Hillary Clinton, Pride of Radcliffe

The Harvard Crimson last week announced that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would receive the Radcliffe Medal on May 25 at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Past recipients of the honor, given annually to individuals (usually women) who have had “a transformative impact on society,” include U.S. Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor, the tennis player Billie Jean King, the writer Toni Morrison, and another former secretary of state, Madeleine K. Albright.

Lizabeth Cohen, the dean of the Radcliffe Institute, noted the award to Clinton was being made “in recognition of her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights, as a skilled legislator, and as an advocate for global American leadership.” Dean Cohen went on to describe Clinton as “a model of what it takes to transform society: a lifetime of relentless effort combined with the vision and dedication to overcome one’s inevitable defeats.”

The Crimson omitted any specifics about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as a “champion for human rights,” her prowess and achievements as a legislator, or the results of her advocacy of “American global leadership.” Nor did it dilate on her role as a “model” of someone whose efforts had transformed society while serving as beacon of hope and propriety for those struggling with life’s “inevitable defeats.”

A full inventory of Clinton’s activities in these areas would be tediously long. But as the Evangelist Matthew admonished (5:15), one should not hide one’s light under a bushel but rather let it “so shine before men, that they may see” one’s good works. So let me at least partially redress Dean Cohen’s unaccountable oversight, which was doubtless predicated upon Hillary Clinton’s native reticence, and mention just a few of the accomplishments that qualify her for this signal honor.

Many readers, dazzled by the memory of Clinton’s recent presidential campaign, may be a bit shaky about her long history of private-sector accomplishment and public service. Here, without pretending to anything like completeness, are a few highlights.

  • In 1973, she failed the D.C. Bar exam, a fact she concealed for 30 years.
  • Fresh out of Yale Law School, she worked on the Watergate impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon. Jerry Zeifman, chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee during the inquiry, described Clinton as “a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
  • Following her then-boyfriend Bill Clinton to Arkansas in the late 1970s, she managed to get a job at the Rose Law Firm only after Bill became state attorney general. She was described as a “trial lawyer,” but as Betsy McCaughey notes in an article on Hillary’s “coattail career,” none of her former colleagues can remember her ever having tried a case.
  • Also in the late 1970s, Hillary demonstrated her prowess as an investor. She parlayed a $1000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000 in just nine months. How did she do it? She later said it was from reading the Wall Street Journal. Perhaps she also got a little help from James B. Blair, a Clinton friend and top lawyer for Tyson Foods, one of Arkansas’s largest businesses and a conspicuous donor to Clinton.  “During Mr. Clinton’s tenure as Governor,” the  New York Times reported, “Tyson benefited from several state decisions, including favorable environmental rulings, $9 million in state loans, and the placement of company executives on important state boards. . . . The commodities trades were the most successful investment the Clintons ever made. The nearly $100,000 profit enabled them to buy a house, invest in securities and real estate and provide a nest egg for their daughter, Chelsea.”
  • When Bill became president in 1993, he invested Hillary as the chair of a task force to revamp the nation’s health care policy. Barring the press and the public from the committee meetings, she presented her recommendations to Congress as a fait accompli. Betsy McCaughey recalls that “Within four months, a federal judge ruled the Clintons were violating federal open meeting laws, and The Wall Street Journal ridiculed her meetings as ‘an exercise in Soviet-style Kremlinology.’ Hillary’s M.O. was to vilify critics (including me) as ‘extremists.’ Her mismanagement sabotaged the momentum to get health reform done, even in a Democratically controlled Congress.”
  • In 2000, when a Senate seat in New York became vacant, Hillary tugged again on Bill’s coattails. Neither Clinton had ever lived in New York. But it was the work of a moment to buy a house in Chappaqua. Hillary then set about parlaying her husband’s celebrity and influence into the tangible dispensation of a seat in the U.S. Senate.
  • In her eight years as senator, Clinton’s activity as a “skilled legislator” resulted in exactly one bill that she introduced becoming law. That “transformative” piece of legislation provided that the U.S. courthouse at 40 Centre Street in New York City be renamed the “Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse.”
  • After failing to win the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton became Barack Obama’s first secretary of state. In that position, she presided over many signal instances of “American global leadership.” Consider, for example,
    • Her “reset” with Russia, an initiative that we are living with even today.
    • Her savvy diplomatic dealings with Israel, not least her endorsing a demand that Israel return to its 1967 borders.
    • Her clever engagement with Iran over its nuclear program.
    • Her deft handling of the emergency in Libya, resulting not only in the murder of Colonel Gaddafi, the descent of Libya into near anarchy and an entrepôt for terrorist activity, and the attack on our diplomatic enclave in Benghazi, a planned terrorist attack that left our ambassador and three other Americans dead but which she dismissed as a “spontaneous uprising” sparked by an anti-Islamic internet video.
  • As “a model of what it takes to transform society,” Hillary Clinton can boast many initiatives. For example, she endeavored to transform her Chappaqua house through the simple expedient of shipping tens of thousands of dollars of government property from Washington, D.C. to her New York demesne.
  • When it comes to Hillary Clinton as a “champion for human rights,” is there anything more telling than her activities through the Clinton Foundation in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake in that unfortunate country? Hillary, then secretary of state, and Bill, heading up a Haiti reconstruction fund, funneled tens of millions of dollars to Haiti for “relief efforts.” But the money never went to the Haitians. It went instead to a wide network of Clinton relatives, friends, and cronies, often via the Clinton Foundation. The Haitians themselves initially regarded the Clintons as saviors. They soon learned otherwise and now routinely protest outside the offices of the Clinton Foundation.
  • Since the Radcliffe Medal is so intimately associated with higher education, it also worth remembering Laureate Education’s Walden University, a Clinton-backed, for-profit university that paid $16 million to Bill Clinton to be honorary “chancellor” (no work required) while the State Department funneled $55 million of taxpayer funds to Laureate when Hillary was Secretary of State.
  • These days, no account of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments can omit her many logistical innovations while secretary of state in the realm of communications. Imagine, setting up a private email server in your home and using that unsecured server for your official email correspondence while secretary of state. Imagine destroying more than 30,000 emails when subpoenaed by Congress. Or having your server professionally wiped before turning it over for scrutiny (and then feigning that you didn’t know what it meant to “wipe” a computer’s hard disk.)

