To Hillary from White Married Women

Dear Hillary:

Hey, girl. Good to see you up and about these days. I hear India is lovely this time of year. Watch those steps!

So, listen—we need to talk. I think it’s time you heard directly from some white, married women about why we didn’t vote for you. You can trust me. Like you, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Like you, I was raised in a home where dad was a Republican businessman and mom was a homemaker. Like you, I was smitten with politics early on: You fell for Barry Goldwater, I fell for Ronald Reagan. But unlike you, I stayed in Illinois, attended a public college downstate (gross, right?) and settled down in the suburbs. You went on to the Ivy League, married Bill, settled down in some swanky public housing for a few decades and, well, we know the rest of the story.

But that story didn’t end the way you wanted it to, and you’re bitter about it. Apparently, you are really ticked off at your brethren; white, married moms like me who voted for Donald Trump instead of you. Trump won 52 percent of the white women’s vote, and you only won 51 percent of the white, college-educated women’s vote. You and Trump basically split the married women’s vote.

That wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. It’s one thing for a woman candidate to lose female voters to her male opponent. But you lost those votes to Donald Frickin’ Trump. That’s a special kind of hurt.

Since the election, you’ve suggested we heeded the advice of our husbands, our bosses, the mailman, any sweet-talking guy—to vote against you. Michelle Obama said essentially the same thing. I admit, I occasionally take advice from my husband. (I once let him choose the fabric for some upholstered chairs in our living room. Big mistake.) Husbands can sometimes lead us astray, like telling us they will only play 18 holes, or promising that a rumored affair with a young girl is just a right-wing conspiracy. Stuff like that.

During an event in India the other day (cha-ching!), you ripped us again. After explaining that Democrats generally don’t do well with white men or with married women, you said this: “Part of this is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you then claimed that Jim Comey (!) influenced our vote: “I was on the way to winning white women until former director of the FBI Jim Comey dropped that very ill-advised letter on October the 28th, and my numbers just went down. All of a sudden, women who were going to vote for me, and frankly standing up to the men in their lives and the men in their workplaces [emphasis added] were being told, ‘you can’t vote for her. She’s going to jail.’ So it stopped my momentum and it decreased my vote.”

Low blow.

I have written before about why nearly all of the women I know voted for Donald Trump. I followed up with a few more reasons after his first 100 days. After your most recent comments, I asked several friends to respond. This is by no means a scientific poll, but maybe it will give you some insight as to why you lost our vote. And it might sting:

“She’s phony, not genuine, cares only for herself, corrupt to the core. I just hope she keeps talking . . . this kind of comment is what got Trump elected.”

“I did not vote for her because she is a crook and a liar and will do any means to pursue her own agenda.”

“I didn’t vote for Hillary because she’s a hypocrite who used her husband’s political career to advance her own—a true irony of her brand of feminism.”

“I didn¹t vote for Hillary because I thought she was corrupt and couldn’t be trusted.”

“I did not vote for Hillary Clinton because I think she is a crook. I wanted an outsider to stir things up and I am so glad I voted for Trump.”

“The video of her dressed like a pilgrim supporting her cheating husband and blaming the right wing conspiracy will haunt me forever.  She is that woman who voted the way her husband told her.” (My friends are funny.)

Everyone said the Comey letter had no influence on their vote. And then this sidebar from one woman: “I tell my husband how to vote, you condescending hag.”


You might be right that one man did impact the election. Based on the exit polls, there’s a guy who seemed to have influenced a lot of votes: Barack Obama. Forty-five percent of voters disapproved of Obama the day of the election: Trump won 89 percent of that voting bloc. Only 28 percent of voters wanted the next president to continue Obama’s policies, while 47 percent wanted the next president to be more conservative. Two-thirds of respondents said the condition of the national economy was “poor” and that the direction of the country was on the wrong track. The former president scored low marks on fighting ISIS and Obamacare.

Sorry, Hillary: No one was in the mood for a third Obama term.

I’m not really sure where we go from here. After insulting huge segments of the electorate, including folks who live in so-called red areas of the country that aren’t “optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward” like all those happy people who live in the inner cities, I’m not sure you can run for national office again.

So, from one suburban girl to another, here’s my advice: Let it go. We aren’t Stepford Wives, or even women who would stay with a cheating, lying rascal to protect our power and advance our careers. It wasn’t easy for some of us to vote for Trump, but you made it much easier.

