctions about which Flynn was “caught” talking to the Russian ambassador were not punitive for any new effort of the Russians to interfere in our elections, but rather—and much more serious—part of an elaborate effort by the Obama Justice Department to conceal FISA abuses, first to prevent and then to reverse Trump’s election.

When the Inspector General Michael Horowitz finally releases his report on FBI misdeeds, and the dots are ultimately connected to Uranium One (which very well may implicate none other than Robert Mueller himself) and efforts of Russian oligarchs to bribe and cajole Hillary Clinton and others into approving a dangerous and stupid decision to let a Kremlin-controlled firm acquire 20 percent of America’s uranium supply, we will be forced to confront a far more terrifying possibility.

Namely, that Russiagate is nothing more than a cover-up of FISA-gate, itself a desperate hail-mary attempt to protect an array of high-level government officials involved in the scandalous sale of America’s national and security interests during the Obama Administration.

An unhampered Trump Administration could have prosecuted these crimes almost immediately with some sense of a mandate to “drain the swamp,” after soundly defeating Clinton by breaking down the “blue wall” with his populist message. In other words, without these three legal “root causes” of the Russia hysteria, President Trump’s historic election victory would be untainted by scandal of this existential, impeachment-threatening variety.

We could be enjoying (or debating) Trump’s remarkable and unprecedented foreign and domestic policy wins, instead of continually fretting (or hoping for) the next shoe that never drops from Mueller’s stealthy partisan hatchet job. Our national attention would be on real things, and not on false whispers and anonymously sourced rumors.

So Far the Laugh is on Us
Foreign intervention in our elections and economy is always to be expected, and was a major concern of the framers of our Constitution. But there is nothing more shocking or more harmful to the rule of law than our own Justice Department meddling directly or even indirectly in domestic politics, much less using foreign spies to do it.

Any pretense by Obama-era officials to care about the rule of law in light of current evidence should be the subject only of derisive laughter. Perhaps Jerry Seinfeld has a spare laugh track we can borrow, because none of this investigation into nothing, about nothing, is actually funny, no matter how glib and snarky the tweets of Holder, Brennan, Power, Comey et. al. may be today.

The real investigation should be of the conspirators in and around the Obama White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign and foundation, boldly trying to hang their own lawbreaking collusion around the neck of President Trump.

And that would be no laughing matter, either. Because it really happened.

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Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

About Bob Calco

Bob Calco is a verified Deplorable who lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife, two sons, and four cats. A successful software architect by trade, and an inveterate polyglot and world traveler at heart, he studied political philosophy until it was clear that to pay bills he needed a marketable skill. His passion on issues related to trade and economics go back to his formative college days, when he learned to distrust, and independently verify, literally everything he was taught.

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26 responses to “Time to End Mueller’s Investigation About Nothing”

  1. Hear, hear! Past time for Sessions to wake up and do his job.

    • He is recused. Why, he was part of the campaign and lied to congress. He could be a target or witness. If Trump is innocent, what’s to worry about?

      • I’m afraid you’ve never encountered a possum. They fall over in a dead faint if you look at them sideways, and they scavenge off corpses left by other animals. Not the most fearsome of critters.

      • I have not ‘encountered’ possums sufficient enough for them to ‘play dead’. They must be doing something right, though, the possum line is the only marsupial mammal in North America.

        They may not be ‘fearsome’ but I have yet to meet an animal that lives in the wild that is not, in its own way, fierce when challenged.

      • Trust me, they’re not fearsome. They’ll grin at you if you catch them in your crawlspace is about it.

      • Whatever. You know nothing about them but just want to argue. No one who knows anything about them and has encountered them is afraid of a possum. They have an autonomic response to danger to go catatonic and emit a smelly fluid from their ass to make other animals think they’re dead. There is no strategic playing dead for a sneak attack.

      • Real possums don’t ‘sneak attack’, but it seems like Ol’ Possum does.

        As for my ‘possum knowledge’ — or lack thereof — that’s really my call — and the possums — to make, not yours.

        As for ‘arguing just to argue’, pot calling the kettle black?

  2. “…Namely, that Russiagate is nothing more than a cover-up of FISA-gate, itself a desperate hail-mary attempt to protect an array of high-level government officials involved in the scandalous sale of America’s national and security interests during the Obama Administration…”

    If these parties of the first part don’t get arrested for this abuse of the Republic, then we have lost this country to a sham government that caters only to its own power and the optics of political positioning created by a corrupt and partisan media.

  3. 19 indictments and/or guilty pleas.

    I don’t think ‘nothing’ means exactly what you think it means.

    But, hey, you keep swinging.

    • 19 indictments about what? Nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion of any sort, least of all the full-throated charges of traitorous cavorting with Putin to hack the DNC servers. All nonsense. There is however a LOT of evidence of Hillary collusion with foreign powers and rogue elements in the DOJ and FBI. I’d be more impressed with Mueller’s efforts if at least 1 indictment for those “meddlings” in our election was handed down. But his staff is composed of hyper-partisan Democrats so… ’nuff said.

    • Out for a troll again, this fine Sunday afternoon? Try reading the text instead of just replying to the headline.

      • Doesn’t change the fact that you’re full of shit.

  4. This investigation in an image: a team of zealous cops and fire-fighters furiously searching a house for a single candle, while the next-door building is enveloped in sky-high flames. I’d make one correction to this excellent article: trust in the alphabet-soup executive agencies *is* as low as that in the media–and to that I would now (and at long last) add congress.

    We are ruled by a self-appointed managerial class that actively governs against We The People. The system is rotten, and there’s no saving it from within.

  5. If Mueller is “the most honorable man in Washington DC” as we are repeatedly assured by the swamp, then he ought to close down this farce. But he won’t because…TRUMP!

  6. A reckoning is coming. My suspicion is that Mueller may be caught up in the OIG whirlwind and that’s why nothing has been done about his ‘investigation’ despite the obvious problems including a failure to follow DOJ procedure in the establishment of the Special Counsel.

    Sometimes you’re the hammer. Sometimes you’re the nail.

  7. Americans, real Americans are disgusted with this pos.