Motor City Strikes Again: ‘Stop the Killer Cars!’

Leave it to the Regressive Left to put a pothole on the Motor City’s road to renewal.

After decades of struggling, including becoming America’s largest municipal bankruptcy and enduring the restructuring of Chrysler and General Motors, Detroit has experienced an outburst of positive national press for being a hip city on the upswing.

Yet, to some, there lurks a great crime behind Detroit’s improving fortunes: the mass production and distribution of killer cars.

To wit, in a Twitter thread, a David Klion asserts:

As to why, Mr. Klion is straightforward and succinctly argues from “two unarguable premises: cars kill innocent people and cars are destroying the planet.” Ergo, he believes:

Klion is not without solutions to this scourge. Admitting he is “impatient for technology to make your car obsolete,” including “autonomous vehicles” for rural areas, he also calls for “reconfiguring sprawling metropolitan area that shouldn’t have been built around cars” to make them “more transit-oriented.”

And, yes, as one might suspect, he does equate cars with . . . 

Speeding to the defense of car-crazed Americans, especially those whose pickup trucks have shotgun racks, was David Burge (a.k.a., IowaHawk): “No invention has been a greater boon to human prosperity and freedom than the automobile.” Burge also had a few other choice words for Mr. Klion, here:

Born in the city that put the world on wheels, I’m partial to Burge’s views on cars. But this is not merely a parochial position, it is a philosophical one.

Klion is to be commended for his frankness and for his encapsulation of the Regressive ideology’s application to an issue.

Blame people for being unable to use a technology safely—i.e., killing others and the planet due to sundry inexcusable indulgences and foibles; deny everyone the right to own said technology; expect people who utilize the technology to “feel bad” until they’re “woke” enough to divine how to stop using it; and demand government ban and/or render antiquated the technology through the creation and implementation of new technologies (you know, like the car once was) and the “reconfiguration” of society.

Obviously, this belief that government can coercively recreate humanity and society into a terrestrial Eden in accord with Regressive ideology is the antithesis of clear thinking and, as history shows, sanity.

But while many may be tempted to dismiss David Klion as a crank, this is patently unfair. He is actually representative of the Regressive environmental movement and its contempt for the “infernal combustion engine,” in particular, and industrialization, in general. Further, it must ever be remembered that the Regressive Left has a proven strategy for turning insane ideas into “enlightened public opinion”: a Leftist academic or pundit spits out a nutty theory; the Leftist media gins up “news” treating the nutty theory as sane, and the cause or solution to a purported societal “crisis”; and then Leftist politicians hop on the crazy train and steam ahead toward and over the American people tied to the tracks.

With due respect to the Regressives who would turn the “Arsenal of Democracy” into an urban farm, please count out this child of the Motor City. I well recall the old Chevy ad: “It’s not just your car, it’s your freedom.”

And every  American owns that.

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21 responses to “Motor City Strikes Again: ‘Stop the Killer Cars!’”

  1. This does indeed demonstrate the methodology and thought processes of the progressive left: if an inanimate object kills a person, it must be immediately banned and condemned as evil by everyone on social media. If a non-living product hurts or injures a person, sue the company that made it and put the government in charge of regulating it forever.

    Note the common theme: absolutely zero personal responsibility; i.e., the person involved in any of the above scenarios has no culpability whatsoever (unless they happen to be a white, American or Western European-born, heterosexual man, in which case, they, and only they, are totally responsible for all the death and destruction on the planet).

    • Exactly. We should also ban bridges because they have some mysterious power that causes some people to jump from them.

    • Understand that Jesus was a Jew, and, as such, he was one of our enemies long before any of our ancestors and forebears were suckered into worshipping him as their king and god. Jesus is one of many supremacist Jews who seek our death and destruction, or at least he would be seeking these if he hadn’t committed suicide.

      Still, Jesus remains a foreign pest, a Jew, and a destroyer. Anyone who worships him deserves to be condemned as a traitor and punished according to the example set by that arrogant, masochistic rabble rouser.

      • Do you know why Christ was killed??

        Then as now Jews had certain expectations of their messiah. The Jews expected their messiah to enslave their enemies. Jews expected their messiah to enslave the non-Jew. Christ taught and preached forgiveness of ones enemies and peace making. Christ was killed because he refused to enslave the non-Jews for the benefit of the Jews and for no other reason. That is why the Jews killed him. That is why the Jews hate him and that is why the Jews hate every last Christian on this earth to this very day. Christ would not satisfy Jew demands so you Jews killed him. Goddamned you.

        You hate filled comments for Christ and Christians shows you as a Jew, a Christ killer and a Christian hater. Goddamned you, Jew.

      • One of the problems with your angry retort is that I’m not a Jew in any sense of the word “Jew”.

        Try again, Jew worshipping traitor.

      • Jew means those that reject the teaching of Christ. You are a Jew. You hate Christ and you reject his teachings. God damned you, Jew.

      • Great to see you back in these parts, Mr. Browning! But as this thread was s’pozed to be on cars and their enemies, rather than on Moshiachs and their enemies, the least you could do is to enumerate for us all here the Joooooos who were/ are responsible for bringing onto us the plague of automobiles: e.g., Otto Benz, Henry Ford, Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce, Lee Iacocca…this list goes on!

    • And yet, the Israeli’s are our most trusted and dependable ally.

  2. Ban Twitter!
    It’s arousing and encouraging psychopaths to broadcast their lunacy, which is poisoning the ether and contaminating Our precious snowflakes.

  3. There are ways to ascertain that David Klion is full of b.s. For example, if it’s “immoral” to drive on vast stretches of pavement subsidized by government, then it must have been immoral to subsidize the construction of those roads in the first place. So, does Klion demand abolition of the subsidies which made possible so much “immoral” driving?

  4. If Mr. Klion had some medical distress, I wonder how he will be transported to the hospital?

  5. What the left most dislikes is FREEDOM — for everyone but themselves. The thought that someone Not of Their Class might somewhere, somehow, be enjoying something is endlessly distressing to them.

  6. What the left most dislikes is FREEDOM — for everyone but themselves. The thought that someone Not of Their Class might somewhere, somehow, be enjoying something is endlessly distressing to them.

  7. Klion is an exemplar of the Regressive anti-car religion. Sure, it’s part of their ecofundamentalist blind faith in the Warmist myth. But cars offend Regressives mainly because of their symbolism of individual agency and autonomy. Everyone should live in a rabbit hutch crammed in with thousands of other rabbit hutches and get around, if at all, by government controlled, subsidized and directed methods.

    Why? Because we don’t want to. Because we want cars. We want autonomy, flexibility, individual choice and freedom. And Regressives don’t want anyone to have those things. Or anything else that we want. Regressives know better about everything than anyone else. They know that good things are bad. And things people want and like should be taken from them. Their rationales are just made up cover for their real motivations: controlling us and forcing us to do what we don’t want to.

    This has always been the thrust of the Left, whether in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela or the Regressive precincts of the U.S. You want it? You shouldn’t have it. Whatever it is. Because they say so.

  8. All I can do is hope that David Klion gets hit by a speeding car.