And if it makes you feel any better, my husband voted for you.

Take care,


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77 responses to “To Hillary from White Married Women”

      • And here you are commenting. Feel free to click on a couple of ads while you’re at it. Thanks —The Management

      • Just wait, Ill send out an email blasts and get some more “eyeballs” on the ads for the “end of days bunkers”. Of course Ill need to take my cut. Im an independent contractor….tax purposes.

      • He has written those exact words on multiple sites. Originality is NOT in his wheelhouse, just like humor and self respect are not in his wheelhouse.

    • Just paying appropriate attention since she would like to run again.

    • If they would ever just go away, no one would think about either of them for one second.

      However, they never do. When hillary writes books and gives speeches attacking everyone who didn’t vote for her – calling them horrid, vile names – that makes it pretty hard to ignore her.

      Obsessed is you – writing that same exact comment on multiple conservative threads. Oh well, I guess if you don’t have life, you have to spend your time on something when you aren’t playing video games in your mother’s basement.

      • Will trump go away after politics? Can I guess about you now?

  1. The Democrats are the party of blacks and Jews. Blacks and Jews are the racial enemies of whites. I ask you, what is the benefit for a white person in voting for a Democrat?? What is the benefit to a white person in voting for a party filled with people who hate white people and want every last white person on earth dead??

  2. This was LOL!! “That wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. It’s one thing for a woman candidate to lose female voters to her male opponent. But you lost those votes to Donald Frickin’ Trump. That’s a special kind of hurt.”

  3. Wonder if she dumped her fireworks show on eBay?

  4. My letter to Hillary:

    Dear Hill:

    I am a single college educated, female urban professional with two professional graduate degrees. (And like you, one a law degree, with admissions to bars in two states.) I did not vote for you because I agreed with every POLICY Trump espoused – and yes, he espoused lots of them, from 1) opposing TPP and Paris Accord, open borders and chain migration and Muslim migration to foreign nation building to globalization and multi-party trade deals to 2) espousing NAFTA renegotiation/termination and tariffs, merit-based Immigration, border wall, end to catch and release, approval of Keystone and other pipelines and ANWR and other drilling, and nominating conservative SCOTUS and federal court judges and interests based foreign policy, and making NATO members pay their share and making NATO relevant. Hill, you were on other side of every one of these issues.

    And Hill, you are a pathalogical liar and the most corrupt public official in American history on the biggest scale. The Clinton Foundation is corruption on an epic scale. What you and Bill took from the people of Haiti may be the single greatest theft of all time. Or is it the unaccounted for $2 bil. at State? Embezzlement from the American people? Then you sold 20% of our uranium capacity to Russia for your and Bill’s gain. Is that merely corruption or also treason?

    But above all, Libya. You talked Barry into toppling Gadaffi for no reason. – Gadaffi had renounced terrorism, given up his nukes and was helping us with intel. You thereby set off catastrophic refugee crisis which will destroy Europe as part of Western Civilization. If there are history books 1000 years from now, your excellent Libyan adventure will still be remembered.

    Hill, not a single man, including Jim Comey, mentioned these reasons to me, although I did, I admit, hear men talking about the wall. But really, the men I heard were saying Trump had no policies at all and his supporters hated women, blacks, browns and Muslims.i had to figure these reasons out all by myself. Really.

    Yours truly

    • Are you white? Are you for reducing legal immigration? Do you not like birth control covered by mandate?

      • I think it was $6 Billion unaccounted for at the State Department. Just saying. When reading all of the things she’s failed at, it literally blows the mind. How anyone….anybody…can ignore that and still vote for her is a puzzlement!

      • What is this fascination you liberals have for race? Martin Luther King said to NOT judge people by the color of their skin. He was a wonderful role model for all of us.

        Evidently you are card-carrying member of the Victimhood group. Good for you. Never take responsibility for ANYTHING you do – that’s the liberal way. Obama and hillary showed you exactly how that works.

      • What is wrong with stating what race you are? Im white, are you? I dont believe in “white grievance” do you? Who says white people dont take responsibility?

      • You do realize that you are making no sense at all with your postings.

      • Because if the goal is a color-blind society as liberals insist, then the race of individual commenters is irrelevant.

