Civility, Not Surrender

Two recent articles, “How Progressives Win the Culture War” by David Brooks and “A Hillary Staffer Goes to CPAC” by Annafi Wahed have generated discussion about the renewed need for political civility. Brooks describes how progressives are on track to persuading “the mainstream that conservatism is vulgar and socially illegitimate, somewhere between smoking and segregationism.

The Hillary staffer, by contrast, was astounded by the friendliness of people on the Right to someone from the other side of the political spectrum, and she was surprised by the diversity and complexity of thought at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Neither author is a “conservative” (though Brooks is what passes for one at the New York Times) and both admit that the Left tends to be more uncivil, with a greater tendency toward violence. Common sense, experience, and scholarship have all shown that the Left is not as capable as the Right of articulating what the other side thinks and believes. Leftists are less able to articulate what their own side believes because articulating emotions is difficult and always changing.

Right-leaning Americans aren’t organizing demonstrations that turn into riots, destruction of property, or looting. And there can be no doubt that it is the Left at the vanguard of efforts to squelch free speech on college campuses and elsewhere when those seeking to speak their minds differ from them politically. It’s an astounding development, really, considering Republicans hold the majority of political power at present.

Facts vs. Fevered Fantasy
Clearly hatred, misbehavior, and crime are not limited to one side of the political aisle. Evil and sin are equal opportunity employers. Nevertheless, the share of the blame attributable to the Left is massive.

Your online discussions may be different from mine, but if you participate in political discussions, there can be no doubt that the number-one topic for discussion over the last year has been the Trump-Russia collusion story.

In the last week, I was upbraided by a leftist. (Yes, a “leftist,” not a “liberal.” Jefferson, Locke, Madison, and I are liberals. The people I’m talking about are leftists, progressives, and Marxists.) He asked why I wasn’t upset by Trump breaking the law and colluding with Russia.  My answer was, “ I would be upset if that was what actually happened.”

I said we were going to look at obvious facts. There may be much to recommend my position in the details of FISA warrants, FBI and DOJ misbehavior, or Clinton corruption, and so forth. But I am going to stick to the obvious and known facts that any leftist who is halfway honest would have to admit are true.

The case is clear. It was the American Left, not the Right, that made excuses and sought accommodation with the Bolsheviki and the Soviet Union. It was Walter Duranty of the New York Times who published a series of articles claiming there was no starvation in the Ukraine under Stalin.

It was the Left that denigrated the Strategic Defense Initiative as “Star Wars” and reacted with shock and outrage when Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” It was the Left that dismissed the extent of Soviet espionage in the United States during the Cold War. It was the Left that insisted Alger Hiss was a good man, and that the traitorous Rosenbergs were innocent.

It was Obama and Clinton who arranged the sale of uranium to Russia. It was Obama who canceled the missile defense program for Eastern European countries to defend themselves against possible Russian or Iranian attack. And it was Obama who refused to sell weapons to the Ukraine after Russia invaded Crimea. (Obama eventually condemned Russia for its invasion of Georgia, but his initial response was to condemn “both sides.”)

It was Obama and Biden who told Romney his opposition to Russia was outdated. It was Clinton who presented a literal “reset” button and wanted friendlier relations with Russia. It was Obama who told President Dmitri Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin he would have more “flexibility” after his reelection in 2012.

Are You Being Serious?
Given all that history, Mr. Leftist, you want me to believe that Trump is the one in bed with the Russians? And you still insist on this after he has reversed several of Obama’s policies that favored Russian interests?

Trump has reduced or eliminated regulations that hampered energy production in the United States and opened the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to energy exploration. This will place downward pressure on energy prices, and energy is one of the few products that Russia has to sell in world markets.

Trump has also revived the missile defense program for Europe with a promise to Poland to deploy missiles there. And he has approved a program to sell weapons to the Ukraine including anti-tank missiles.

In the words of a talented but volatile tennis player: “You cannot be serious!

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About Michael Johnson

Michael is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach in political science. He did graduate work in Russian and East European Studies and added a minor in economics. While in school he was the chapter president of Young Americans for Freedom and vice chairman for YAF's California chapter. After a career in financial planning and investment management, he is now a leadership coach and writer. He is currently working on a series of three novels.

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26 responses to “Civility, Not Surrender”

  1. Have you noticed how, as soon as Normals start winning, the harpies on the Left and the quislings on the Right start shrieking about “civility”? I don’t listen to them, because I know from experience that “nice” does not equal “good”… and that evil often uses politeness and manners to hide its crimes.

  2. Good article. Never had heard before reading this that Trump had opened ANWR to oil exploration! My head cries out for plain old news. So much spin and emotion fills the airways, one wonders how much of what is really happening he is missing.

    • This was brought up in the press conference he held announcing the tax cuts with various members of Congress standing behind him, but if you were unable to see it live, it largely went uncovered by the press as they were too busy proclaiming we were all going to die just like when we all died from the net neutrality repeal.