These few items merely scratch the surface of Hillary Clinton’s many “transformative” activities. No one, at any rate, can doubt her success in transforming the Clinton bank account. When Bill and Hillary left the White House, they were in debt to the tune of $500,000. Over the next 15 years, they raked in some $240 million.

Perhaps the Radcliffe Institute is hoping some measure of that pelf will be sent their way. My observation is that, when it comes to the Clintons, money flows in only one direction. Be that as it may, this little list, incomplete though it is, may help the multitude who will assemble this May to pay homage to Hillary Clinton’s “transformative impact on society” gain a deeper appreciation of the nature of her “lifetime of relentless effort.” How proud Radcliffe must be.

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143 responses to “Hillary Clinton, Pride of Radcliffe”

  1. It is amazing how someone with no future in politics still has the ability to trigger so many of you snowflakes…

  2. One must not forget Miz Clinton’s enterprising spirit when helping her husband obtain and keep the Presidency, despite his many peccadillos: quelling ‘bimbo eruptions’; losing (and later finding) her Rose Law firm records just when the Whitewater prosecutor wanted them; arranging custody of some 900 FBI files on various folk; firing the White House Travel Office staff to bring on her friends; inventing ‘a vast right-wing conspiracy’ to blame Clinton travails on. . . and so on.

    Oh, and Radcliffe should not overlook her charming reputation amongst her staff and her Secret Service personnel for her fits of violent temper and profanity. Perhaps, if they invite her to tea, best not to use breakable china.