      • Not many conservative black women trump voters on here, no? I dont care if the person is white or black or not, do you?

      • The only thing I care about concerning strangers I will never meet is if I have to support them.

      • Because the government uses tax dollars to pay for welfare etc. I’m a 66-year old nana with several disabilities and I work. I see no reason why I should support the able-bodied: they need to get a job.

      • What if they cant get a job currently, isnt that what they paid in taxes for earlier when they were working?

      • “Merit-based immigration” is restricting immigration and changing its composition.

      • So you are for reduced legal immigration. Do you think birth control should be included mandatory in health insurance? Are you for a reduction in refugees? Do you think we should redo nafta? Are you against the Iran nuclear deal? Do you think Nato is vital?

      • 1. “Merit-based migration” is reduced immugration.

        2. Health insurance covers malfunctioning of body. Fertility is not such. I do not know ramifications of covering good health in body. Aside from that, I think coverage should be market-driven. I have no ideological position.

        3. No Muslim refugees except carefully vetted ones who helped troops abroad and persecuted Jews and Christians with skills. No multi-culti or benefits for either and only spouses and minor children. (Might extend refugees to persecuted hindus/sihks. They may be targets entreprenuers who are targets in S. Africa.) So, yes I am whilte, but no, it isn’t skin color I care about, but capacity to assimilate and contribute.

        4. I said renegotiate/terminate NAFTA and no multi -country trade deals.

        5. I am against Iran having power, money or nuclear. I do not have expertise to know best way to handle deal. Whatever cripples Iran is what I want. I do not know if Trump will be free, given this GOP, to do what he wants. I want whatever Trump would want if he could do what he wants. I will back him on whatever he does, which may not be wht he actually wants.

      • But you do think the amount is too high now? Would you be ok if merit based actually increased the numbers?

        You are a woman and dont want birth control covered? weird but ok.

        Why would muslims need to be more vetted than non muslims, and where did you get your information about muslims from?

        Jeez, that doesnt sound viable in todays economy.

        The generals say the iran deal is a good deal and vital. Why would you back a time share swindler instead of forming your own opinion on the Iran Nuclear deal? Do you just give him a blank check?

      • I got my info about muslims from reading the koran and haddith and reading what muslim clerics/scholars themselves write. You are wasting my time.

      • So you study religions? Does every type of christian take the bible literally?

      • Go back and look at our posts. You conclusively proved yourself – and presumably most liberals – fascist. See if you’re smart enough to see what you did. (Hint: it involves gov’t and birth control and conflating my response.)


      • That doesnt answer the questions about if you study religions at a university or if all chrisitans take the bible literally, are you suggesting that muslims take the koran literally because you read it?

      • “You are a woman and dont want birth control covered? weird but ok.”

        Talk about stereotyping!

        I thought that it was only Republicans who painted with a broad brush, but your comment takes the cake.

      • Why wouldn’t women, save for Catholics, and maybe just the die hard ones, not want birth control covered?

      • “Why wouldn’t women, save for Catholics, and maybe just the die hard ones, not want birth control covered?”

        I’m sure you’re right: Women who don’t follow the official party line are–as you said–“weird.”

        This is just more stereotyping on your part.

      • Wtf does birth control covered have to do with tea baggers?

      • Who are you, the Grand Inquisitor? The topic is Clinton accusing female Trump supporters of being under the thumbs of the men in their lives. If you don’t like the topic, find another thread instead of hijacking this one.

      • I was just asking questions the person admitted their love for all things trump. I was asking just how much maga they liked.

      • Listening to Trump supporters interviewed tv, it was clear many to most cared about the issues, especially immigration and trade.. Reporters kept trying to show ignorance in Trump supporters they interviewed, but the supporters kept listing policies of Trump they supported. I don’t think anyone can list a Hillary policy, including Hillary.

      • Well, I wooda voted for my local trash collector if he had been on the ticket opposing Hillary Clinton.
        And I will gladly vote for Trump in 2020.

      • 2016 was the first election in which I was a single-issue voter: the Supreme Court. And I wasn’t the only one.

        “According to CNN’s 2016 exit polling,
        21% of voters cited the Supreme Court as the “most important factor”
        driving their vote. Within that group of “SCOTUS Voters,” a solid 56% of
        them voted for Trump, just 40% for Clinton.”