  3. It is always the Jews that make this appeal, this call for civility have you noticed?? It is part and parcel of their strategy to keep us Christians in line to keep us from noticing and speaking out about the deliberate, intentional harm they have done to our country, and the reason why, their abiding hated of white Christians, Christianity and Jesus Christ. The Jews hate Christ and are acting on that hatred by making trouble in every possible way they can for all of white Christian America. Lets be civilized, lets be Christians and let us rid ourselves of these haters of Christ.

    • I look like a white Christian, and not one of my over 400 Jewish friends (most on Facebook) has ever suggested they hate me or Jesus. Many disagree with me that he is the messiah, but only one or two of them showed any lack of respect when doing so.

      • Do you know why Christ was killed?? I will tell you. Jews then as now had certain expectations of their messiah. The Jews expected their messiah to enslave their enemies. The Jews expected their messiah to enslave the non-Jews. Christ taught forgiveness of ones enemies and peace making. This was blasphemy to the Jews so they killed him. Christ was killed by the Jews because he refuse Jew demands to enslave all non-Jews for the benefit of the Jews and the Jews hate him and every last Christian on earth to this very day because Christ refused their demands. You are free today and not a slave to the Jews because Christ refused the Jews and sacrificed himself for your freedom. Do you understand?

      • No, he’s not a Jewish slave because the Romans slapped them around when they got uppity.????

      • Why yes, I do know why Jesus Christ was killed. It was to redeem mankind and fulfill prophecy. And you shouldn’t say it was “the Jews”. Jesus and all his followers were Jews. Yes, most Jews were looking for the messiah of Isaiah 63, not Isaiah 53. But God’s plan was always for the Christ to suffer and die.

        Look at Christ’s words from the cross, “My God my God why have you forsaken me?” You may not know that is the title of Psalm 22. If you read through that Psalm you will see a detailed depiction of the crucifixion. That was Jesus telling the people that this wasn’t a mistake or a disaster, but part of God’s plan. That was written 900 years before the event and hundreds of years before crucifixion became a mode of execution.

        You and I only have hope of forgiveness by God because an innocent man died in our place, and He exchanges His righteousness for our sinfulness. I am free and redeemed based on what Christ has done, not because I am good.

      • The God of the Jews is not the God of Christ. Do you honestly believe the God of Christ would murder innocent children in their sleep and how sick is it that Jews, your kind, your people celebrate and have been celebrating that cold blooded murder of innocent children for 5,000 years. Please no more talk from you Jew. I can’t stand it. You are repulsive.

      • The only book in the Bible written by a non Jew is Luke-Acts. One chapter of Daniel is written by a non-Jew. Same God, same book. And I am a Christian. When I said I look like a white Christian, I was referring to the “white” part. I’m Irish and Indian.

        And please don’t call yourself a Christian. It’s pretty clear you don’t really understand, and you are filled with much hate. A Christian is different because of his love. He even loves and prays for his enemies. I will pray for you.

      • Christ named the Jews, the Jews. Jew means those that reject the Gospel. Jew means those that reject the teachings of Christ. Do you accept the Gospel? If not you are a Jew.

      • Jews are named for Judea. If you read the Bible, you should know that. I think further discourse with you will be fruitless. Please read the book.

        And I gave you a brief version of the gospel earlier. You appear not to have noticed.

      • At the fall of Judah by Babylonian conquest and exile, Jeremiah took the King’s daughter back to Ireland where the Danites were already settled from their escape of Assyrian exile, and that started the transition to Scotland and England of the throne of David which Christ returns for.

        God said David would never want for a person on his throne and Christ returns for an existing throne. That throne is in London.

      • Do you know how the Jews plan on destroying Christianity? The Jews are fomenting a race war. The Jews are turning all black and brown peoples against whites. When resources become scarce blacks and browns will turn on whites. White Christians like yourself will be forced to fight back, and yes even to kill in order to survive the onslaught. Afterwards Jews will use guilt to turn you and all Christians away from Christ and toward a new messiah, the Jew messiah, Moshiach the anti-Christ. Tell me again how much I hate. Tell me again I am not a Christian. Spit it in my face will you please.

  4. So this piece entitled “civility not surrender” is all about how the Left is a bunch of liars?


    • I missed where the author said they were lying. Given the state of the media today, I would say most of them are misinformed. Maybe you could share the above facts and see how they react.

      Further, did you find the article uncivil?

  5. The author still has a long way to go with respect to understanding the left brain disease. There is no profit in talking to them, only in eradicating them physically.

  6. I intend to do what I can to ‘bridge the gap’ with liberals…for starters, I’ve printed up a few T-shirts:

    There Are 3 Genders. Male, Female, & Bat-Krap-Crazy.

    Inspired of course by Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ Think it’ll work?

    • When the online store opens please let us know, as I will be a customer

  7. The most remarkable of Trump’s many accomplishments has to be ending the Left’s century-long love affair with Russia.

  8. david brooks can’t read or write so someone did this for him. He is also deaf, dumb and blind. Did I say he is a DOLT also?