    /L. E. Joiner (WalkingCreekWorld.wordpress.com)

  3. Great trip down Memory Lane…and likely left out not a few…!

  4. Amazing how many awards one receives and sinecures one procures merely by sleeping with a President.

    • I made up my mind that I would never vote for Jeb Bush – ever, when the Bushes, led by Jeb, awarded Hillary their “Freedom Medal” for “advancing the Ideals of Freedom”.

  5. The rights obsession with Ms Clinton is unhealthy, and points to much deeper disfunction!

    • Promise, Mr. Slim. If she goes away, we’ll forget about her too. If she even just stops lying and defaming America overseas, that might be enough.
      But you know she can’t.

    • Says the guy who obsesses over the Hillary-made Trump/Russia Collusion myth.

    • If she didn’t attack the right on a daily basis, then maybe we could forget about her.

      Deplorables – that was a mild one. No, she truly isn’t worth thinking that much about. You continue to let Rush and President Trump live rent free in YOUR head, however, since it seems to give you so much joy.

      I laugh at cartoons, much as I laugh at hillary. Unhealthy? Only if you don’t like to laugh.

    • Hey, she’s the one that refuses to go quietly into the night. We’d gladly forget her, if she’d let us.

  6. She transformed a substantial chunk of the U.S. uranium industry too, allowing Russian gangsters to buy it after collecting tens of millions for the Clinton Crime Family bribe and slush fund.

  7. She is not being rewarded for her resume, as she has none. She is being rewarded for having the finest collection of Leftist gilt-edged Membership Cards.

    • Remember she was described as “the most qualified person to ever run for President.” Just as qualified as Obama in fact. Another empty suit, this time a Mao suit.

      • I have always found it strange how much her personal taste in clothes seem to match those of Mao.

      • Nothing strange about it; they have similar body types.

      • Normally, women of her shape wear Moo-Moos, she wears Mao-Maos.

      • I’ve always wondered about that phrase, thinking back to Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, or James Madison, who wrote many of the Federalist Papers. How would she be more qualified than these?

      • It’s all box checking with these people. Actual results don’t matter, so they think someone who was a Senator (who sponsored one bill, or originated one) and a Secretary of State and was married to a President is the ‘most qualified.” Bush 41 has been a successful oilman, a member of the House, Ambassador to China (at a critical time, head of the C.I.A. and was Vice-President twice. Not to mention men like Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and J.Q. Adams.

      • To call either of them “an empty suit” is an insult to coathangers (credit to George Will on this one).

  8. What I don’t get is, how do these people manage to look themselves in the face?

  9. One must also remember Ms Clinton, a champion of women’s rights, and stalwart of breaking through the glass ceiling, laughing heartily over her technicality defense of a rapist

  10. There’s always too much breaking news with America’s most unpopular international criminal Hillary. She once again insulted Americans, the Deplorables labeling everyone a racist who didn’t vote for her. Meanwhile this from the woman who pulls out hot sauce at an interview on a Black radio station.

    She can pander and act racist but points the finger. Justice will find her soon.

  11. Hillary loses election.
    Nobel Committee hardest hit!

  12. No amount of trashing Clinton can erase the stain of your porn star poking, money laundering, lying traitor in chief on the conservative movement.

  13. Roger,

    You’re being too honest on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf. You forgot her targeting of the women whom her husband had sexual relations with, branding her fellow women as nuts and s_uts, bimbos and trailer trash. You forgot the travel office fiasco where she tried to jail innocent people in order to maneuver her friends into position. And of course the dual Libya and Syria debacles produced a refugee crisis that has seen thousands drowned in the sea and destabilized all of Europe with millions of “migrants” who hold values that are in opposition to those of Europe.

    • The editors told him he had to come up with at least 1,000 words. He replied, “No problem.” Then the editor told him he had to limit it to 1,500 words. To which he replied, “Now that’s a problem.”

  14. Someone better stand by to catch her from falling down or she’s going to kill herself one of these events.

  15. A great catalog of accomplishment.
    Let’s not forget that the “work of a moment” to obtain the house in Chappaqua was thanks to a co-signed loan from the former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe (who also arranged a huge donation to the wife of (recently retired Deputy Dir of the FBI) McCabe. HRC has demonstrated a pattern of “accomplishment” by cultivating a circle of “friends” well-placed to aid them with money and political cover when needed.