        Today, I find myself wondering: if McConnell hadn’t held that seat open…would Trump have won?

      • “I don’t think anyone can list a Hillary policy, including Hillary.”

        Recently, I saw someone point out that there is nothing in the written record to indicate that Hillary Clinton at any time during the past 40 years has read a serious book or had a serious thought.

      • “Reporters kept trying to show ignorance in Trump supporters they interviewed…”

        The “low information/low education Trump voter” mantra was getting pushed out there before noon the day following the election, for sure.

        At the time, I couldn’t help thinking that the Democrats might not want to push too hard on the “low information voter” issue. A few potholes to dodge if you go down that road.

  5. Not either a dem or rebub, and while i could not vote for Trump the person, nor Clinton,,, i would certainly like to see SOME viable candidate from the dems in 2020. Shameful what the clintonians did to Bernie IMO.
    Certainly, Trump has at least somewhat ”shaken up” the oligarchy, and IMO that is a good thing…

    • It’s a shame that you do not appreciate the many, many accomplishments of President Trump – even while being attacked by members of his own party.

  6. Dear Ms. Kelly: Please don’t call us “brethren.” That’s the word for men. The word you needed to use is “sistren.” We are your SISTREN. Yes, that’s a word. It’s been around as long as the word brethren. Most people don’t seem to know that, because everything in this world is so male-centered.

  7. HRC has always reminded me of the most smug school teacher I ever had–so cocksure of what she knows, and so unwilling to try to understand others. Tone deaf to the end, she just can’t believe that we don’t want to follow her like lemmings, to drown into the sea.
    As a Wellesley grad I’m sure she would be horrified that I did not vote for her, nor have I ever depended on my husband’s opinions to determine my vote. We live in one of the most diverse cities in the USA, where people are making money and get along well, and our state did not vote for her…not sure where that fits into her meme about GDP and “optimism”.
    All my women friends that have ever run a business, a department, or had to make a payroll voted for Trump. Amazing what living by one’s own wits instead of one the public purse does for one’s perspective

    • Amazing what people can accomplish when they aren’t burying themselves in the victimhood garbage.

  8. We aren’t Stepford Wives

    If you voted for Trump, you’re a Stepford Conservative, which is almost as bad. You’ll take whatever the establishment gives you — and if you don’t think the GOP-E was vital to Trump winning, you aren’t in touch with reality.

  9. Frankly, as a woman, I cannot vote for the Dementiacrat Party because I simply can’t reduce my entire being down to just a vagina.

  10. “…folks who live in so-called red areas of
    the country that aren’t “optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward”
    like all those happy people who live in the inner cities…”

    Ouch #2, Mrs. Kelly. Great line!

  11. Good response to Mrs. Clinton, the prototypical husband’s coattail rider. But I am surprised you couldn’t convince your husband of the error of his ways. Did he really want that vile woman to continue the anti-American policies of Obama? You two must be like that odd couple, Mary Matalin and James Carville. ;-)

    /L. E. Joiner ( )

  12. Great, great article. We would pay good money to watch Hillary “I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, no matter that he became famous long after I was born” Clinton read the article describing her incompetence and idiocy. Her sphincter muscle must certainly be overworked these days and we love it!
    And, Mrs Kelly, get rid of Mr Kelly–he simply can’t think straight.

  13. It is deeply sexist and homophobic to ask about why Hillary Clinton has so much trouble standing up; perhaps Huma Abedin is just that good.

  14. Julie Kelly, You must feel so proud of voting for a man who pays off porn stars and is sued by dozens of women for sexual
    assault. You and your female friends should feel so proud of your role as “enablers”. You give legitimacy and respectability to sexual predators. Just like the leaders at Penn State Univ who covered for Coach Jerry Sandusky as he raped dozens of young boys over decades, or the Olympic Committee who allowed Dr. Larry Nasser to molest hundreds of female gymnasts. Hillary was an enabler for Bill Clinton too, but Republicans and Evangelicals crucified her for it. Yet you give Trump a “pass”. Why? Perhaps you are among the 56% of Trump supporters who claim they never heard the recording of him saying he likes to grab women “by the pussy”? Oh, I know, that’s just “fake news”. Democracies get the governments they deserve, and you, your girlfriends & Trump definitely deserve each other. So sad you have tarnished our democracy beyond repair ….