    • I wonder what she paid in cash and favors to her super delegates.

  16. to the long list of clinton’s high crimes and misdemeanors, scandals, frauds, incompetence, and nastiness, which are well catalogued in both this article and in the comments, one must always add, “but wait, there’s more…”

    • What we know and what we suspect about her and her pseudo husband and partner in crime only scratches the surface.

  17. I can’t think of a more corrupt couple than the Clintons.

  18. Fantastic article! But it missed all her failures as sos, married to liar, the foundation that pays her lifestyle, selling of uranium to Russia, so they could get more funds for themselves. It was an article paid and bought by the crime family to make her look good. When are the elites are going to stop giving each other awards they do not deserve, Mr. Kimball is being used for a price for sure. Thank You.

  19. HRC is a crook and incompetent. What anyone saw in her beats me.

  20. My system pays 2 Million per month, why are you paying poor rates??? I pay my secretary more than your top rate. – I bought 25 Ferraris last month.Yoiu must explain why your pay is so low???

    • Skinflints is the only answer that I can think of%-(

  21. A wonderful, if incomplete list of the would be queen’s accomplishments. It can be fairly said that this list is common knowledge. That being the case, one can only wonder about the wisdom of sabotage visited upon the Sanders campaign in the name of making sure that Hillary was the choice of the Democrat Party. She is a truly loathsome character. What were they thinking?

    • I don’t know what the Dems were thinking. Well, yes, I do. The Clintons had bought the DNC debt and controlled the party. Identity politics have become so big they figured they could win on that.

      I’m kind of an old style liberal …Hubert Humphrey, Harry Truman, George Mc Govern, Pat Moynihan… and I couldn’t stomach HRC.
      I could have over looked some things. The commodity trade was graft, but local old Tammany Hall style graft. Bimbo eruptions. Even Benghazi was a tragic screw up, not a conspiracy, until she started lying about it. She was a lousy Sec of State and a do nothing carbetbagger Senator.

      But then you get to the really bad stuff. For me, first among them was the Uranium One deal. And don’t forget the Hati theft, and the Saudi Arms deals ….all the CGI pay for play stuff, the private server, the erasures to cover all up all that pay for play, the lies about all of it…wow. I don’t see how you get around the word “treason”.

      I’ve had the lowly “secret” clearance and I know the regs, and the USC 18 subsections she deliberately violated. Was shocked when she wasn’t indicted. CGI was industrial designed graft, from some of the very people we should oppose. And the temperament issue. But Uranium One…I hated her after that.

  22. Now if only the award is bestowed upon her on the same day she’s indicted for drastically mishandling classified information.

  23. If not for Bill, there is no Hillary. She defended her philandering, rapist husband and frankly, is a despicable elitist who got her just desserts in the 2008 and again in the 2016 elections. She is a wicked person who is an embarrassment to women and the United States. Shame on Radcliffe.

  24. Roger left out a biggie, Hillary’s live fire combat experience in Bosnia.

    • I am surprised she didn’t get the medal of honor for that.

  25. The Radcliffe Medal is forever cheapened now that Hillary won it….in the same way the Nobel Peace Prize is cheapened since Obama “won” it. They are forever rendered meaningless.

    • The Nobel Peace Prize is bestowed by Norwegian socialists to those who agree with Norwegian socialists.
      Nothing more.

  26. In fairness, Clintons’ most transformative act was to be such a terrifying candidate for president that Donald Trump was elected and proceeded to erase the destructive Obama legacy.

    • You cannot “erase” a legacy. That is pure Trumpian propaganda.

      • Perhaps you are correct. Obama’s time was not a legacy only a nightmare.

      • Put your money where your cksucker is regarding Lamb being rejected by Dems. You sound dumb.

  27. I get it: The Radcliffe Medal is given by Liberal women who agree with views of liberal women. Nothing more.

  28. All the victims of Arkancide are furiously rolling in their graves.

  29. When Hillary said “irredeemable,” that was dog-whistle for death camps.

  30. Your own reference in bullet two of “highlights” REFUTES not defends your quote by Jerry Zeifman in the bullet. This attributed quote was given four pinocchios in the reference. Thanks for making it easy to take your article more as humor less as reporting. … I am no HRC fan and didn’t vote for her, however I am a fan of facts no matter which way they point.

    • Nothing in the reference refutes Zeifman’s claims. He never said he fired Clinton, only that she was unethical and dishonest with little respect for the constitution or the rules. I’d say he was an excellent judge of character, as proven by 40+ years of disgraceful self-interested conduct and corruption. People rarely change and she sure hasn’t. As far as 4 pinocchios, what do you expect from the left wing WP. Anyone who thinks it’s fact checking is unbiased, pure as the driven snow is a fool.

  31. The Harvard Crimson isn’t even slightly blanched at its own pathetic emptiness. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liar, corrupt to the bone, an enabler of a abuser, a sell-out of the USA for profit, and an empty moral and ethical creep who advanced anything and anyone to get power.
    Congratulations, Harvard – It is now perfectly clear what absolute Left imbeciles run the once great university.

  32. Hillary Rodham Clinton should be in prison for BREAKING FEDERAL LAW along with her pathetic partner Obama – both used an unsecured private server – AGAINST FEDERAL LAW. Wow, the Harvard Crimson now rewards criminal behavior and enablers of the abuse of women.

  33. You guys are such clowns. Were you paying attention to Trump’s sudden dismissal of Tillerson just hours after Tillerson accused Russia of assassination? Were you even paying attention to what happened today in PA-18? No. You’re just living in the past when all you had to do, was to pillory Hillary. Newsflash: She’s not in office and she’s unlikely to win, much less run for office again. Try relevance. Try dealing with the present. Or not. Go back to your “Crooked Hillary” porn and snooze while your Cheeto Jesus perverts the party of Reagan. Speaking of whom, imagine Reagan sucking up to an ex-KGB oligarch instead of defending NATO. Imagine Reagan obstructing free trade. LOL!!!

    • Awwww. Only another 7 years of Trump to go. Hang in there!

      • Awwww. Trumpflake can’t defend his Cheeto Jesus’ comportment, so he just trolls. Sad.

  34. Harvard. The prestigious Ivy League University that accepted Obama (Columbia transcripts yet to be seen), accepted Fauxahontas Warren, and discriminates against Asians.

  35. Yes, the Radcliffe Award goes to a woman who disparaged the women who were attacked and used like old tissue paper by her husband, Slick Willie, impugned their integrity, and threatened them. Nice judgment, Harvard. No wonder people think that school is full of crazy Libs, because it is.

  36. Why does everyone forget that Hillary’s greatest accomplishment was the Republican revolution of 1994, flipping Congress after 40 years, and completely re-aligning the power structure of DC.

  37. If she keeps falling and stumbling, she might break that bottle of hot sauce she carries in her purse. I mean vodka.

  38. I don’t remember who wrote it, but there was an article a couple of years ago documenting Hillary’s cattle future trades. As a whole, she made an impossible return shorting cattle futures during a “bull” market in cattle. At one point the brokerage had her on margin of a couple of million $ with an asset value of about $20k. Her trades somehow went off at the exact moment every day that were perfect for her benefit, even making short money on days when the market rose. The author estimated that without illegal margin loans and back-dating trades (illegal) her odds of the 100k:1k returns were hundreds of billions to one.

  39. This should be now be called the Animal House Award since Hillary should be told Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

  40. I see the author’s extensive bio. I don’t see any awards he has won. Hmmm? Jealous?

  41. Love the article but the author is much too polite about this odious woman. Hilary Clinton is a colo-rectal polyp on the body politic. She has no redeeming value, none. She is as homely as a mud fence. Her voice sounds like a screech owl on opioids and her persona makes Cruella De Ville seem like Mother Theresa by comparison.

  42. There was a crooked woman and she wore a crooked smile
    She had a crooked husband and they stole a crooked pile.
    She had her crooked emails – stored in a crooked file
    She had the crooked media and the crooked DNC,
    She got the debate questions from the crooked Donna B.
    Yes they all worked together – for their Crooked Hillary.

  43. Wow! How to cheapen an award & render it meaningless. They may as well put Radcliffe Awards in Cracker Jack boxes.

    This matches Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize that he received despite the fact that America was at war every single day of his 8-year Presidency.

  44. Oh, she has definitely “transformed” American society. She and her dishonest, unethical husband set the stage for the criminal Obama and his serial unconstitutionalities.

  45. In 2016 I had a choice between a mean, bitter, diseased old lady who hated all men, and a successful businessman.

    It was not a hard decision.

  46. A history of Hillary Clinton is incomplete without mentioning Vince Foster, et.al..

  47. give ‘em a break. They just want it explained to them again why she lost.

  48. Miss Pathetic – A 3 time loser.
    The very life was sucked out of Hillary Clinton in one of the biggest royal screw jobs that had ever happened, something that was as close to a guarantee as there ever is in politics, and she still blew it. So naturally, she can’t get over it — and naturally it can’t be her fault. She’s become a pathetic figure.

  49. All this from an abhorrent right wing perspective. It is to laugh. No one cares about Kimball’s distorted ultra conservative perspective on Clinton. It is trash.

  50. One more sign that, whatever she says publicly, Hillary Clinton intends to run for President again in 2020. “RussiaGate” fits her plans perfectly: If the 2016 election was illegitimate because of the interference of Russian agents–then what better way to “relegitimize” the US electoral system than to elect in 2020 the person from whom the 2016 election was supposedly stolen??!!

  51. She has been transformative. Thanks to her we found ourselves dead set on electing Donald Trump President of the United States (Gaaawwd I love the sound of that). He’s proving quite transformative. It’s all in how you look at it.

  52. What is so sad is that supposedly intelligent people see, hear, and speak no evil of the Clinton unethical and likely criminal conduct. As we have seen, many public servants have tarnished the good name of their offices in the U.S. government and elsewhere by negligently failing to hold the Clintons accountable.

    • Lol!!! I almost choked I started laughing so hard! Haven’t been caught by surprise like that in some time. A paper plate award lol!

  53. Hillary has done her damndest to wreck America and get rich while doing it. That’s why her admirers are happy to give her an award.

  54. Just as Alabama has Mississippi that stops it from being the worst Hillary now has Tillerson!

  55. See, liberals only see what they want to see. In their eyes she never did anything unethical or wrong in her life. She’s a perfectly upstanding individual. What a pathetic joke.

  56. Hillary Clinton accomplished more before she graduated college than anyone in Trump’s cabinet has accomplished in their entire lives.

    • More than Jim Mattis and Ben Carson, BigGuy? Mmmmm…you are clueless. She accomplished what exactly before (or after) graduating college?

      • Google it. Click on sites you disagree with and read for yourself.

  57. Grifter Extraordinaire. Any of us would have been behind bars. In that sense, she exemplifies the two tier system of justice in this country. Give her a Gold Medal !!

  58. This is absolute proof that college professors are the stupidest morons you will ever meet. Not a clue as to what real life, away from their fantasy world is all about!!

  59. If defeats are inevitable, how does that transform anything? And how has Hillary overcome any of her inevitable defeats? Sounds to me like she’s getting an award just for being a sore loser.

  60. So many things I’d forgotten about Hillary’s misdeeds and literal crimes. The woman deserves zero honors. She’s nothing but a grifter.

  61. Shouldn’t forget her claim that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Only problem with that is she was born in 1946. Hillary didn’t summit Everest until 1953. A politically pointless, easily disproved lie. It’s in her dna.

  62. Clinton is the antithesis of what Radcliffe thinks that they are honoring. She should be held up as an example of what NOT to be.